Foods That Start With E

+100 Foods That Start With E (From Popular to Traditional)

If you are looking for meal ideas to pack for a picnic, prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are many types of foods that start with the letter E.

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When you hear about foods that start with the letter E, you might think they are actually only a few dishes. But the truth is, there are plenty of them, from every day to exotic dishes.

Here are 100+ foods that start with the E. You may be familiar with some of them, but others might be new to you.

+100 Foods That Start With E

Popular Foods that Start with E

  1. Early Girl Tomatoes – Early girl tomatoes are a delicious side dish usually firm than other tomatoes. They are often used as slicing tomatoes to be eaten with sandwiches and bagels. Early girl tomatoes are also quartered on salads. Their sweet flavor provides tasty soups or sauce.
  2. Eastern Carolina Barbecue Sauce – This is a spicy vinegar-based barbeque sauce usually served over pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and other types of meat. It’s very different from the mustard-based sauce commonly used in Western North Carolina. This sauce is also very easy and fast to make at home.
  3. Eggless Mayonnaise – Eggless mayonnaise is a mayonnaise variety that is usually prepared without eggs. It’s usually made using milk, fresh cream, aquafaba, or soy milk. Eggless mayonnaise has fewer fats and cholesterol compared to that made of eggs.
  4. English Peas – These are green peas that are often prepared as an independent dish or with carrots. Some people also prefer to eat them raw. English peas are a variety of regular peas, and they are well-known for their sweet flavor and bright green color.
  5. Egg Drop Soup – Egg drop soup is a type of Chinese soup made with wispy beaten eggs and chicken or veggie broth. This dish is a staple at most Chinese restaurants in the US. Some people prefer to add condiments like black or white pepper, chopped scallions, and tofu to the soup, but these are optional.
  6. Eggs – Eggs are a staple food that is eaten in most homes across the globe. It’s a rich and safe source of protein and is less expensive than most meats and other protein sources. There are more than a hundred ways to cook eggs, including scrambled, boiled, and fried ones.
  7. Elbow Macaroni – This is a traditional type of curled noodles mainly used in Macaroni and cheese. It soaks up delicious, thick sauces, and there are many ways to cook it. There are different elbow macaroni flavors, and most of them are paired with heavy sauces, meats, or seafood.
  8. Egg Salad – Egg salad is a concoction of chopped boiled, scrambled, or coddled eggs with mayonnaise and pickle relish. It can also be missed with herbal seasonings, spices, and other ingredients. In most cases, egg salad is served cold on bread or used as a wrap.
  9. Eggplant – An eggplant is a fruit produced by the brinjal plant and is most commonly purple. While most people view it as a vegetable, eggplant is actually a fruit. It’s basically a berry that that is eaten when cooked.
  10. Egg Roll – This is a deep-fried wheat-wrapped roll eaten with shredded cabbage, pork, or other types of meat and other vegetables, all cut into tiny pieces. Some people also blend the pork with rice noodles to make a delicious egg roll.
  11. Earth nut – Earth nut is a general name used to refer to various plants that produce subterranean edible seeds, roots, or fruits. These include truffles, peanuts, groundnuts, goobers, and more. Earth nuts can be eaten raw or roasted. They can also be processed to produce butter and paste.
  12. Espresso – An espresso is a strongly brewed coffee that has more caffeine content than regular coffee. It’s usually brewed under pressure with finely-ground coffee beans. Espresso shots can be used to make different types of drinks, including Americano, latte, macchiato, and cappuccino.
  13. English Walnuts – These are tasty and highly nutritious walnuts obtained from an English walnut tree. You can eat them raw or cook them in a recipe that requires the use of nuts.
