3 Cup Rice Cooker

The Best 3 Cup Rice Cooker Reviewed

If you prepare rice regularly, you may want to invest in a high-end rice cooker. It can make your things pretty easy and transform your rice cooking journey.

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A high-quality rice cooker is, surprisingly, one of the most versatile and long-lasting kitchen appliances. It allows you to cook your perfect rice dishes effortlessly and can last for many years.

When shopping for a rice cooker, it’s essential to keep in mind that the best model depends on your specific needs.

In this case, size is a very crucial feature to consider. Depending on the size of your family or the amount of rice you cook, a 3-cup rice cooker can make a great, useful kitchen appliance.

But that’s not all; there are many other features to look for in a rice cooker, including the keep-warm feature, ease of use and cleaning, and durability.

Hence, it can be quite tricky to know the best rice cooker in the market as they come in different materials and designs.

That’s why we have researched the best rice cookers to help you make an informed choice and get the appliance that suits your needs.

Here are the 11 best 3 cup rice cooker you’ll love. They work best for those looking for an appliance to prepare rice dishes for two to four people.

Best 3-Cup Rice Cookers

Aroma Housewares Select 3-Cup Stainless Rice Cooker

The Aroma Housewares Select 3-Cup Stainless Rice Cooker is a fast and dependable appliance that can help you prepare restaurant-quality or even better rice.

It comes with a simple one-touch button that allows you to cook fluffy and delicious rice in no time.  This feature is very convenient as you only have to set the appliance and forget about it.

With this rice cooker, you’ll have more time to help your kids with homework or grab that novel you’ve been waiting to read.

The Aroma Housewares Select 3-Cup Stainless Rice Cooker is highly versatile as it’s designed to prepare various types of grains, jambalaya, veggies, and or fluffy cakes. This is a perfect option to obtain healthy steamed meals.

Its 304 sleek stainless steel inner pot ensures that you cook in clean and healthy cooking conditions without the risk of exposure to harmful substances.

The stainless steel interior also makes it easy to clean the rice cooker as the rice doesn’t stick to the surface.

It has a capacity of 3-cups, which means you’ll get 6 cups of cooked rice. This capacity works perfectly for two to four people, regardless of the type of rice you use.

Once your rice is well-cooked, this cooker will turn off automatically, so you won’t have to monitor or stir your rice occasionally during the cooking process.

Moreover, the Keep-Warm mode is very convenient as it keeps your food hot for a longer time.

The package comes with several accessories, including the stainless steel inner pot, rice measuring cup, and a serving spatula.

However, some users claim that some rice may stick to the pot’s bottom when the appliance remains in Keep-Warm mode for more than an hour.

Get the look: Aroma Housewares Select 3-Cup Stainless Rice Cooker

Black+Decker RC506 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Are you looking for a budget-friendly rice cooker to prepare meals for two to four people? Well, your search ends here.

The Black+Decker RC506 3-Cup Rice Cooker is an excellent kitchen appliance that comes at a significantly reasonable price. You won’t have to break the bank to acquire this rice cooker.

It effortlessly cooks tasty rice in less than 30 minutes, and when the rice is cooking, you can do other tasks in the house.

With this reliable rice cooker, you’ll always get fluffy and soft rice that will make you love the dish even more.

The removable nonstick bowl used in this 3-cup rice cooker is dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

It comes with an automatic keep-warm feature that turns on immediately your food is all-cooked. This is a handy function as it keeps your rice hot for a longer time.

The most exciting thing about the Black+Decker RC506 3-Cup Rice Cooker is its versatility. You can use it to prepare other meals, including vegetables, soups, and oatmeal. It also works magic when it comes to preparing baby food.

Furthermore, the rice cooker comes with a steaming basket that allows you to steam different foods, such as fish, chicken, meat, or fruits, while the rice is still cooking below.

The stylish lid featured in the Black+Decker RC506 3-Cup Rice Cooker makes it look fantastic. It’s transparent to let you see the food cooking inside.

