Shabu Shabu Pot with Divider

8 Best Shabu Shabu Pots with Divider

Shabu Shabu pots bring families and friends together. The pots come in different configurations, but the common breed is the electric variety. They come with versatility and convenience at heart! That is why professionals and newbies alike find the pots easy to use. In this article, we will walk you through reviews of the best shabu shabu pot with divider.

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Before we dive right in, let’s first understand the origin and meaning of Shabu Shabu!

What Is Shabu Shabu?

Shabu shabu dates back to the 1950s. It is a Japanese hotpot dish consisting of boiled vegetables and thinly sliced meat served with sauces. This term is from the “swish swish” sound produced when stirring the dish’s ingredients in the cooking pot.

Even though Shabu-shabu was a popular hot pot dish native to Japan, its prominence has spread to many countries. Today, it is eaten in neighboring Asian countries and many other people in other parts of the world.

The uniqueness of the meal is that, unlike most hot pot meals and soups, Shabu Shabu’s ingredients are served raw and cooked at the tableside during lunch or dinner. The meal is mainly found in Japanese restaurants. However, you can quickly get the recipe online, but the necessary ingredients from your local store, and prepare the delicacy at the comfort of your home!

In other words, Shabu Shabu is a DIY meal! It is easy to make and easy to eat! That is why the meal is slowly becoming a must-eat dish in many gatherings like engagements and weddings. That said, you can also decide to prepare the meal today and have a feel of the Japanese cultural easting style. To prepare the delicacy, you will need a Shabu Shabu pot with a divider.

Below are the top 5 best Shabu Shabu pots that will help you cook a delicious treat!

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Best Shabu Shabu Pot with Divider

Tayama Hot Pot

Key Features

  • 11-inch stainless steel hot pot with divider
  • Heat-resistant handles
  • Includes two stainless steel food strainers and one soup ladle
  • It comes with a transparent glass lid

There has never been a better way of entertaining guests with family styling cooking than with the Tayama Hot Pot! This unit lets you serve your friends with all sorts of dishes. If some guests like spicy while the rest prefer mild to no spice, the unit’s divider will sort things out!
The divider offers room to prepare and serve two different flavors at the same time. That means you can now customize your hot pot and stock up at the grocery store with all your favorite toppings with this Shabu Shabu hot pot.

The two stainless steel food strainers and one soup spoon will come in handy when you’re serving stew, soup, stew, or other foods. Although the designs vary, all these spoons have long handles and an angle-orientation to facilitate lifting food or soup from the pot! Convenience at heart!

With an overall dimension of 13’’ by 5’’ by 12’’, the pot will provide sufficient room to prepare food for all your family members.

The stainless steel construction guarantees durability. Even after many years of heat exposure, the pot will still withstand wear and tear. Furthermore, the stainless steel material also makes cleaning a breeze!

Get the look: Tayama Hot Pot

Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Glass Lid 12″(30cm) Hot Pot with Divider

Key features

  • Includes one stainless steel pot and one tempered visual lid
  • Made of Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion design
  • S-type divider
  • Multi-cooker base

Next in line is the unique KOREAN BBQ HOT POT! The unit is made from Food Grade Stainless Steel that is durable and facilitates even and fast heat distribution. The anti-rust and anti-corrosion increase its durability, guaranteeing you life-time service.

The pot applies to almost any stove type, including an Induction cooker, gas stove, electric ceramic stove, and halogen furnace.

Its S-type Divider is neatly designed in the pot’s middle section. The divider doesn’t affect the use, and so you can rest assured of consistent cooking.

When it comes to the handle, you’ll be happy to know that the manufacturer engineered it for extra strength. The handles remain cool even in hot temperatures, allowing you to pick up the Shabu Shabu pot from the stove without using potholders.

Its 27 cm diameter and 7 cm height give it a generous capacity of holding a larger amount of stews and stocks stews. It is enough for a family of 4-6 members.

When performing the leaking test, do not leave one side empty. Instead, fill one side with water and the other side with oil. If the water does not change color, the pot isn’t leaking under the divider.

The stainless steel Shabu Shabu pot will not rust or turn black or yellow after many years of use. And you can also extend the manufacturer’s intended lifetime by ensuring regular cleaning and proper storage after use.

Get the look: Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Glass Lid

Shabu Shabu Pot with Lid Non-Stick Casserole Induction

This Shabu Shabu pot should be your go-to option if you’re looking for something versatile and multi-functional.

Its exterior and interior surfaces are well coated with non-stick ceramic marble, making the pots and pans easy to cook and also clean. This surface is also 100% PFOA free and high temperature resistant, thus durable as a non-burnt cookware.

The die-cast aluminium body facilitates fast, uniform heat distribution, allowing your food to cook well without scorching. What’s more, the 4.5mm thicken bottom ensures stable and quick heat distribution. You will manage to prepare your meals within the shortest time possible, saving you energy and time.

To make your cooking more friendly, this shabu pot includes a heat-resistant knob and ergonomic handle. You can now turn the food and cook for prolonged hours while holding the ergonomic handle without burning your hands.

The transparent glass lid has a steam vent, making viewing food possible. And since the pot conducts heat uniformly, you can use almost anywhere; solid fuel cookers, induction, gas, halogen fuel cookers, ceramic, electric, or oven (except for the knobs and lid).
Cooking could never be more exciting!

