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Best Large Capacity Air Fryer: Top largest capacity options for fried foods

A large-capacity air fryer is a perfect choice if you want to serve the whole family or guests. So, to help you find the best model according to your needs, here’s our list of the best large-capacity air fryers for your whole family. Read on and get ready to enjoy your favorite fried foods.

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Best large capacity air fryers for fried foods

Cosori Air Fryer, Max Xl 5.8-Quart – Best Air Fryer For Large Family 


The Cosori Max air fryer has a lot of great features. Its 5.8-quart capacity basket is the most important. You can cook entire meals for up to 5 people in it due to its considerable surface area. The basket features a nonstick coating and can be washed in the dishwasher. 

The control panel on this device is also very user-friendly. It has 11 settings and an LED screen for you to easily choose your favorite functions. Its non-slip dial and easy-to-read control panel, makes it simple to operate. Stains are also kept at bay by the control’s matte substance. 

You may also connect this model to your smartphone. 

This air fryer has an app for both Android and Apple smartphones, which provides regular cooking alerts. It also includes step-by-step instructions for making appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts.

On top of that, it has an auto-shutoff feature that accomplishes exactly what its name implies: protecting you from the unthinkable. All of the components that make up this air fryer are BPA-free and FDA-approved. As a result, you can use this model without concern for your safety.

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PowerXL Pro 6 Quart Air Fryer

In our list of best rotisserie air fryers, the PowerXL Pro is the most compact air fryer. Despite its smaller size, this is still a multipurpose product that can be used as an air fryer, rotisserie oven, and dehydrator. If you are short on counter-space in your kitchen, this could be a lifesaver! 

For a family of three or less, the 6 quarter capacity is ideal. It can handle up to a 4 pound chicken. Some home chefs even report being able to cook up to a 5lb bird in the air fryer, simply by tying up the chicken with butcher’s string and carefully balancing it on the rotisserie rod.

This air fryer has a tremendous amount of accessories to help you cook with ease. Upon unboxing you’ll find three racks, skewers, a drip tray, a rotisserie stick, and a french fry basket all of which are non-stick. As with most countertop appliances cleaning is a breeze and can be accomplished with nothing more than a damp rag. It even features a removable door further simplifying this task for home chefs. 

This air fryer has rapid air technology, which surrounds the food with turbo cyclonic air, producing crispy and flavorful food without the oils of traditional fryers. This air fryer produces food with up to 70% fewer calories than deep-fried food. 

Furthermore, because this is a 7-in-1 multi-cooker, you may cook your food in a variety of methods, such as fry, rotisserie, toast, or dehydrate. Because of its well-designed one-touch digital control panel, this air fryer is simple to use. It includes eight digital preset programs and an automated shut-off digital timer. There’s also a manual timer and temperature programming for those who like to customize their recipes!

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Chefman Digital 6.5 Liter Air Fryer

Not sure if an air fryer is right for you? Then Chefman Digital Air Fryer is a more affordable option for you to consider. It is a great choice for those who will only use it occasionally or college students.

The Chefman air fryer can re-heat yesterday’s dessert and air fry frozen foods, saving you the hassle of defrosting. It also features an auto shut-off function to ensure safety, even if you forget that it’s on. And, it’s simple to set the fryer up whenever you want to use it.

Also included are a 6.5-liter capacity and a flat basket that helps increase space by 40%. It is dishwasher safe and at just 12 inches tall, Chefman Digital Air Fryer will barely take up any space in the kitchen. Its modern and compact aesthetic is ideal for your countertop.

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Instant Vortex Pro Air Fryer Oven 9 in 1

It can take some trial and error to nail down cook temperatures and times, but this machine makes it a little easier thanks to its 9 pre-programmed settings. Alternatively, you can create custom programs based on your go-to temperature and preferred time settings.

Buyers say that “the size is perfect” and with its 10-quart capacity can fit both cooking trays at once, so it’s incredibly easy to fry up your main course and side dish all at once. Its huge basket can fit the whole chicken and it even comes with a rotisserie spit and forks so you will have everything you need for big meals. Plus, because the inner container is square, you can make more food in one go.

Its fingerprint-resistant stainless steel exterior easily wipes clean and will make an attractive addition to your countertop, especially if your other machines have the same finish. Plus, cleaning this air fryer is a total breeze as well, since the drip pan, rotisserie basket, cooking trays, rotisserie spit, and forks are all dishwasher safe.

