Electric Carving Knives Reviewed | Top Picks 2021

Electric knives are now stable in modern kitchens thanks to their excellent utility. Also, they are used by both campers and fishers for outdoor purposes. The best electric carving knives make work of preparing fish, chopping vegetables and fruits, and carving tough meat. Ideally, the knives will do the most work, enabling you to prepare your meals easily and faster. An important fact about these types of knives is that they can be powered by batteries or plugged into normal power outlets. Most of them have removable blades. Thus, you can clean them easily and swiftly.

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It does not matter whether you want to carve roast meat or slice crusty loaves, you cannot get it wrong with a high-quality carving knife. Other than electric knives, there are also manual knives that require your physical effort to function. That makes them a poor choice for those that want to cook large amounts of meat, vegetables, meat, and also save time.

Electric carving knives, though relatively expensive, are the best thing to invest in. You can purchase either corded or cordless carving knives. The corded one must be plugged into a socket, whereas cordless ones use batteries.

The truth is that there are many models and makes of carving knives on the market. In this buying guide, we provide you with the top models you should check out. You will discover that some of our top picks are better as compared to the most expensive ones currently on the market.

Top Picks Summary

  • Black and Decker EK500B
  • Hamilton Beach Electric Knife
  • Cuisinart CEK-30
  • Proctor Silex Electric Knife
  • Nutrichef PKELKN16
  • Rapala Electric Fillet Knife
  • Sonic Blade 7865
  • American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife
  • Toastmaster 6102

Best Electric Carving Knives Reviewed

Black and Decker EK500B

This is our absolute winner in the best electric carving knives. It is actually the favorite. The knife has aced all performance tests creating a carved chicken and slices of bread. Also, it is a knife you can rely on to slice cheese. This knife has a comfortable handle, and it is the quietest one in this group. It has a round handle that fits in your hands and stays put, even when covered in grease. When cutting, it does not create vibrations. That makes it quite easier to keep the finger locked onto the trigger.

Top Features

  • Stainless Steel Blades – the knife has serrated blades that cut evenly and rapidly through meats, foam, bread, and more. Also, the blades do not have to be sharpened.
  • Dishwasher-safe – since the blades are removable, the knife is dishwasher safe.
  • Comfort Grip Handle – the knife has an economic handle that is engineered to control and comfort during slicing.
  • Safety Lock Button – you can have peace of mind with the lock button feature that prevents the carving knife from turning on when it is plugged on.

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

The Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is designed to make your holiday impressive by serving perfectly cut meats. You can also slice your favorite meats, cheese, and bread to make a deli classic at home. It has a comfortable handle that is quite easy to grip and lets you make slices with minimal effort. The knife does not require sharpening and can be detached easily for easy cleaning. The fact that it comes with a stainless fork means that you can get from carving to serving.

Top Features

  • Effortlessly Cut Meats – With this carving knife, cutting roast beef, ham, or turkey will be effortless. That is because the power of this knife plus the oscillating blade simplifies the task as it lets you make precise cuts with minimal effort.
  • Perfectly Slice Breads – This knife allows you to slide various loaves of bread without having to compromise their texture.
  • Ergonomic Handle – The handle is designed to provide comfort and better control when cutting meats, cheese, bread, and vegetables.
  • Easy Storage – You can keep all the parts together, thanks to the storage case it comes with, to ensure the knife, fork, and blade are easily accessible and protected.

Cuisinart CEK-30

The Cuisinart CEK-30 carving knife offers a perfect combination of versatility and performance. It features a powerful motor and stainless-steel blade. You can use this knife to make slicing work easier. The knife is serrated to make cutting action easier, and it is dishwasher safe. You can slice bread and meats with precision and speed. The fact that it has nonslip, ergonomic handle, and one-touch control mechanism, makes the knife easy to operate.

Top Features

  • Handle – the knife is comfortable to hold thanks to the nonslip, ergonomic handle. This makes it ideal for large hands and prolonged use.
  • Versatile – with this knife, you can cut through bread with minimal pressure. Ideally, this knife does an excellent job when it comes to slicing everything.
  • Quiet Operation – This electric carving knife generates only 91 DB of sound. That is relatively quiet as compared to most electric carving knives on the market.

Proctor Silex Electric Knife

This electric knife is an easy-to-grip, lightweight kitchen tool that you can use to effortlessly slice through bread, meat, and vegetables like a pro. You will find it great for DIY and crafting projects too. It has a reciprocating stainless-steel blade that slices evenly and quickly. The versatile appliance has a hand-contoured grip for precision and control. That explains why it is ideal for each day use or slicing lots of food.