Get the look: Black+Decker RC506 3-Cup Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CR-0351F Electric Heating Rice Cooker

Looking for a faster and versatile rice cooker? This rice cooker is a perfect match for your needs.

The Cuckoo CR-0351F is a quick and convenient electric heating rice cooker that comes with sophisticated features. Cooking rice in this cookware will be a real pleasure for anyone who has less time.

It can cook three cups of rice within 10 to 20 minutes. This makes it one of the most recommended fast rice cookers out there.

There is certainly something special about this rice cooker, especially with its Turbo cooking function that cooks fluffy rice, well-balanced between moisture and texture.

It also features a nonstick inner pot and a detachable steam cap that makes it more versatile.

Depending on your needs, you can use this appliance to prepare different meals, including veggies, rice, and other soft grains. You can also make great quinoa in this rice cooker.

What makes this Cuckoo rice cooker an exceptional appliance is its appealing design. After all, you want to invest in a lovely rice cooker that will also add to your kitchen décor.

Another big plus in the Cuckoo CR-0351F is that it lacks a pool of water which means it sits in the rim. This makes it an excellent rice cooker for preparing a delicious pot of rice for two to four people.

And if you think that’s all, you are making a mistake as the rice cooker delivers unmatched versatility. It has a separate low-cooking setting for brown rice to ensure that your meal comes out perfectly cooked.

You will benefit from its compact size, as it won’t occupy huge space on your counter. And who doesn’t like compact and cute things?

Get the look: Cuckoo CR-0351F Electric Heating Rice Cooker

IMUSA USA GAU-00011 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker

This is one of the most affordable rice cookers you can find in the market. Its lower price might make you think that this is a frail pick.

However, that’s not the case, as the IMUSA GAU-00011 is built with efficiency and durability in mind. It’s one of the perfect and dependable pieces of equipment you can have in your kitchen if you want to save time and energy.

The time and energy-saving appliance can cook three cups of rice or other types of foods you feel comfortable cooking in a rice cooker within 20 minutes or less.

Tired of cooking scorched and mashed rice on your stovetop? This rice cooker will instantly solve your needs.

It prepares perfect rice with the right texture and moisture every time without compromising the ease of use and simplicity.

When using this rice cooker, the feeling you get can be hard to explain, considering that it even exceeds your expectations in terms of the rice texture and quality achieved. A fancy serving spoon and measuring cup also enriches the experience.

Its easy-to-use features give you a smooth cooking experience. You only have to switch the button on for the magic to happen. There is also a warming setting that allows you to reheat your food.

When your rice is cooking, you can effortlessly check it through the see-through lid to tell if it’s cooked to perfection.

Finally, it’s effortless to clean the IMUSA GAU-00011, as it comes with a nonstick interior.

Get the look: IMUSA USA GAU-00011 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker

Aroma Housewares 3-Cup Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

If you appreciate the versatility and simplicity of kitchen appliances, the Aroma Houseware 3-Cup Pot Style Rice Cooker will leave you in amazement.

The versatile appliance comes with a nonstick pot for cooking rice and a steaming tray that allows you to use it for more than rice cooking tasks.

This means you can steam meat, vegetables, pulled pork, or chicken when your rice continues to cook in the pot to save time, energy, and counter space.

A steaming tray also makes it easy for you to find the flavors of your rice and enhance the nutrients in your rice dishes.

It uses automatic warming technology to ease your cooking experience, as you won’t have to worry about the risk of eating cold food.

With this appliance, you can also make soups, jambalaya, chili, and other creative meals you can cook in a rice cooker. The possibilities with Aroma housewares are as infinite as your creativity.

Its full-view tempered glass lid allows you to see your food while it cooks, and it’s made with stay-cool material for your safety.

Cleaning a rice cooker has never been easy. With its nonstick inner pot, this rice cooker demands no labor to clean.

As with other Aroma Housewares rice cookers, this one comes with a measuring cup and a serving spatula to enhance your experience.