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Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology

This hefty air fryer can cook massive 3-pound batches of potatoes, french fries, chicken nuggets, or frozen snacks. It also accepts big loads of fresh chicken wings, veggies, drumsticks, and meatballs. While a 4-quart capacity is not so impressive, it is still large enough to cook great meals for four to six people.

From a health food perspective, the Philips Air Fryer features fat removal technology that requires little to no oil to cook fried food, resulting in healthy food that has 90 percent less fat than traditional fried preparations.

Using this air fryer is easy, even if you have no experience cooking. Simply plug in the machine, turn its knob to the temperature and time you want, then press to begin cooking. Thanks to a sturdy rail, its basket glides open and closes easily. With this unit, you can adjust the temperature between 175 and 400 degrees Farenheit, and set the cooking timer anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes. This air fryer has seven food-specific cooking modes, including settings for chicken, fries, fish, and cake.

This unit is easy to clean since its parts are removable and dishwasher-safe. It comes with a recipe app that includes directions for more than 200 air-fried foods.

Despite its amazing performance, The Philips Air Fryer still has some drawbacks. First, while its removable parts are dishwasher safe, they’re challenging to wash by hand and you’ll need to wash them carefully. Second, as you will see, its cost is a factor to consider.

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CROWNFUL 9-in-1 Air Fryer – 10.6 Quart

The Crownful 9-in-1 comes with 8 accessories and boasts 9 preset cooking functions, including the ability to air fry, bake, fry, roast, dehydrate, reheat, grill, and more. You’ll find it super easy to cook crispy chicken wings and other fried foods by following its accompanying cookbook.

The interface on the CROWNFUL air fryer is very easy to use with the digital touch screen control panel for pre-programmed settings, time, temperature, and other controls. It also has a sleek modern look that you won’t mind seeing on your countertop daily.

Get the look: CROWNFUL 9-in-1 Air Fryer

11-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven, 22 Quart

This appliance will be big enough to commandeer your whole counter with a capacity of 22 quarts – which makes it ideal for making large batches of your favorite fried food, a huge plus in case guests come by for dinner or are staying with you for the weekend.

This unit isn’t just big in size, but in functions, too. This large-capacity air fryer can take the place of several kitchen appliances. It features air frying, baking, frying, cooking, roasting, dehydrating, toasting, grilling settings, and more that you can select via its easy-to-use touch screen. The temperature range of this unit is 180 to 450 degrees F.

Emeril Everyday 360 Deluxe Air Fryer Oven

For a versatile appliance, the Emeril Everyday 360 Deluxe Air Fryer Oven has air frying capabilities, as well as broiling, bageling, roasting, baking, slow cooking, and warming functions. Its interface is sleek and simple, with two dials for temperature and time, and an LCD Digital Display with 12 Cooking Functions

The spacious interior of the Emeril Everyday 360 Deluxe Air Fryer Oven is one of its main selling points—it can fit up to six slices of bread or a whole turkey. It comes with several accessories, including a baking pan, drip tray, 2-pc. pizza rack set, 3-pc. crisper tray set, rotisserie spit, rotisserie stand, and recipe cookbook written by Chef Emeril.

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hOmeLabs 11.6 Quart XXL 8-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Don’t let its low cost fool you – hOmeLabs Air Fryer Oven features tons of functions that make it one of the great values of the air fryer world.

It has an 11.6-quart capacity and boasts 8 cooking modes for different varieties of cooking. When it’s time to get started, just select via the one-touch preset using an LED touchscreen display to start to cook—options include fries, roast, fish, shrimp, dehydrate, chicken, rotisserie, and even cake.

This large-capacity air fryer can cook at temperatures between 150 and 400 degrees F, and its cooking timer can be set for up to 60 minutes. It has an automatic shut-off function which  prevents your food from over cooking and saves energy too. There is even an inner light so you can see the cooking process inside and the accessories are dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleanup.

Get the look: hOmeLabs 11.6 Quart XXL 8-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

NuWave Brio Air Fryer

If you are in the market for an affordable large capacity air fryer with the latest cooking technology, the 15.5-Quart NuWave Brio is suitable for you.

