Cuckoo vs Zojirushi rice cooker

Cuckoo vs Zojirushi rice cooker (Top-rated Model Comparison – 2021)

Rice is a staple food accessible for most people worldwide, and there are different ways to prepare it.

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To cook rice, some people only need a pot, water, and a source of heat. But there is a more effortless and efficient way to prepare rice, especially for busy people.

A rice cooker can help you cook delicious rice within a short time. It ensures that the rice grains are perfectly cooked with less effort.

As you might have noticed, many rice cookers brands out there, making it a bit tricky to choose the best product.

In this article, we will compare the Cuckoo vs Zojirushi rice cooker by providing a detailed review and comparison of the two popular models. It will help you pick the right product for your needs.

Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Rice Cooker

Founded in 1918, Zojirushi has established itself as a top-leading manufacturer of quality household products.

This Japanese brand produces innovative home appliances designed to enhance our lives. Their products, like the Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Rice Cooker, make life more enjoyable and satisfying.

Built with quality materials, the Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Rice Cooker utilizes modern technology to optimize your special rice cooking process.

It takes away all the complications you might have when cooking rice with regular methods. This is why many people prefer this product over others.

When you buy this rice cooker, you get the most intelligent rice cooker ever made as it uses fuzzy logic technology with Artificial Intelligence.

This means that it can adjust the cooking cycle to offer perfect results whenever in use. It always cooks mushy and soft, but not overcooked rice.

Here is a list of its pros and cons:


  • Made with high-quality and reliable materials
  • Cooks rice to the perfect texture
  • It offers a great value


  • Cooks quite slowly unless the quick option is set

Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD Rice Cooker

The cuckoo brand was introduced in 1998 by a South Korean group manufacturing electronics, and it caters to US consumers.

Their Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD Rice Cooker is designed with ease of use and convenience. It’s fully programmable, with a blue LCD and 14 functions.

With an intelligent algorithm, this rice cooker allows you to cook rice efficiently while saving on cooking time and energy.

It will also enhance your eating experience with its keep-warm temperature option that keeps your meal warm for a longer time.

Once you buy the Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD Rice Cooker, you’ll be blown away by its quality construction and unmatched versatility.


  • It comes with a lot of functions and controls
  • Larger capacity
  • Highly versatile
  • Very durable
  • Attractive look


  • The manual is not user-friendly

Features Comparison (Cuckoo vs Zojirushi rice cooker)

We narrow down some of the most important rice cooker features and pit these two brands (Cuckoo vs Zojirushi rice cooker) against each other to help you find their perfect fit.

Design & Menu Settings

These two products’ design and menu settings vary in many ways, though they still have a few similarities.

The Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Rice Cooker comes with several menu settings, including umami, mixed, sushi, Jasmine, quick-cooking, white, and more. The white setting has regular, softer, or harder options.

On the other hand, the Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD comes in dark gray color, which is quite attractive since its stainless steel covered with a protective coating.

It has 14 different menu settings that make it a great kitchen appliance for anyone looking for suitable ways to simplify their rice cooking tasks.


The Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Rice Cooker is made of stainless steel, and it comes with a detachable and washable stainless lid.

Its inner pot is made of platinum, which is a great material that allows rice to absorb water easily to achieve a better taste and texture.

The platinum-infused pot is non-stick to ensure that it cooks perfect fluffy rice. It also ensures that heat is evenly distributed when your rice is cooking.

On the flip side, the Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD Rice Cooker is a metallic appliance full of stainless steel.

Its interior pot is also made of stainless steel, coated with X-wall Diamond coating that is Teflon free. It also has a stainless ventilation pipe mechanism for cooking delicious fluffy rice.

Another thing worth noting is that the X-wall Diamond coating promotes even heat distribution throughout your food.

In both rice cookers, all the parts that come into contact with food are BPA-Free for consumer safety.

Quality & Durability

Quality and durability are guaranteed in these appliances since trusted brands make them.