Get the look: Shabu Shabu Pot with Lid Non-Stick Casserole Induction

Yzakka Stainless Steel Shabu Hot Pot with Divider for Induction Cooktop Gas Stove, 34cm, With Cover

Key Features

  • Size: 11.8’’ by 13.3’’
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Faster heat conduction and more extended food insulation
  • Cool-touch handles

This Shabu Shabu pot with divider is a light but durable stainless steel pot that comes ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

You can use the appliance for both the induction cooker and gas stove. The flat bottom delivers even heat distribution and ensures reliable cooking results without burning or scorching food.

Yzakka also offers every single pot with two bonus spoons. Each spoon is made of stainless steel, but since they are packed randomly, the colors may vary from one pot to another.

You’ll get one regular spoon and another “holed” one to filter soup out. And so, instead of using chopsticks or potholders, you can rely on these spoons for convenience. The stay-cool handles will allow you to pick up the pot from the stove comfortably.

The suggested serve capacity of this Shabu Shabu pot is six people, which is generous enough to feed an entire family. The stainless steel construction facilitates easy cooking and easy clean-up.

Get the look: Yzakka Stainless Steel Shabu Hot Pot

Two-flavor Chinese Shabu Shabu Pot

If you’d rather prioritize fashion among many other factors, it’s time you tried out this Two-flavor Chinese Shabu Shabu Pot. Besides the unique looks, the unit also excels in versatility. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor activities, like picnic, travel, camping, hiking, etc.

This unit boasts a fashionable diver style that will leave your guests in awe. Its S-shaped compartment prevents overflow while the middle compartment layer is designed to satisfy two flavors simultaneously.

The high-grade aluminum-alloy body and stainless steel bottom make this Shabu Shabu pot a more versatile option. The cookware allows various heating methods and sources like electric stove, electric ceramic stove, induction cooker, etc.

You can facilitate easy transportation and prevent burns by adding a protective cover on the Shabu Shabu pot. You can also rely on the anti-skid texture on the pot’s surface to avoid accidental slipping from the hand.

Get the look: Two-flavor Chinese Shabu Shabu Pot

MyLifeUNIT Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

The list couldn’t be complete without a mention of the MyLifeUNIT Shabu Shabu Hot Pot! This unit is built from food-grade stainless steel and remains durable but lightweight throughout its cooking lifetime.

Like the other 2 Shabu Shabu pots on this list, MyLifeUNIT Shabu Shabu Hot Pot is safe for use on different heat sources like gas stoves, induction cookers, and ceramic hobs.

The dual-sided divider design allows for 2 different flavors without transferring odors or soups. The division compartment is heightened and thickened with a high encryption spot welding procedure to ensure no leaking occurs. You only need to seal the scratch at the bottom of the divider but even so, it will not adversely affect the performance of the Shabu Shabu pot.

You can now rest assured that your hands will not burn as you prepare your meals thanks to the non-stick, rubber-covered handle that facilitates easy maneuverability. The smooth, internal, and external surfaces of the pot facilitate easy cooking and easy cleaning.
All you ever needed in a Shabu Shabu pot!

Get the look: MyLifeUNIT Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Electric Mongolian Hot Pot W/DIVIDER

Key Features

  • Fine-adjustment knob
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Can fine-adjust the power
  • Anti-skid feet

If you are a lover of Mongolian hot pots, it’s time you tried the Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot! This tested-and-trusted appliance comes with a faster and larger heating power of 1500W that will meet all your cooking needs.

With a 5L large capacity, this shabu shabu pot makes the perfect kitchen appliance for you and your family to enjoy a reunion dinner anytime. You can prepare soup for around 2-6 people.

Its first-class welding internal divider lets you enjoy the benefits of two different flavors at the same time. The pot is best for nearly all soup broth, and the divider will help you remove and separate the cooking pots for convenient use.

The Anti-skid feet are ETL Listed for safety and ensure that the pot sits evenly on your stove.
The Stainless steel construction gives the pot an aesthetic appeal and would be a great addition to any kitchen counter. But besides the fancy look, this construction ensures you get a healthy diet; it will leave no chemical additives or sour, metallic tastes in your food.

The fine-adjustment knob allows you to fine-adjust the power levels. And you can watch your food from afar through the transparent glass lid that is visible to see through.

Even if your food requires a longer cook time, the heat-resistant handle will efficiently prevent your hand from a high temperature.

All in all, this pick would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for large, easy-to-use, and clean shabu shabu pots with a divider.

Get the look: Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

Shabu Shabu Hot Pot, Electric Mongolian Hot Pot With Divider

Key Features

  • See-through high-tempered glass cover
  • First-class welding finished internal divider hotpot
  • Powerful heating unit (1400W)
  • 4-liter capacity
  • Anti-skid feet

Meet this First-class welding-finished internal divider hotpot! The unit comes with two built-in compartments to offer the convenience of preparing two flavors in the same pot simultaneously.

This product is everything! It makes an excellent addition to a date night table and similar entertainment platform.

Its powerful 1400 watts heat your broth faster and evenly. The high wattage speeds boiling time considerably. And when you’re ready to cook your veggies, meat, seafood in the broth, the power dial gives easy access to adjust your preferred level.

The anti-skid feet will keep the pot stable and firm on the stove. This stability facilitates even heat distribution throughout the cooking surface, ensuring food cooks consistently without scorching or burning.

The stainless steel shabu shabu cooking pot is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is easy.

Get the look: Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

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This list contains the best products in the market. They are made from quality stainless steel materials and will guarantee you satisfactory cooking results. That said, you have all it takes to prepare and enjoy the Shabu Shabu Japanese treat! You can now go for what best suits your preferences and budgeted needs.
All the best in your purchase!

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