This unit comes with everything you need to prepare a great meal, from cooking racks, rotisserie kit, drip tray, non-stick grill plate, to temperature probe. With about 100 pre-programmed settings, this air fryer gives you the ability to cook to your exact temperature and doneness specifications.

You can make cooking more fun and adventurous by trying out the different recipes on NuWave Cooking Club App that comes with this product. Treat yourself all year round with grilled burgers, chicken, steaks, roasted nuts, and much more from the smokeless grill version of this unit. The non-stick grill plate produces sear marks for greater visual appeal while the super-heated air within the oven ensures your food is cooked correctly.

The NuWave Brio has an integrated temperature probe that ensures you never under or over cook any food without the need for constant supervision. Once you set the appropriate temperature, the oven cooks your food to perfection and switches off automatically.

Apart from the variety of foods and the ease with which you can prepare them with this air fryer, the Brio oven is designed to promote healthy eating among its users. It uses Flavor-Infusion Technology to air-fry all meals ensuring that you don’t consume excess oils and fats abundant in deep-fried foods.

With a 15-quart capacity and 300-degree cooking range the NuWave Brio can be used to prepare virtually any food for a large family. Featuring stainless steel racks and drip tray that all go into the dishwasher, cleaning of Brio is as stress-free as using it.

Get the look: NuWave Brio Air Fryer

Iconites Air Fryer Oven

With a simple design and abundance of space, this 20-quart air fryer is a perfect choice when planning to cook for a group or family.

While the name may lead you to think it is just an ordinary air fryer, this unit also serves as a rotisserie, pizza grill, oven toaster, and dehydrator. The temperature range of 220 degrees (180F- 400 0 F) gives this oven the ability to bake, grill, air fry, toast, rotisserie, roast, and dehydrate.

You will spend up to 30% less time cooking with this oven as it utilizes the 360-degree 3D Spin Fan Air circulation technology to distribute heat all-round the food for even heating.

The accelerated flow of air produced by the 1800-watt air fryer makes the food cook faster.

Instead of frying your food with trans-saturated oils, use this powerful unit to circulate super-hot air around your food for a healthier and tastier delicacy. So besides making cooking a hassle-free exercise, the Iconites oven also ensures you live healthy by consuming fried foods without excess calories and fats.

Whether you want to fry or bake, the 10 pre-programmed cooking options allow you to complete your kitchen task with just a press of a button. The well-lit, touch-sensitive digital LED screen remains visible at all times and you can select your cooking mode easily.

This unit comes with an assortment of accessories, including a fry net basket, skewer rotisserie, drip tray, dehydrating racks, fetch rack, chicken fork, and oven mitts that are all dishwasher-friendly.

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer

Most air fryers have a basket design, but Cuisinart does things differently with this model. The Cuisinart TOA-60 is actually a full-sized toaster oven that comes with air frying capabilities.

With seven cooking functions (air fry, bake, convection bake, broil, convection broil, toast, warm), the Cuisinart TOA-60 is the go-to machine for making morning bagels as well as crispy potatoes at dinner time.

It has a sleek stainless steel exterior that will look attractive in your kitchen. It comes in four stylish finishes. The unit also includes an oven rack, baking pan, air fryer rack/basket, so you can fit and cook nearly anything you want.

The Cuisinart TOA-60 is pretty functional too. It has an adjustable thermostat with a 60-minute timer, and no need to worry about overcooking as it will automatically shut off once the timer is up.

This air fryer can cook at temperatures between 80 and 450 degrees F, and it can roast up to 4 pounds of chicken, air fry 3 pounds of chicken wings, toast 6 slices of bread or bake a 12-inch pizza. Its air frying basket is wide and shallow, meaning it can hold more food, great for feeding a large family.

The Cuisinart TOA-60 is a little more expensive than some of the other air fryers, but it’s still very affordable compared to premium models. You’re sure to be impressed with its whisper-quiet operation. Its 0. 6 cubic foot non-stick interior makes cleanup a breeze.

Get the look: Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer

Ninja SP101 Foodi 8-in-1 Digital Air Fry, Large Toaster Oven, XL Capacity

Perhaps you want to reclaim your counter space, and in that case, the Ninja SP101 is probably your best bet. When the oven is not in use, simply flip it up and put it away to store.

