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Healthy Food

Grocery Gold (part 3)

Food to inspire healthy habits in kids and help make meal-times fun Pantry and Non-Perishables  This is the trickiest part of the grocery store, so go it at your own risk and do not (do not!) shop hungry or in a foul mood. The reason being is these aisles are stock, I mean loaded, with […]

healthy veggies dairy

Grocery Gold (part 2)

Food to inspire healthy habits in kids and help make meal-times fun Dairy & Chilled Aisle: While everyone’s dietary needs are different and things like allergies, religious beliefs, doctors orders, general food restrictions, and any goals or training needs must be taken into consideration, we’ve found that by going section by section through the grocery […]

healthy foods

Grocery Gold (part 1)

Food to inspire healthy habits in kids and help make meal-times fun It can be terribly frustrating to grocery shop for a family, and lets face it kids can be picky eaters which makes the difficult task of modern day hunting and gathering down right impossible. So the team here at Kookist wanted to share […]

mushroom risotto

Mushroom & Asparagus Risotto

I made this with my 5 year old. She can be somewhat choosy in her foods but is really enjoying learning in the kitchen and having a hand in all things meals. We had a lot of fun with this one and the finished product was excellent.  I’d suggest being casual with the ingredients and […]

Winter Kids

Winter Festival

Although it may not feel like Winter is coming; a few quick nights of temperatures dropping down into the 20s can happen quickly once November hits. Once Winter does come, this throws us all into great nostalgia of our winter childhood:  snow, sledding, a good fire, cookies, decorations, hot cocoa, Santa, and much more.  The […]

Autumn Fun

Backyard Fall Festival

Build Your Own Backyard Fall Festival! Who doesn’t love the fall? Everything from cooler weather, the return of many professional sports, to the sounds and tastes of the season – think apples, cider donuts, and crinkly piles of leaves that demand to be jumped in! One of the Kookist family’s most favorite pastimes during this […]


Quick Meal Ideas for a Family

Fresh Basil, Mozzarella, and Tomato Sandwiches While Summer may be coming to a close, bring those fresh flavors back and remember the warmer, slower months that summer tends to bring. For my daughter and I, nothing screams hot weather and lazy days like our favorite BMT (or Margarita) Sandwiches.  Bonus points for sourcing the basil […]

smores kids

Level Up Your S’More Game

4 Top Tips to Make your S’mores Next Level! Nothing beats huddling up around the campfire with family, friends all while watching imaginations come to life while you roast marshmallows and make S’mores! We here at Kookist are big believers in what the outdoors and related experiences can teach kids so when you get a […]

kids decorating cookies

Kookist at the Beach – Kids Activities

The Kookist team ended up spending an entire week together this summer at the Outer Banks in NC. We then decided to invite another family, which made a total of 6 adults and 6 kids. Even in a large house; it’s imperative to have activities for kids so they feel engaged during vacation (we didn’t […]

kids beach

Kookist at the Beach!

A guide for multiple families sharing a house together. Vacations are great, and friends can make them that much better!  For the Kookist family we set out to discover what makes a great trip and along the way provide some tips, recipes and inspiration to help take the fun to the next level.  When we […]

popsicle kids

Its Popsicle Time

Summer is just getting started here in the Carolinas and it’s time to slow things down and enjoy a cold treat. This is the perfect time of the year to help get kids acclimated to the kitchen and practice simple tasks like measuring, pouring, and safety.  My wife and our 4 year old decided to […]

kids in the kitchen

8 Ways to Get Your Kids Helping in the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a dangerous place, with appliances, sharp knives, and hot pans all around. But with your help, your kids can start to learn how to cook and bake as early as age 4—and as they get older, they’ll gain skills that will help them survive in the real world! And if you’re […]

Kids knives kitchen

5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe in the Kitchen

How safe are your kids in the kitchen? If you’re like most parents, you probably don’t know where to start when it comes to keeping them safe around hot stoves and sharp knives. But with these simple kitchen safety tips, you can keep your kids safe in the kitchen while still preparing meals with them […]

kids cooking eggs

Fun and Easy Fathers Day Recipe For Kids

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re planning on showing your dad how much you care by making him something delicious, you might find yourself scrambling to put together an appetizing meal on short notice with very little help from your kids. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With these fun and […]

easter brunch

Easy Easter Ideas for a Great Meal at Home

With Easter on the horizon, you might be wondering what to serve at your dinner table this year. The Easter dinner table should be festive and fun, but it also needs to satisfy everyone with the right balance of colors, tastes, and textures. Here are eight easy Easter dinner ideas that will have your family […]


Finger Salads – A Guide to Finger Salads

Finger salads are so named because you eat them with your fingers (no utensils needed!). They can be made in large batches and stored in the refrigerator, so they’re an excellent choice for potlucks or casual gatherings where you don’t know how many people will show up, and they’re healthy because they’re not fried like […]


The Ultimate Guide to European Coffee Makers

European coffee makers are more and more popular these days, which means there’s even more to choose from on the market! From drip coffee machines to espresso makers, European coffee makers give you the freedom to create your perfect cup of coffee. Here’s our ultimate guide to European coffee makers, so you can make the […]

frozen pizza

Best Frozen Pizzas You Can Buy

Pizza is a favorite food of many people. Frozen pizza is a convenient, easy meal choice for busy families and small groups alike. Its a popular meal which can be prepared in less than half an hour and with little effort.  By providing something akin to a ‘blank canvas’, frozen pizza allows you to customize […]

Sour Candy

Best Sour Candy 2022

Sour Candy has gained a lot of attention in recent times. These delicious candies may be a little cruel, but they’re also a lovely treat! Therefore, people both love and hate sour candy.  Despite these extreme opposing reactions everyone should give their taste buds a thrill ride and try the most sour candies at least […]

air fryer chicken wings

A Beginner’s Guide to Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Courtesy: Introduction to Air Frying An air fryer is a small piece of equipment that can be used to cook a variety of foods safer and without the large amount of oil required for traditional fryers. In most home kitchens, you’ll find standard or convection ovens.  In a standard, non-convection oven air is heated […]

Horseradish and cream sauce

Best Horseradish

There is nothing quite like the taste of freshly prepared horseradish sauce. It is simple to prepare and an essential ingredient in many dishes, but the fresh flavor that it adds makes all the difference. Horseradish is a spicy, bitter root that is often used in condiments. It has been used for centuries as a […]

air fryer

2022 Top Personal Air Fryers for Small Space Kitchens

Inadvertently filling up space in your kitchen with kitchen equipment/tools can be easy to do when you have a small-sized kitchen. However, there is certain equipment that you should consider adding to your kitchen regardless of your arrangement.  One of them is an air fryer. Although air fryers are similar to deep fryers, in that […]


Can I Microwave Tupperware?

Is it safe to microwave Tupperware? The straightforward answer to this question is: Yes, if only it has a Microwave safe symbol. Fortunately, most Tupperware containers are BPA-free and considered microwavable. Yet, is only a Microwave safe symbol enough to certify a plastic container as harmless? Let’s try to find out more in detail. Image […]

Protein Powder

Top 5 Protein Powders

Are you trying to add muscle for your summer beach body? Or maybe trying to lean up? Or maybe you just want to start eating healthier? Regardless of the reason – protein powders can help with all of the above. Protein is vital for your bodies basic abilities: cell production, muscle growth, and fuel. I […]