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Best Sour Candy 2022

Sour Candy has gained a lot of attention in recent times. These delicious candies may be a little cruel, but they’re also a lovely treat! Therefore, people both love and hate sour candy.  Despite these extreme opposing reactions everyone should give their taste buds a thrill ride and try the most sour candies at least once!

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In fact, once you try them, you may find yourself coming back time and time again! 

It’s not just the taste or the mouth puckering sour feeling. In fact with the ever-increasing amount of sour candy events and challenges, there is a lot of excitement around sour candy as a whole. 

Sour Candy tends to be one of the most talked-about candies on the Internet. While all candy in this category is labeled “sour,” none are the same.  Some sour candies are extremely sour throughout, while others only have sour coatings or sour cores. 

By measuring with your own tastebuds level of enjoyment of each sour candy you’ll be able to identify the candies that fit you best. In this article we lay out some of the top sour candy on the market and share some common themes we hear on each.

Now get out there and pucker up! – It’s time to try the most sour candy available!

Here are 3 Best Sour Candies Available Today

1- Warheads Extreme Sour Hard Candy

Even thinking about them hurts your teeth and makes my eyes squint. This is because Warheads are one of the hardest sour candies in the world. This is part of the reason why they can be so darn addicting!

My friends and I used to trade these when we were kids. In fact, I remember there  being rumors that these candies were so sour they would pierce your tongue! 

And while that doesn’t sound all that realistic – it is an indication of just how sour these are. For my 2 cents – There is nothing better in terms of pure candy fun than Warheads Extreme Sour Candy.

2- Cry Baby Tears Extra Sour

Cry Baby Sour Candy stays true to its name by providing a teary eyed and mouth watering sour experience in every bite! In fact these uniquely shaped candies are a classic that comes to mind for many sour candy enthusiasts. 

Only those who REALLY love the sour flavor profile can eat these candies, as they are among the world’s most sour. While they may make you cry or your mouth feel raw, thankfully they are easy on your teeth’s enamel!

While these candies can oftentimes be overlooked thanks to new entrants in the market they still hold a fond place in the hearts of many sour candy lovers.

This particular pack contains six sour fruit flavors: lemon, cherry, apple, berry, orange, and watermelon. Great for sharing with family and friends, perfect for parties and movies, this one is a classic sour candy that will never let you down.

3- SweeTARTS Extreme Sour Chewy 

Launched in 1963, SweeTARTS has become a popular candy brand recognized for its combination of soothing sweetness and the contrasting tang of delicate tartness. SweeTARTS now produces a wide variety of colorful candies in many shapes, sizes, and intensities.

This new and improved SweeTARTS Extreme Sour Chewy candy is not for the faint of heart. Free of artificial flavors, these coated candies start very sour and end with a sweet and fruity surprise at their crunchy core.

This candy has a mild acidity and the perfect balance of sweetness and tart tang makes it perfect for sharing, adding it to goody bags, or simply keeping it all to yourself at the movies!

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