  14. English Sole – English sole is a staple dish usually eaten with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice. This is a demersal fish that is generally found in sandy or muddy bottoms or nearshore areas. It’s a great source of selenium, vitamin B12, and phosphorous. You can serve it with steamed greens or salad.
  15. Escallop – This is a piece of meat sliced or minced into tiny particles. Escallops are usually coated in bread crumbs. They are very healthy as they don’t have any bones or fats. In most cases, escallops use pork, beef, or liver.
  16. English Spinach – This is a leafy green vegetable with broad leaves and is often eaten raw or cooked. When raw, English spinach can be used to make green juice, which is very healthy. Cooked English spinach is usually eaten with eggs, sandwiches, stirred in soups, and where green vegies are needed.
  17. Easy Mac Cheese – Easy Mac Cheese is a simple everyday dish cooked with Macaroni and cheese sauce. Once cooked, easy macaroni cheese can be eaten with cooked and crumbled bacon, hot dogs, vegetables, or BBQ sauce.
  18. Ensalada – Ensalada is a Spanish term used to refer to salad, especially green salad. It’s usually eaten as a side dish and is best served with grilled foods like pork, chicken, turkey, salmon, nuts, and even seeds.
  19. Escarole/Endive – Also known as endive, escarole is a bitter-leafed vegetable often served as a side dish with beans. It’s mainly made in most Italian weddings and served with meat and beans. Escarole is known to make great soups as it doesn’t dominate the taste. It somewhat improves it.
  20. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – This is a pantry staple oil often used in marinades, salad dressings, and a wide array of recipes that require pure oil. Extra virgin olive oil is widely consumed among the Greeks, who use it in almost every dish, from bread to salad and boiled vegetables.
  21. Eye of Round Roast – This is a lean boneless roast cut from the cow’s round or hindquarters. The meat is usually leaner, less tender, and very delicious when roasted. It’s traditionally roasted with granulated garlic, onion powder, pepper, thyme, salt, and paprika.
  22. Evaporated Milk – Also known as unsweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk is a canned milk product where about 60% of its water has been removed. It’s mainly used in making smoothies, creamy soups, chowders, and savory sauces. Some people also use it to sweeten coffee.
  23. Escalloped Chicken – Escalloped chicken is a tasty main dish prepared with tender white chicken, celery, and creamy sauce. It can be eaten with noodles, mushrooms, rice, or peas for lunch or dinner.
  24. Escalloped Cabbage – This is a very creamy and tasty vegetarian meal often cooked with cheese, pasta, and milk. It’s usually eaten as a special treat and makes a delicious side dish for those who love cabbage flavor.
  25. Escalloped Corn – Escalloped corn is a perfect side dish prepared on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. This dish is usually baked with eggs and cracker crumbs to make a wonderful flavor. It’s paired with classic meals such as roasted turkey and honey-baked ham.
  26. Étouffée – This is a roux-based tangy Creole dish often eaten with seafood like shrimp and crawfish in a thick sauce over rice. It can also be paired with other meals like chicken and turkey.
  27. Eye Round – Eye round is a lean steak obtained from the round of a cow’s rear leg. It’s ideal for marinating and grilled cooking. Eye-round makes a perfect everyday meal eaten with vegetables, noodles, rice, and chapatis. It can also be cooked as stew meat or cubed steak.
  28. Entrecote – Entrecote is a French term for rib-eye beef steak. Also known as scotch fillet, entrecote has a beautiful marbled fat that makes it very tasty when grilled or fried. When cooking the entrecote, the fats melt and render the steak, giving a beefy and juicy flavor.
  29. Escargot – Escargot is a French name for edible snails. It’s a dish with cooked snails and is often paired with strong garlic butter. Snails are often said to taste like chicken or fish, with some mushroom notes.

