Nam prik, also spelled nam phrik, is a hot Thai condiment and seasoning made of chilies, garlic, lime juice, shallots, and traditionally, fish sauce. Note that the latter is often made with shrimp and sometimes crab or pork. Faux fish—a vegetarian fish sauce—is available, though it is not necessarily certified kosher. You can also make a faux fish sauce yourself; check out this post for some ideas to get you started.


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a government agency responsible for conducting medical research in order to improve health and save lives. They give many grants to scientists for projects to benefit public health and safety. For more information on the NIH, click here.


Niçoise are tart olives that originated in France; they are named for the Mediterranean city of Nice and are always found in that city’s signature salade nicoise.


A nonreactive pan or container is one that is made from material that will not create a chemical reaction with ingredients and alter the flavor or color of the food (acids such as vinegar or tomatoes, for example, can react with aluminum pans). Good choices for nonreactive containers include glass, glazed ceramic, and enamel (not chipped). For cookware, choose stainless steel, enamel (not chipped), glazed ceramic, or heat-safe glass. Copper is a reactive metal that is great for whipping egg whites, but, like aluminum, can react with other ingredients when subjected to high heat, causing unwelcome changes in food. These two metals conduct heat really well, so some lines of cookware use a layer of copper at the bottom (where the pan meets the heat source) but a nonreactive metal to hold the food.


Nova, short for Nova Scotia salmon, is a salmon that has been cured in a mild brine and smoked. It is often served alongside or as an alternative to the MUCH saltier belly lox, which is made from the “belly” of the salmon that has been cured for several months in salt, but not smoked.


Nutritional yeast is a yeast that grows on sugar cane and beet molasses that has been dried and deactivated. Yellow in color, it has a nutty flavor that makes it a flavorful condiment; it is especially good as a vegan substitute for cheese. It is low in fat and sodium, and is sugar-, dairy-, and gluten-free.  It can be used as a seasoning; because it is pareve it is often used by kosher cooks. It is rich in several vital nutrients and is sold as a nutritional supplement, but people with diabetes and other conditions should consult their doctors before using it for medicinal purposes, as it can interfere with other medications.