Countertop Protectors

Top 3 Heat-Resistant Countertop Protectors, From Silicone Mats To Ceramic Trivets

One of the biggest enemies of the countertops in any kitchen is the damage caused by heat during food prep and food serving. Between excessive heat from pots and pans being placed directly onto the countertop and the accidental spilling of scalding hot water onto the countertop. Surface scratches are another serious enemy to any countertop. This frequently happens during food prep directly on the counter. To help with this situation there is a product on the market called countertop protectors. They are made of heat and scratch-resistant materials that provide a layer of protection for your kitchen countertops.

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Top 3 Countertop Protectors

Silicone Counter Mats Set of 2 Kitchen Countertop Protector

The Emolife Silicone Counter Mats are made from heat-resistant materials designed to shield the surface of your countertops. The material also helps resist scratches that could easily damage your countertop. The package includes a set of two protective mats that can also be used in several different ways in your home.

Each mat is made from an ultra-durable silicone material that has very well-known heat-resistant properties. Each mat measures 23.6 x 15.7 inches which makes it a good size to protect your countertops by placing them underneath your small appliances. The bottom of the mat features a non-slip surface that will not mar the countertop. The silicone material has a heat resistance rated up to 446 degrees F.

KimTin 23.62″ by 15.75″ Extra Large Multipurpose Silicone Placemat, Countertop Protector

The KimTin Extra Large Multipurpose Silicone Countertop Protector is a high-quality, multiple-purpose surface protector. It is made from an ultra-durable material which makes it heat resistant and scratch-resistant. Its extra-large size means that it can also be used to protect any countertop from being damaged by small appliances.

The 23.62″ by 15.75″ mats are made from a 2 mm thick silicone material. The top surface is heat resistant and the bottom surface features a non-slip surface. The extra-large mat is designed to prevent damage to your countertops by shielding your counters from the excessive heat and scratches during food prep and serving the food.

NEOONES 4 Pack 12×16 Inch Silicone Mats Countertop Protector

The NEOONES 4 Pack Silicone Mat Countertop Protectors are high-quality, multipurpose countertop protective mats. This four-pack of 12” X 16” mats is a really good way to protect several different surfaces from damage. Its ability to resist heat up to 446 degrees F. means that you can place the pot directly from the stove and place it onto the mat closer to where you are preparing your food.

Each of the four mats is made from ultra-durable silicone material that is designed to resist damage to your countertops from heat and scratches. The extra-thick mats can be used in a variety of ways. While they are primarily countertop protectors, you can use them as kitchen table mats. The surface of the exterior is fairly easy to clean in between uses. The bottom has a non-slip surface and this will prevent possible damage to the countertop.

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