Black Olive Paste Recipe

For anyone who loves olives, this easy recipe, adapted from Molly O’Neill, is especially for you. Serve on crostini with ricotta or mix with pasta.

Hawaij Spice Recipe (Yemeni Spice Blend)

This Yemeni spice blend is a traditional addition to chicken soup. It’s also a great all-purpose warm spice mix. Use as a rub and smear liberally on chick...

Sun Dried Tomato Jam Recipe

This sophisticated spread can be used as a sandwich condiment or dip. Spoon on slices of toasted baguette or stir into soups and sauces. Any leftovers can be mi...

Green Olive Chutney Recipe

Adapted from Molly O’Neill, this olive chutney may be used as a garnish or sauce for fish, beef, chicken, or lamb. Spread on crostini or crackers and serve as a...

Citrus Oil Recipe (So Easy)

This oil is refreshing year round. A few drops make a sparkling addition to fish, chicken, or any green vegetables.