Ninja SP101 is constructed of brushed stainless steel with rounded corners. It’s wider and shorter than a regular toaster oven. Plus, it also includes a wide variety of accessories – a nonstick sheet pan, an air fry basket, a crumb tray, and a cooking rack that is sturdy and well made. These accessories are larger than ones you normally find in an oven because this Ninja unit is so wide.

The Ninja oven has a clear and easy-to-read digital control panel. It also has a knob that allows you to select the time and temperatures, and it’s quite easy to program.

With this appliance, you don’t have to choose between having a separate air fryer and oven. It comes with eight preset settings for popular dishes: Air fry, Air roast, Air broil, Toast, Bagel, Bake, Dehydrate, and Keep warm.

As its name implies, the Ninja SP101 XL air fryer has an oversized form – in fact, it can hold up to a 13″ Pizza, 6 chicken breasts, or 9 slices of toast—its large capacity makes it an ideal option for large households. However, it can’t hold a whole chicken like many other air fryers due to its limited height.

This air fryer cooks foods 60 percent faster than traditional cooking methods with air roast. It preheats automatically and the preheat time is just one minute. There’s also an internal light that allows you to monitor the cooking progress without opening the door. Bonus: The air fry basket and sheet pan can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Ninja backs this air fryer with a one-year limited warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Get the look: Ninja SP101 Foodi 8-in-1 Digital Air Fry

GoWISE USA GW44800-O Deluxe 12.7-Quarts 15-in-1 Electric Air Fryer

This isn’t just an air fryer, it’s a rotisserie, toaster oven, and dehydrator all in one! It has an impressive 12.7-quart capacity and comes with 10 accessories, including a drip pan, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie cage, rotisserie steak cage, shallow mesh basket, rotisserie tong, rotisserie rod, oven rack, and two mesh trays. With these tools, you can cook more types of food – anything from crispy chicken to decadent cakes.

This air fryer has a wide temperature range of 90 to 400 degrees F. The stainless-steel interior and removable, non-stick drip pan are easy to clean, so easy in fact that sometimes you just need to wipe up.

This air fryer is available in six colors. It comes with a book of 50 recipes to help get you started. GoWISE USA has also provided a 1-year warranty with this air fryer model.

Get the look: GoWISE USA GW44800-O Deluxe 12.7-Quarts 15-in-1 Electric Air Fryer

Breville BOV900BSS Smart Oven Air Convection

Breville BOV900BSS air fryer combines several appliances into one with 13 different smart cooking functions. It has the brand’s unique Element IQ system, which makes cooking easy by setting the temperature and ideal cooking time based on what you’re making for perfect results. But it also allows you to set your own fan speed and temperature.

This air fryer has a 2-speed convection fan (Super & Regular). The super convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30 percent and crisps up the exterior of food, delivering that fried texture you’re craving. It boasts an impressive 1800 watts of power.

The settings on this smart machine are: Toast Slices, Air Fry, Reheat, Cookies, Proof, Slow Cook, Dehydrate, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm Pizza. Not only does it perfectly toast bagels in the morning, but you can even bake cookies in it.

Although the Breville BOV900BSS air fryer may look diminutive on your countertop, the interior capacity is truly impressive, making it extremely attractive to those who have large families. This is big enough to cook a 14-pound turkey, 9 slices of bread, and slow cook as much as a 5 qt Dutch oven according to Breville. If you enjoy baking, you can comfortably fit most 9″ x 13″ pans and even muffin trays into this cavernous interior. And the baking tray is more than big enough to hold veggies to roast for dinner.

Dehydrators can be bulky and use huge amounts of energy. With this Breville air fryer, you likely won’t need one anymore. Some might think that a Toaster Oven can’t work as a dehydrator because it only has one or two shelves but not in this case. This air fryer comes with up to 4 trays – which is comparable to a small dehydrator!

Everything is straightforward and easy to see thanks to the modern, intuitive interface on the front of the oven. There’s also an internal light, so you can peek inside and check the progress of the food as it cooks.

This smart oven is on the pricey side, but for outstanding and consistent results, especially for those who will use it frequently, it’s a worthwhile investment. This is a large air fryer and comes with a lot of fun additions that make life easier. It also comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Get the look: Breville BOV900BSS Smart Oven Air Convection

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