As mentioned earlier, the Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD and Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Rice Cookers are made of stainless steel with different coatings.

These materials are strong and sturdy enough to ensure that the appliance can last for decades.

However, some users report that Cuckoo is the best when it comes to durability and quality service. But this depends on the care and maintenance you give to your appliance.


Capacity means the amount of rice the appliance can cook at once. The Zojirushi has a capacity of about 5.5 cups/1 liters.

The Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD has a capacity of about 3 liters, which is equivalent to 6 cups.


When it comes to versatility, Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD is highly versatile since it’s a multifunctional household appliance.

The Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Rice Cooker is also quite versatile as it provides a variety of menu settings that allow you to cook different types of rice.


In terms of technology, both Zojirushi and Cuckoo utilize innovative technology to produce convenient modern kitchen appliances.

In the NP-NWC10XB Rice Cooker, Zojirushi uses advanced fuzzy logic technology with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence learns and adjusts the cooking cycle appropriately to ensure that you get perfect results.

The Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD also incorporates fuzzy logic and an intelligent cooking algorithm that can detect grain type, temperature, and cook time.

Along with Artificial intelligence, the appliance also features a blue LED touchpad that lets you select from present programs and meals you wish to prepare for the moment.


The Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Rice Cooker delivers optimum performance, and it cooks rice exactly to your desired texture.

With four different pressure settings, this appliance offers quite a good variety of textures. It applies more pressure towards cooking to burn off excess moisture, giving you the best cooking results.

One of the convenient things that will make you like the Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD is its unparalleled performance. It works very well when cooking in any setting.

You can even cook porridge-like baby food for your little one in this rice cooker. You just have to select the suitable menu setting for the magic to happen.

Ease of Use

The Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB features an easy-to-read colored LCD control and multi-menu cooking functions that make it easy to use the appliance.

Additional accessories like measuring cups, spatula, and spatula holders also make it easy and straightforward to use the appliance.

It’s effortless to use the Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD rice cooker as it’s fully programmable, complete with a blue LCD.

The voice navigation for Korean, Chinese, and English also makes it easy to use the cuckoo rice cooker.


Cleaning the Cuckoo and Zojirushi rice cookers is always a breeze as they come with non-stick and non-scratch inner surfaces.

They have detachable lids for easy clean-up after using the appliance.

You will be surprised by Cuckoo’s appliance cleaning method. After cooking, it produces hot steam that cleans the cooker mechanically.

There’s also a water collector underneath the cooker that keeps your food fresh and prevents bacteria growth and odor.

Warranty & Safety

The Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB provides a pressure-control regulator, a backup safety valve, and a lid filter in the interior for safety.

It also has a pressure indicator on the control panel for locking the lid during pressure cooking. All these features guarantee safety when using the appliance.

Cuckoo also goes an extra mile when making the CRP-DHSR0609FD rice cooker to ensure safety for the users. The appliance has an automatic steam and pressure emission and an auto temperature control.

It also features an alarm for overheating and a lid-locking device to ensure that the user is safe when using the appliance.

The Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD rice cooker comes with a one-year manufacture warranty that covers all mechanical parts and labor.

Value and Price

Based on the performance and durability it offers, Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Rice Cooker is definitely worth the high-end price.

The classic design and reliable materials used in constructing the Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD make it worth every penny. It’s a worthy investment as it will serve you for a long time while remaining strong and somewhat new.

The two rice cookers come at almost a similar price, and they offer great value, provided you choose the product that suits your needs.

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Overall, both Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB and Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD (or Cuckoo vs Zojirushi rice cooker) are excellent rice cookers as they offer quality service for a long time.

While their prices are almost the same, these appliances have significant differences, making it worth comparing them.

The best one for you will depend on your specific needs. If you are looking for a beautifully made, versatile, and classy rice cooker for your modern kitchen, the Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD is for you.

If performance is all that matters to you, then a fantastic rice cooker like the Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB will work for you. It has all the basic features you need from a premium rice cooker.

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