Potato Noodle Kugel

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Not your average noodle kugel, this sweet potato and noodle casserole is great for both Jewish and secular holidays.


Potato Noodle Kugel

  • 2 cups cottage cheese, large curd (non-fat or regular), or farmer’s cheese or pot cheese (see Kitchen Tips)
  • 2 cup cooked mashed sweet potatoes or yams (see Kitchen Tips)
  • 5 large egg whites
  • ½ cup (99 grams) dark brown sugar
  • ¼ cup maple syrup, grade B preferred
  • 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon, fresh preferred
  • 1 teaspoon ground cardamom, fresh preferred
  • ½ teaspoon ground coriander, fresh preferred
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 2 12-ounce packages egg noodles (medium width), regular or no yolk (or gluten-free egg noodles)
  • 2 cup raisins, sultanas or dried currants preferred


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray a large casserole dish (about 9 x 13 inches) with a spritz of non-stick spray.
  2. If using cottage cheese, set up a fine mesh strainer lined with cheesecloth over a sturdy bowl. Place the cottage cheese in the strainer and drain for 20 minutes (skip this step if you are using pot cheese or farmer’s cheese).
  3. In a very large mixing bowl, combine the mashed sweet potatoes, egg whites, sugar, maple syrup, cinnamon, cardamom, and coriander. Mix well and set aside.
  4. In a large pot, bring 8 quarts of water and the salt to a rolling boil. Add the noodles and cook for two minutes less than recommended on the package. Drain the noodles.
  5. Add the drained cottage cheese (or crumbled farmer’s cheese or pot cheese) to the potato mixture and mix well. Add the warm noodles and stir to combine, then mix in the raisins.
    Pour into the prepared baking dish. Cook until the top has golden brown edges and kugel is fully heated through, 40 to 50 minutes.

Kitchen Tips

  • I prefer pot cheese, but it is almost impossible to find outside of Eastern and Central European specialty shops. Farmer’s cheese is my second choice, and it may be found in low-fat versions in most large grocery stores. Soft tofu may also be substituted, but it must drain in the refrigerator overnight before using.
  • I use leftover plain baked sweet potatoes and mash them very roughly. This is a rustic dish and a few lumps and bumps are fine and dandy.
  • If a hard candy style crust is preferred, add another ¼ cup of brown sugar and sprinkle it across the top for the last ten minutes of cooking—any longer cooking risks burning. You can also substitute a Stevia and sugar or Splenda and sugar blend.

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