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7 Fun Spring Activities to Do Together as a Family

When the weather turns nice, it’s time to bring the kids outside! Here are some fun spring activities you can do together as a family, indoors or out. With just some simple materials and some time, you can create memories that will last all year long.

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 1) Play a classic game of Tag!

There’s nothing like some good, old-fashioned tag. Here are our family’s rules: once you’re it, you can tag someone by saying his or her name and touching them on any body part besides their head. But they can only be tagged once. This is a great game for all ages and you’d be surprised by just how long those youngsters can go! – they literally keep going, and going!!

2) Put on your own outdoor play

The best way to make sure your kids get more exercise is to take up an active hobby yourself. Whether you opt for indoor or outdoor fun, playing with your kids can be a great way for everyone in your family to have fun and stay healthy. As an added bonus, these activities will provide great memories that will last a lifetime. It’s time to hit up that sandlot and make some magic happen!

Look into using outdoor props or even incorporating some of your natural elements into the story.  A shed becomes a castle, a humble bush the backdrop to a battle or love scene, your driveway a sprawling dance floor…. – the possibilities are truly endless. 

3) Host a picnic tea party

Kids love tea parties, and so do adults. Before you sit down, check out your kitchen for all those tools necessary for good hostessing: little teacups and saucers, plates of cookies or pastries—the kind that look just like they came from a fancy bakery, not your freezer—and tiny forks and spoons. But don’t forget your picnic blanket, sunscreen, and hats for this outdoor version.  Your child might even want you to dress up in one of her old princess costumes; after all, she did get dressed up just for you!

4) Go for a Walk in a new Area – Explore!

Getting out in nature is always good for you and great for your family. Head to a local park or try something new like heading on a hike with your kids. There are tons of parks in many cities now that are also dog-friendly so even if you don’t have any kids, bring along some canine friends too! If you live near water, get out on a boat or kayak and enjoy nature from afar. Make sure everyone has life jackets just in case!

Bonus points if you do a little cleaning up along the way – we’re not saying you need to drag a garbage bag with you, but grab that candy wrapper stuck in a bush or pick something up that can in the parking lot – the goal being to leave the area or walking path just a tad nicer than how you found it.

5) Plant a Garden

The process of raising your own food is something every person should learn at some point. Nothing teaches you and your kids more about how our food gets from farm to plate than when you grow it together at home. If you’re new to gardening, take baby steps and start small with herbs or vegetables that are relatively easy to grow and require little care. A few good plants for beginners include tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, carrots, green beans and radishes.

6) Hang a Bird Feeder

If you’re going to be spending any time outside with your family over spring break, get out there and spend some time in nature. While you’re at it, hang up a bird feeder; these things are not only fun for kids but they’ll also provide hours of entertainment. Keep an eye on your feeder and you might catch a peek of wildlife like squirrels, woodpeckers or even raccoons. And if you don’t live in an area that allows for outdoor activities year-round, why not buy one of those awesome wooden window feeders? They work just as well and will get you up close and personal with your local song bird population.

Pro Tip – consider buying your seed from a local farm store, wild bird shop or even your local pet food store.  These retailers tend to have better selections and higher quality seed than your typical big box store and there’s a good chance you end up supporting a small, local business too. Plus you’ll likely attract more variety in the birds themselves to your feeder.

7) Paint rocks

Paint small stones or rocks and then hide them in your yard. When your family starts looking for them, they’ll learn how to appreciate nature. You can also make it more fun by painting numbers on each rock, so whoever finds each one gets that number. Then have an Easter egg hunt! Make s’mores: This is another wonderful family activity with minimal supplies. Grab some graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows and pop up a campfire outside (or in) and you are all set for some family bonding time.

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