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Best Countertop Flat Top Grill Reviews of 2021

Sometimes you will want to treat yourself with a glass of lemonade and some delicious and juicy grilled meats. Unfortunately, that may not be possible if your area has restrictions on charcoal grills. The best option is to go for the best countertop flat top grill. Also, the flat surface is perfect for cooking eggs and pancakes easily.

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When you want to get the best countertop flat top grill, you ought to consider a lot of things, such as quality and customer reviews. The fact that there are hundreds of grills on the market, we have done the job for you by coming up with a list of best countertop flat top grills.


Buying Guide

When choosing the best countertop flat top grills, there are different factors you ought to consider, including style, size, plate thickness, and utility type. Although there are different types of griddles that can provide the same end result, there is a need to carefully choose the best that suits your needs and lower utility costs.

Utility Type

You can find gas griddles and electric griddles. For gas griddles, the burners are located beneath the griddle plate. The good thing about gas griddles is that they can achieve the desired temperatures quite faster and recover more quickly as compared to an electrical model. On the other hand, electric griddles feature heating elements that are embedded into the griddle plate. Although these griddles as slower than gas griddles, they are ideal for places where electricity is cheaper, or gas is not an option.


Most of the griddle plates are made of durable steel or aluminum. You can also find some made of chrome. The good thing about chrome griddles is that they are easy to clean and have an easy-release surface suited for delicate items such as pancakes and eggs. Also, they need fewer BTUs to operate and have excellent retention properties.

Cleaning Mechanism

It does not matter the griddle you use; proper maintenance is necessary. In fact, griddles are quite important in kitchens as they prevent buildup, and you have to use appropriate chemicals and tools.

Control Style

Look for griddles with thermostatic control as it helps you set the proper temperature. That makes it great for cooking breakfast foods and delicate items such as hotcakes or eggs. In fact, thermostatic controls are ideal when you use the griddle as the holding plate. You should avoid griddles with manual controls as they do not provide specific temperature settings.

Best Countertop Flat Top Grill Reviews

VEVOR 110V 29″ Electric Countertop Griddle Grill

This countertop griddle is ideal for cooking vegetables, steak, fish, chicken grilled cheese, squid, pancakes, and scrambled eggs. It has a smooth knob control that allows for easy adjustment of the griddle to cook your favorite meals. You will fall in love with this griddle because it is easy to operate. This grill is designed for both commercial and home use.

The unit has a large cooking surface of 29”x15.7” and a half-flat, half-grooved combo design that allows you to make different kinds of food at one time. This makes this unit perfect for snack bars, chain stores, canteens, supermarkets, and more.

The extra splash guard protects users and the surrounding walls from the oil splatters and hot grease. The multiple vents dissipate heat evenly and help the machine to attain a reasonable temperature.

A slide-out grease drawer is designed to allow easy collection of oil and drains to the drawer that is taken off for easy cleaning. The dual temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature from 50℃ (122℉) to 300℃ (572℉) and effectively make foods for your customer.

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Koval Food Electric Griddle Countertop

The Koval Food Electric Griddle Countertop is fitted with splash guards on the back and sides of the griddle to offer protection for the user and adjacent walls from the oil splatters and hot grease.

The flat grill has all-solid construction that is sturdy, anti-rust, and durable. It also comes with a countertop grill that is equipped with thermostatic control that allows you to adjust the temperature of a griddle to suit the cooking requirements of various foods.

Equipped with thermostatic control allows for easy adjustment of the temperature to suit the cooking needs of various foods. You should note that this griddle is designed for multi-use. Therefore, it is perfect for cooking meat, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, and vegetables.

Key Features 

  • Solid steel construction
  • Thermostatic control
  • Removable grease tray
  • Safe operation, thanks to temperature limiting function

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Proshopping Electric Countertop Griddle Grill

The Proshopping Electric Countertop Griddle Grill delivers high power, perfect for industrial, restaurant, or household use. With this grill, you can enjoy your meat, steak, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, pancake, vegetables, and any food you can cook with it.

You should note that this top grill is made of BPA free materials. Ideally, it is made of stainless steel construction, making it durable and safe. You will like the fact that this is a highly efficient machine that delivers effortless cooking.

It is sturdy and compact. The high-quality stainless steel means that the unit is never rusted, evenly, and fast heated. Its adjustable thermostatic temperature is an important feature that allows the griddle to offer premium cooking to suit your requirements for a wide range of foods.

This unit offers low maintenance requirements. That is because the flat top grill has an oil leakage hole, and underneath it has a grease tray that provides quick and easy cleaning. The splash guards on the sides offer adequate stability on the surface.