Ideally, this knife is ideal for bread, meats. In fact, it can carve through everything from turkey, ham, tomatoes, and bread to crafting foam.

Top Features

  • Ergonomic Handle – This electric carving knife fits comfortably and offers you accurate control and high precision.
  • Lightweight – The lightweight design makes it quite easy to hold the knife when handling large quantities of meat or bread.
  • Easy touch-button control – this feature lets you activate your carving knife safely.

Nutrichef PKELKN16

The Nutrichef PKELKN16 electric carving knife will do most of the work for you. In fact, you do not have to apply a lot of pressure when it comes to cutting through the meat. It has a stainless-steel blade that moves so quickly that it takes minimal time to carve your foods. You will find this knife more accurate and precise as compared to traditional carving knives. The fact that it is easy to use this knife means that you only need to focus on the angle of each cut and placement. In this way, you can have excellent consistency.

With this electric knife, you can make consistent slices without having to use excessive pressure or sawing motion. Also, it comes with the right blade for cheese, meatloaf, cake loaves, and bread. Moreover, it comes with a carving blade for chicken, roast, ham, or turkey.

Top Features

  • Safety lock – the knife has a safety lock that keeps the blade in the right place to avoid injury and ensure your safety.
  • Stainless steel blades – the knife comes with two heavy-duty blades made of stainless steel that are durable.
  • Ergonomic design – this portable knife has an ergonomically designed handle that allows for comfortable carving and cutting of foods with a lot of ease. You can also use this knife for vegetables such as squash or eggplants and for fruits such as melon or pineapple.
  • Easy storage – the knife comes with a wooden block that you can easily store in a drawer or put it on the countertop.

Rapala Electric Fillet Knife

The Rapala Electric Fillet Knife is designed when you want to fillet your fish efficiently and quickly. As you know, using a traditional fillet knife can take a lot of time to clean large quantities of fish. That is where this knife comes to your rescue.

The knife is fitted with 7.5-inch reciprocating blades. Since the blade can be detached from the knife, it means it is dishwasher safe. According to the manufacturer, this knife has three times power and twice the speed of a regular electric knife.

You will find that the length of its blades is appropriate for both small and medium fish. Also, it will allow you to cut through backbones and ribs.

Top Features

  • Comfortable grip – the knife is fitted with a comfortable grip to prevent slippage. You need to hold the power button for this knife to operate. Although that may be a bit irritating to some users, it is an important safety feature.
  • Quiet operation – the motor is cool and does not generate noise, thanks to the innovative airflow design. When using most electric knives, you will realize that it gets quite hot. Fortunately, when using Rapala Electric Fillet Knife, that is not the case.

Sonic Blade 7865

With this carving knife, you have the power to cut through both soft and hard foods without having to smash and crush using a cordless rechargeable knife. It has a powerful high-torque motor that will move the blade back and forth several times in a second for clean, precision cuts. The blades are custom-engineered and feature over 60 serrated edges that amplify the slicing power of your knife.

You do not have to push the saw or blade at your foods. The knife offers an ultra-lightweight, bio-ergonomically engineered body that provides perfectly balanced slicing.
Also, it has a padded nonslip grip that provides total comfort. The convenient power switch is activated easily and helps to offer protection against unintended start-up.

This electric knife remains charged and ready at all times because of the patented charging block. The ultra-strong rechargeable battery means that you can take your knife wherever you want to. Therefore, it is ideal for an outdoor barbeque, dining room, patio, camping, and fishing. You should note that this knife has five-in-one blade functions.

That means you have an all-round blade for slicing veggies, meats, fish, meats, and precision cutting. It also has a micro-slicer that works great on slicing delicate foods such as food cakes and bread, as well as solid, dense foods such as lunchmeat or hard cheese.

Top Features

  • Cordless – You have a cordless rechargeable knife that has a powerful high-torque motor. You can take the knife to want anywhere.
  • Safety lock – this is an important feature to ensure the knife does not cause harm when not in use or if children come nearby.
  • Dishwasher safe – the various components of this knife can be disassembled and then assembled back. That means it is dishwasher-safe.

American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

The knife was built after experts traversed North America, gathering data on a wide range of fish species. Also, they measured fish weight, bone density, and length, plus the electric knife torque, power, and force inputs when filleting to come up with a standard.

