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3 Easy Ways to Create a Memorable Mothers Day for the Mom in Your Life

How do you celebrate the mother in your life? A thoughtful card? Dinner at her favorite restaurant? A spa gift card? Although these gifts and events can be nice, there are plenty of other creative ways to celebrate mothers day that won’t have your mom saying; ‘that’s nice, dear’ when she opens it. Here are three easy ways to create a memorable mothers day for the mom in your life.

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1) Write her a note

Why not show Mom just how much she means to you by writing her a personal note from the heart? Whether it’s handwritten on nice stationery or typed on good-quality bond paper, a note is an excellent way to convey your feelings. Nothing says I love you like a thoughtful note from your own pen. Be sure to include how much she means to you and what kinds of things she does that make her so special—it will definitely mean more coming from you than from anyone else. Perhaps tell a funny story about the two of you together, such as when the two of you accidentally switched cars in the parking lot at your place of employment and both went off thinking they were driving each other’s car! 

2) Take her out on the town

It’s tough to create memorable experiences for Mom on Mothers Day because, let’s face it: The pressure is on! Luckily, there are many ways to enjoy a wonderful day with your mom that are simple to plan and execute.

One idea is to take her out on the town for lunch and a special shopping excursion.  An intimate meal and some time window-shopping makes for a great way to show Mom how much you care! 

Show mom you care by doing something non-traditional such as; arranging a visit to some of her childhood haunts.  In fact, once you’ve arrived, there’s a good chance Mom will take over the reins as tour guide – showing off the places she used to frequent and sharing stories at the same time. More than likely to generate a few tears, this idea will leave her telling her friends about the trip for years to come. 

Finally consider a spa day for two or a walking tour of her favorite city, town, or park. These are classics and while the event is great, the end goal is simply spending quality time with Mom.

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3) Ask her questions about her childhood

Mom herself can be your most valuable resource when it comes to creating memories and giving her a meaningful Mothers Day. Ask her questions about her childhood, what she did with her mom on Mother’s Days of old, and how things were different (or similar) from today. 

Asking about these topics will give you ideas for fun activities you can do together on Mothers Day – plus it’ll show mom how much you care! Write down every response as you talk to her so that later you can pull up all of your notes and develop more fully-formed ideas out of everything she told you. 

For example, if mom says that growing up they had no money but would go out into the back yard and bake cookies in their mother’s cast iron skillet, turn those details into actual plans for mothers day. Maybe plan a stroll around your neighborhood or an unconventional Mothers Day event right there at the house! You can probably even safely recycle some of her ideas, creating new memories from classic family traditions.

For another activity, ask mom what her fondest memories of her mother were—and then share your own with her! By remembering special moments from your past together as a family, you can create an unforgettable experience for mom on Mothers Day. Maybe you remember how much fun it was when she used to dress you in fun costumes? Consider planning something similar for moms day; but add a little spice of life by changing up your get-up! Invent new costumes and make them matching. Imagine her surprise when she finds out what you have in store for her.

The True Meaning of Mothers Day

No matter what you choose to do for the Mom (or Moms!) in your life – remember that the most important thing about Mothers Day is that it’s a time where you can show your mom just how much she means to you. A meaningful Mothers Day is about creating memories with her and treasuring those memories for years and years to come.

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