Key Features 

  • 1500W power
  • Removable tray
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Easy to clean

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ALDKitchen Electric Countertop Flat Top Grill

The ALDKitchen Electric Countertop Flat Top Grill is designed for commercial use in restaurants, bars, and cafes. The grill pan is 21.5″*16″, which is enough to cook various meals for several persons at the same time – making it an ideal option to save time and energy.  It also comes with a smaller version and larger versions that you can easily choose one that suits your needs best.

This Teppanyaki grill has a stainless-steel flat top griddle that offers convenient food preparation ability. Cook some eggs for breakfast or prepare some meat, seafood, vegetables for lunch or dinner. You can also mix all the ingredients on one plate for a well-balanced meal.

With the adjustable temperature controls, you have the freedom to cook foods to your preferences. In fact, the grill has an adjustable thermostat that can be adjusted to achieve the desired temperature.

You will find this grill user-friendly, and anyone can use it. It does not matter whether you do not have cooking experience; this is a perfect machine that takes your cooking to another level. In fact, it is a multi-cooker that can cook fried eggs, pancakes, omelets, and scrambled eggs.

Another feature you will like about this unit is the drain hole design, making it quite easy to collect the used oil. Moreover, the compact design makes it ideal for storage and transportation.

You will find this griddle quite easy to clean up and use. That is the case as it has no hollows to collect the pieces of food. This griddle grill is ideal for cooking at a fast pace, particularly for hectic schedules.

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TBVECHI Teppanyaki Countertop Commercial Flat Top Grill

Boasting 3000 watts of cooking power, this electric grill is ideal for use in restaurants, canteens, or cafes. It is versatile to cook various types of food from pancakes to stir-fries.

With this machine at your cafe, you can serve grilled food really fast as the 548x350mm cooking surface is large enough to cook for several customers at the same time or feed your large family in one go.

The grill also has a built-in grease channel and removable grease tray which helps to collect excess oil and food residue for easy and quick cleaning. With extra splash guards on the sides and backs of the machine, the user and surrounding walls are protected from hot grease and oil splatters.

Thermostatic control allows you to adjust between 50-300 ᵒC to suit the cooking requirements of different foods. The cooking plate is made of food-grade stainless steel to deliver fast and even heat distribution.

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TAIMIKO Commercial Electric Grill

This electric griddle is an electrothermal product that is developed and designed with advanced technologies. With the international popular style, the body is made of quality steel and luxurious elements that improve its safety and energy-saving properties.

It weighs 18.5kg, making it perfect for any café, restaurant, BBQ, and a mobile catering van. With the non-slip foot, it is easier to operate as it offers you a safe working environment. Thus, you can cook your favorite foods with confidence.

The temperature for this unit ranges from 122 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it has Led light that shows heating status. In fact, even heat distribution is uniform for thorough cooking.

The removable grease tray and built-in grease help collect the excess oil and food residues for easy and fast clean-up.

The 372 cooking area is perfect as it offers even heat distribution. Thus, you can use it for cooking delicious pancakes, pizza, full breakfasts, and more.

Key Features

  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Easy to Clean
  • Large Capacity

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Yescom Electric Countertop Grill

The Yescom Electric Countertop Griddle is designed for commercial applications. Its thermostatic control feature makes it possible to adjust the temperature of the griddle to suit your cooking needs.

The extra splash guards protect the walls and users from oil splatters and grease. In fact, the removable grease tray makes it possible for quick and easy cleaning. Moreover, it provides 4 feet for adequate stability.

You will find this flat top grill ideal for cooking meat, vegetables, and more. In fact, it is easy to use and perfect both household and commercial use.

For commercial applications, you can use this griddle in stores, restaurants, snack bars, and roadside stands. Some of the food you can cook in this unit include pancakes, grilled cheese, crispy bacon, fried dishes, pizza, burger, omelet, and full breakfast.

Key Features 

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Oil splashing protection
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Removable tray

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Blackstone Table Top Grill

The Blackstone Table Top Grill is an ideal stove to get you to any particular occasion or event. It provides 260 inches of cooking space and allows you to cook a lot of things at the same time. It is quite boring to do dishes when camping. Fortunately, with this griddle, you only need to wipe it off with a towel after use and even be ready for the next meal.

The convenient size makes this griddle easy to carry to the park, hunting, camping, or get together event. Also, you will also find it easy to remove grease and clean, thanks to the tray that keeps the griddle clean.

With the H style burner, it offers adequate heat distribution to ensure optimal cooking. It features a portable grill that is built with an electric igniter and convenient propane bottles for fuel. Also, it has a built-in grease catcher. You can store the griddle upside down to save space and even carry it by hand.

Key Features

  • Spacious cooking surface
  • No hassle cleanup
  • Easy to store
  • Portable and convenient

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We came up with this list after a lot of research. We strongly believe you will find the right countertop flat top grill from this list. In the list, you will find something that suits your budget and needs. When it comes to the best all-rounder, you cannot get it wrong with our top choice. In fact, it has everything you need from a countertop flat top grill, and it is easy to use and versatile.


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