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There is nothing quite like the taste of freshly prepared horseradish sauce. It is simple to prepare and an essential ingredient in many dishes, but the fresh flavor that it adds makes all the difference. Horseradish is a spicy, bitter root that is often used in condiments. It has been used for centuries as a popular flavoring ingredient, and is associated with many different cultures and countries around the world. 

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Here we help you to choose the best Horseradish sauce. You can pick one according to your taste and your dish’s requirement. 

Beaver Horseradish

Do you feel that you can deal with a high amount of horseradish heat? Beaver horseradish is a super spicy sauce. It is especially for those who love to add an extra thrill to their food. That is why Beaver Extreme Hot and Spicy Horseradish is the true condiment for anybody who loves spicy food… and yes spicy means very spicy. The horseradish by Beaver is great and No.1 on our list because it is made with 100% pure, freshly grated horseradish roots. 

This tremendously hot sauce is a perfect and classical combination with any type of delicious red meat. Pro Tip – Blend with this Beaver horseradish sauce and mayonnaise to minimize the hotness.

Silver Springs Horseradish

This horseradish sauce also counts as a best-rated ‘hot’ sauce. This horseradish sauce is made by the well known Silver Springs company. Their belief is, this horseradish sauce is as tasty as it is mouth-watering when talking about the flavor. And its hotness is unbearable. Its been said that this sauce is ‘eye-watering hot’! 

If you are a heat-eating person then this could be a perfect choice. Their Extra Hot Prepared Horseradish is truly for the flame eaters among us! If you want to measure its hotness level then you will find this a 10 out of 5.  Forget napkins, use a fire extinguisher.

It’s a tough, harsh, sinus-clearing heat combined with a tangy kick. This sauce isn’t for the faint of heart! 

Atomic Horseradish – Extra Hot

This horseradish is made by Atomic Foods. Historically it was found largely in a selection of unique hotels, motels, and restaurants. This warm, flavorful horseradish can now be purchased for your own kitchen.

Many people first discover Atomic Horseradish in their favorite restaurant or eatery before purchasing some for their home. 

Atomic prides itself on using real freshly ground horseradish, but during preparation parsnips are also added in to help even out some of the bitterness, resulting in an extreme warmness that can be felt through the sinuses.

It’s been said that this brand has the flavor of real horseradish but one that’s more mild than what you may remember your parents or grandparents enjoying many years ago. Like many commercially available horseradishes this one is also gluten free. 

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