Get the look: Aroma Housewares 3-Cup Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Oster 3-Cup Rice Cooker with Steam Tray

If you are looking for a high-quality rice cooker that can prepare rice for three to four people, this is it.

The Oster 3-Cup Rice Cooker is designed to hold three cups of uncooked rice, which produces about six cups of cooked rice.

It comes with the reputation of a strong and sturdy inner pot that can cook varied dishes apart from rice.

Built with nonstick materials, the removable inner pot is very easy to clean after you finish cooking. There is no more hard pot scrubbing.

The Oster 3-Cup Rice Cooker comes with a one-touch button for easy operation. You can start or stop cooking with a simple button push.

When your rice is ready, the rice cooker switches automatically to the keep-warm mode to ensure that your food remains hot and doesn’t get burnt.

The package comes with a rice cooking pot, steaming tray, measuring cup, and a serving spoon for easy cooking.

When your rice is all-cooked, the Oster 3-Cup Rice Cooker produces a smart popping sound when switching from cooking to keep warm mode. So, your food stays hot until you are ready to serve it.

There are plenty of foods you can cook with this rice cooker, including vegetable frittatas, rice, noodles, soup, oatmeal, and cheese grits.

You can also steam fresh salmon, chicken, and other meats on the steaming tray to enhance your rice dishes.

Many users say that the rice cooker produces perfect rice with the right texture and fluffiness. However, some users say that the appliance can sometimes double boil the rice.

Get the look: Oster 3-Cup Rice Cooker with Steam Tray

Cuckoo Electric Induction Heating Rice Pressure Cooker

Cuckoo Electric Induction rice cooker features Fuzzy logic and an intelligent cooking system. This means it can detect the grain size, quality, cooking time, and temperature. With this technology, your food will be ready in no time and as you want it.

This rice cooker from the Cuckoo store is fully programmable and comes with a blue LED screen for hassle-free access to selection settings. Also, it has voice navigation to ease your cooking tasks and save time.

A non-stick surface and a stainless inner lining make the after-cook cleaning effortless. You can rinse it with a clean cloth, soap, and water. However, you shouldn’t put this rice cooker in water or a dishwasher.

This rice cooker is also very safe to use. It’s designed with automatic pressure and steam release to protect you against steam burns.

Moreover, it has automatic temperature control, a device to lock the lid, and an alarm when you are overheating food. All this ensures both you and your food are safe.

Included in the package is an easy-to-follow user guide. The company’s customer service is on standby to always assist you whenever you run into problems with this device.

It comes with unbeatable quality, boasting a full stainless Eco 2.0 interior ventilation system.

In some rare cases, the inner coat may peel off easily, which may require a replacement. But this shouldn’t be a significant concern since the rice cooker functions just well for most people.

Get the look: Cuckoo Electric Induction Heating Rice Pressure Cooker

Elite Gourmet ERC – 003 Electric Rice Cooker

In the hunt for a high-quality and versatile rice cooker that you can use for various types of food?

Well, this rice cooker is the accurate answer to your search. You can cook any type of rice, stews, soups, oatmeal, or porridge in this appliance.

It will cook your foods deliciously perfectly and then automatically switch to keep warm mode until you are ready to serve.

No more guesswork! This rice cooker comes with an indicator light to signal what is going on in the rice cooker.

The red lights indicate that the rice is cooking while the yellow lights indicate the warm mode.

When it’s time to do your cleaning, everything remains easy and straightforward. Thanks to the removable inner aluminum cooking pot, which can go into the dishwasher. You can wipe the rest of the cooker with damp cloth to keep it clean.

The lid is made with tempered glass and has a steam vent for convenient cooking and avoiding burns. The glass also enables you to view your food as it cooks.

One cool feature that you will enjoy in this cooker is its cool-touch handle. With this handle, it’s easy to handle and transport this cooker even when there is rice in it.

It has a larger cooking capacity of 6 cups of rice. It makes cooking for a family or with friends more convenient.