The knife has an optimized fillet speed technology to ensure that you can cut through even the toughest bones with separating the skin from fillets. Ideally, from the toughest scaled fish to the soft-bodied fish, the optimization technology comes to your rescue.

Top Features

  • Filleting– the knife has two times more torque as compared to any other carving knife. That means bones will not slow you down.
  • Excellent durability – the superior drive components that offer the knife an extended lifespan of top knives on the market.
  • Precision filleting – the knife is compatible with different variations of blades. You just fix the blade you want, and you are done.
  • Comfortable use – with the advanced airflow design, the knife can provide you with several hours of use.

Toastmaster 6102

Using Toastmaster 6102 has many benefits to offer. For instance, it has a detachable stainless-steel blade that is serrated for easy cutting. The carving knife has excellent features such as the lightweight design with a safer grip for added convenience. It is a power knife, and you only need to push a button to cut the most professional and finest looking slices and cuts with minimal effort.

You will find this knife great for carving meats and bread. Even if you are dealing with hard foods, this is a carving knife designed to do its job and offer peace of mind.

Top Features

  • Easy cleaning – You can eject the blades from the knife with just touch of a button. That means you can clean them in the dishwasher.
  • Serrated blades – other than being serrated, they have a drip guard that makes it easy to cut bread, meats, and more.
  • Handle – the knife features an ergonomic handle that offers easy grip when cutting.

Classic Cuisine Electric Carving Knife

With this carving knife, you have precision slicing for the home-cooked meals. The 8-inch knife cuts through roasts turkey ham loaves and designed to eliminate the stressful party or holiday preparations. Moreover, the knife is powered by a 1000W motor and has a serrated blade that is perfect for all your cooking slicing needs.

Top Features

  • Precise and Uniform Slicing – It does not matter whether you are cutting through cheese and bread or ham; this is an ideal kitchen tool that gets the work done. Ideally, it offers even clean and precise cuts for the meats.
  • Grip Handle – It has an ergonomic handle that provides a steady and comfortable grip for more control with cutting. The contoured hand grip and the safety finger guard means that it provides a reliable and safe experience.
  • Convenient Design – This knife has a lot of features that make it easy to use and easy to clean. It has a quick-release eject button that allows you to remove the blade from power attachment.

Chefman Electric Knife

This knife is designed to slice, cut, and carve with ease. It features reciprocating dual serrated blades that add power and precision to any particular slicing task. The ergonomic handle is perfect for carving meats, bread, and more.

You will find this knife to be ideal for everyday use and holidays. Other than slicing different types of meat, roasts, turkey, steak, and ham, you can use it to slice bread.

Top Features

  • Safety Lock – This knife features a one-touch trigger control power switch with the integrated safety button that locks the knife whenever it is not in use.
  • Easy to Store – This knife comes with a storage case for easy storage. Also, this is designed to save space.
  • Easy to Clean – The good thing about this knife is that it has dishwasher-safe parts. After every use, you only need to press the release button for quick and easy cleaning. However, you should avoid immersing it in cold water.

Oster Electric knife

The Oster Electric knife allows you to carve like a master thanks with the included storage case and carving fork. You can easily slice through the roasts with a lot of precision and ease for poultry and meats to perfection.

In fact, you can perfect your art of carving with this electric knife. The blades slice easily with a lot of precision to ensure you cook with confidence. That makes it perfect for entertaining. The truth is that with this brand, you can serve and cook with passion and pleasure.

Top Features

  • Easy to Use – You should note that this knife is ergonomically designed for easy use. Also, it has a special cutting tip for foods that are hard to carve. It also comes with a carving fork.
  • Durable –This knife is made of stainless-steel cutting blade. Thus, you are guaranteed to use this knife f or quite long.
  • Easy Storage – The knife comes with an included storage kit, which is designed to save space.

Cuisinart CEK-50 Cordless Electric Knife

This electric knife is rechargeable and cordless for ultimate convenience. It has a powerful motor, and its steel blades are dishwasher safe to make the slicing and carving easier work. The blade is serrated to slice bread and meat with precision and speed. Also, the straight-edge blade is designed for vegetables, filleting fish, and fruit.

This knife is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries that deliver optimal performance for up to 25 minutes on a single charge. Also, it comes with a safety lock that helps prevent accidents.