The interior aluminum surface is removable but can stick rice after repeated use.

Get the look: Elite Gourmet ERC – 003 Electric Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NP – GBC05xt Induction Heating Rice Cooker

This 3-cup capacity induction heating rice cooker is ideal for a single or small family. It cooks food flawlessly and takes minimal space on your kitchen counter.

The induction heating used in this rice cooker cooks your food by heating the entire inner cooking pan for consistently perfect results.

An easily readable and colored control has clock and timer functions for a precise setup.

The inner pot is black, thick, spherical, and works perfectly with the induction heating system for perfect and fluffy cooked rice.

The Zojirushi NP electric rice cooker comes with several accessories meant to make your work easy. They include a measuring cup for precise rice measurements and spatula holders.

It also comes with a non-stick rice spatula for scoping and turning the rice together with the spatula stand. It’s advisable to use this spatula because it cannot scour the rice cooker’s interior.

The power cord featured in this appliance is detachable for easy handling and storage.

Brown rice contains a nutrient called Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) that is good in lowering blood pressure and improving kidney functioning. This rice cooker has a GABA brown setting that once activated, will increase the amount of GABA up to 150% of the normal brown rice.

The Zojirushi NP electric rice cooker has a rating of 120V/700 watts. Plugging it into 220 V may harm it entirely. This limits its usage in areas with only 110 volts.

Get the look: Zojirushi NP – GBC05xt Induction Heating Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-G06FGL Rice Cooker

The Panasonic SR-G06FGL rice cooker has a capacity of 6 cups of cooked rice which is ideal for singles students and small families.

The interior of this rice cooker is coated with aluminum to ensure uniform distribution of heat for perfectly cooked rice. It also makes cleaning and maintenance quick and labor-free.

Ideally, one of the most exciting things about this rice cooker is the auto-shutoff feature, and this is what you get with the Panasonic SR-G06FGL.

Immediately after the food has finished cooking, the cooker will turn off by itself. Besides, the cooking indicator light makes cooking more convenient.

A transparent tempered glass lid with a knob allows you to monitor your rice as it cooks.

Deliciously cooked rice begins with the correct measurement of the ingredients and water.

This rice cooker has a measuring cup for precise measurement of rice, while the inside has markings for measuring water. A scoop included in the package allows for an easy and mess-free serving of your food.

This cooker is not only best for cooking delicious rice but is also best for preparing other meals like oatmeal, stews, cheese, and porridge.

The manufacturer offers full support whenever you experience challenges using this cooker. They also provide a free, easy-to-follow multilingual user manual for use if you are not familiar with operating the cooker.

This cooker is very efficient in cooking but lacks the keep-warm feature. If you don’t serve your food immediately after cooking, you may have to reheat it before consumption.

Get the look: Panasonic SR-G06FGL Rice Cooker

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Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Rice Cooker

We are closing out with this durable rice cooker from Zojirushi. If you need a rice cooker or steamer that can last for a longer time, then this one’s for you.

With a one-touch switch control, the Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Rice Cooker is very easy to use and cooks fluffy and tasty rice in no time. It’s designed to improve your comfort and enhance your cooking experience.

It comes with a nonstick inner cooking pan that won’t scorch or burn your rice even if you leave it to cook on its own. The nonstick pan also makes it quick and easy to clean the pot.

Wondering how to measure rice for this rice cooker? Well, think no more, as the Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Rice Cooker comes with a reliable measuring cup and spatula to serve the rice when cooked.

A see-through glass lid with an ergonomic stay-cool handle allows you to see your rice as it cooks and prevents you from getting burnt when opening the pot.

The compact rice cooker also comes with stay-cool handles that make it easy to lift or transport the pot while the food is still hot.

All these incredible features make the Zojirushi NHS-06 an efficient and time-saving kitchen appliance for preparing perfect rice every time.

However, some users report that the keep-warm function in this rice cooker may get damaged, especially when the appliance is not handled with good care.

Get the look: Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Rice Cooker

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