Top Features

  • Quick Charging – The knife has a quick-charging function and for improved usability. That means you need a few minutes to charge the battery.
  • High Portability – The knife has no cords for it to operate. Rather it has powerful batteries that power the knife. Thus, it is easy to use anywhere and easy to move.
  • Interchangeable Blades – Depending on what you want to cut, you can interchange the blades. It has a serrated blade and a flat blade.

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Buying Guide | Electric Carving Knives

Who Needs This Type of Knife?

Although electric carving knives cut a wide range of foods, they work particularly well with bread and meat. Thus, if you often cut chicken, turkey, bread, and roast meat in your kitchen, then you are bound to benefit a lot from the carving knife.

Even if you cut bread and meat occasionally, you can benefit from an electric carving knife if you have hand issues or arthritis. That is because you do not have to apply a lot of force or pressure when in use.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Electric Carving Knife

Corded or Cordless

You can find electric carving knives available as either corded or cordless kits. For a corded one, it must be plugged into an electric outlet for it to operate. The only problem with that is that it will limit the areas where to use your knife.

On the other hand, cordless models are powered by rechargeable batteries. That means you can use your carving knife anywhere you want. Some of them are powered by non-rechargeable batteries.

The truth is that corded knives tend to provide more consistent power and performance as compared to cordless knives. Remember that cordless models can become slower as batteries weaken. The cordless ones provide better maneuverability.


Most electric carving knives use a wide range of interchangeable blades. That means you can remove the blade and attach a different one. If you want a versatile carving knife, then you should look for one with a blade for meat and slicing blade for the bread.

It is advisable to consider the length of the blade. Ensure it is at least 7 to 9 inches long. You should note that longer knives provide increased flexibility and other sections of meat.

If durability is an important thing for you, you should get a knife with stainless steel blades. The good thing about such blades is that they do not warp or tarnish over time.


Taking into account the type of food you want to cut, you should consider varying the speed of the knife. Find a model that has a variable speed control. In this way, you can decrease or increase the speed to ensure you get precise cuts of bread and meat.


You should note that an electric knife has a small motor that is housed in the handle. That means it can vibrate during operation. Therefore, it may end up hurting your hand. Remember that you need a comfortable knife when cutting or slicing foods. You should look for a model that is ergonomically designed.

Safety Features

Since the blades are motorized, using an electric carved knife can be a bit dangerous as compared to a regular knife. It is advisable to get a knife with a safety lock feature to prevent accidents. The safety is an important feature that prevents the knife from making cuts when not in use. Also, consider one with a safety button that allows for easy turning of the knife when using it.


Most electric carving knives have a separate carving fork that allows you to secure the food when slicing it. Others come with a storage container or bag where you can keep your knife safely.

Benefits of Electric Carving Knives


You should note that an electric carving knife will do the most work for you. That is because it allows you to focus on the angle of the cut and knife placement. In this way, you can have great consistency, particularly when preparing hard foods like vegetables and baked poultry.
Also, the knife will enable you to cut nearly any given food item quickly. Therefore, you will have less food preparation time that adds up quite quickly after many weeks of cooking meals.


Although this appears to be counter-intuitive, it is an important benefit of carving knives. The best knives cut through food items with minimal chance for human error and slippage. If you have had a lot of experience when it comes to chopping up vegetables or fruits, you know what we are talking about.


Another vital advantage of an electric carving knife is economics. You will be surprised that some of the top electric knives on the market cost less than traditional kitchen knives. That is because when it comes to traditional knives, you will realize that there is prestige surrounding different brands and a given degree of craftsmanship. That has allowed a lot of manufacturers to charge high prices for their knives. In the end, you will need both traditional and electric carving knives in a modern kitchen.

There are times when it does not add up to use an electric knife. For instance, if you want to chop a few strawberries, you do not require advanced equipment. In such a case, a traditional knife can do the task. You should note that an electric knife is a great addition to your kitchen, but should not be used as a replacement for a kitchen knife.

Replacement Blades

You should note that traditional knives require regular sharpening. On the other hand, electric carving knives need replacement of blades. That means you are only using sharpened blades at all times. Some models will come with special blades for vegetables, meats, and types of bread. That means you can select the appropriate blade for the type of food you want to cut or slice.


An electric carving knife is an important tool in any given modern kitchen. That is the case if you enjoy cutting slices of bread, fruit, vegetables, and meat. The knife is not only useful during party days such as Christmas but also all year round. The above-reviewed models of carving knives are of high-quality, and you can get them without breaking the bank. If you are a professional chef, you should consider getting a complete carving set that includes a board and a knife sharpener.

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