Breakfast Foods that Start with E

  1. English Muffin – This is a small, round, relatively flat yeast-leavened bread usually eaten as a toast for breakfast. It’s a regular breakfast dish in North America and Australia. English muffin is often eaten with sweet toppings like fruit jam, honey, eggs, bacon, or cheese.
  2. Egg Foo Young – Egg foo young is a Chinese omelet dish made with beaten eggs and minced ham. Some people also include bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, or spring onions when preparing this dish. In the US, Egg foo young is usually served with sauce or gravy.
  3. Egg Fried Rice – Egg fried rice is a type of fried rice that uses beaten eggs to improve taste and add more nutrients to the dish. This everyday dis is packed with lots of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. Egg fried rice can also be paired with peas and vegetables.
  4. Eggs Benedict – This is a typical American breakfast dish consisting of two halves of an English muffin. Each muffin is topped with Canadian bacon, poached eggs, and sauce. It’s popular in New York City and can be paired with peas, roasted potatoes, rocket salad.

Desserts that start with E

  1. Eggnog – Eggnog is a concoction of milk, egg, sugar, and nutmeg. It usually has alcoholic beverages like whisky stirred in it. This dessert is rich, chilled, and sweetened with sugar and cream for a perfect and fluffy taste.
  2. Eggo Waffles – These are crispy, fluffy, and delicious breakfast desserts. They are made with wheat flour, vegetable oil, water, baking soda, sugar, and eggs. Eggo waffles come while fully cooked and frozen. You can enjoy them cold or reheat them in the microwave or a toaster.
  3. Eccles Cake – This is a small round pie stuffed with butter, dried fruits, and candied fruit peel. They come when already cooked, but you can reheat them in the microwave to heat with tea or coffee and accompany it with eggs for breakfast.
  4. Eggies – This is a creative dish made with toasted sourdough bread, eggs, garlic butter, and parsley leaves. When making the eggie, eggs are mixed with freshly ground black pepper and parsley leaves then poured into a pan with the frying pieces of bread.
  5. Eierschecke – This dish is a confectionery specialty from Germany. It’s typically a layer cake with a base layer of cake, middle layer of quark cheesecake, and a vanilla custard topping. Some parts of the cake are usually covered with a thick cream made of eggs, cream, sugar, and flour.
  6. Erotic Cake – This is a type of cake whose decorations and shape resemble those of sexual organs like the penis, vagina, breasts, and balls. They are usually baked with hilarious designs and are meant for adults only. Erotic cakes may look funny, but they taste great.
  7. Esterházy Torte – This is a Hungarian cake named after an Austrian Prince, Paul III Anton Esterhazy. It’s a rich and tasty dessert comprised of chocolate buttercream sandwiched between four layers of sponge cake.
  8. Eskimo Pie – Eskimo pie is an American vanilla ice cream dessert covered with a chocolate coating then wrapped in foil. Sometimes the pie can be made with milky chocolate and some orange flavors. It’s one of the best desserts for summer.
  9. Eclairs – This is an oblong pastry usually made with choux dough filled with cream and chocolate toppings. The dough is piped into an oval shape using a pastry bag, topped with cream and iced chocolate, then baked for about 50 minutes.
  10. Eccles Cake – Eccles cake is a small fly pie made from flaky pastry and is filled with currants. It’s topped with demerara sugar. This fly pie is usually eaten when cold, but you can reheat it in the microwave and enjoy it with a cup of black tea.
  11. Eggnog Trifle – This is a delicious holiday dessert made with pound cake, whipped cream, vanilla wafers, and an eggnog filling. It’s usually served chilled from the fridge. Some varieties of Eggnog trifles use alcohol as an ingredient when making the cream.
  12. Egg Custard – Egg custard is a tangy dessert made with egg, cream, milk, sugar, and flavorings. This dish is full of mild proteins and makes an excellent dessert for a dinner party. It takes only a few minutes to prepare, and you can store it in the fridge for up to three days after you’ve made it.
  13. Elephant Ears (fried dough) – This is a pan-dried bread often made from leftover dough for bread baking. In most Chinese restaurants, fried dough ball is usually coated with sugar. When coated with sugar, fried dough is also referred to as a sugar biscuit.
  14. Egg Roll Cookies – Egg roll cookies are a delicious Chinese treat with a crispy and light texture. You can serve them with a scoop of ice cream or chocolate and caramel sauce.
  15. English Pudding – This is a sweet dish often made from steamed sponge cake. It’s usually served as a side dish in Christmas dinner in most British homes. You can also enjoy the English pudding with cookies, eclair cake and more.
  16. Empanadas – Empanada is a type of baked or fried turnover made with pastry and filling. The pie is filled with protein fillings such as pork, chicken, beef, cheese, and sometimes fish.
  17. Earl Grey Ice Cream – This is a spiced, lightly sweet type of ice cream made with heavy cream, egg yolks, milk, tea, and sugar. The ingredients are beaten and frozen for up to 7 days.
  18. Edinburgh Rock – This is a traditional Scottish confection that is pretty different from convectional rock and is usually formed into sticks. It’s made with sugar, water, colorings, cream, and flavorings.
  19. Entremet – Entremet is traditionally referred to as small French dishes often served between courses. In modern days, Entremet is a type of fancy French dessert. It has many different layers of cake, creams and is best served cold.
  20. Eton Mess – Eton mess is a tasty side dish usually made of a mixture of strawberries, whipped cream, and broken pieces of meringue. Sometimes it can also be served with bananas and small chips of other fruits.
  21. Easter Eggs – Also known as paschal eggs, Easter eggs are decorated eggs used as a gift during the Easter season. They are used to symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus when He rose from death.
  22. Easter Pie – This is a name used to refer to many different pies made during the Easter season. Easter pies usually have different layers, different meats but are all savory and delicious desserts served in Italian households.
  23. Earl Grey Cookies – These are crunchy yet soft and buttery cookies made with a hint of Earl Grey for some tea flavor. They use full-bodied black tea for a strong citrusy flavor and a perfect texture. Some people add lemon, orange, or vanilla as extra flavors.
  24. Egg Cream – This is a cold beverage made with milk, carbonated water, and flavored syrup. While you might think that the dessert has eggs and cream, it has neither of them. It’s a type of thick milkshake.
  25. Eggless Brownies – Eggless brownies are dark fudgy brownies made without eggs. They are flavored with butter, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and yogurt.
  26. Eggless Cookies – Eggless cookies are crunchy but soft and chewy, usually baked with chocolate chips. However, they taste the same with cookies made with eggs, and one may not realize the egg’s absence.
  27. Elderberry Syrup – This is a syrup made from Elderberry flowers and berries. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins essential to boost your immune system. The syrup lessens stress, inflammation and also helps in easing cold flu symptoms.
  28. Election Cake – Election cake is a traditional American cake, usually a cross between yeast bread and lightly flavored fruit cake. This boozy dense fruitcake was meant to be served to people who were celebrating the democratic process.
  29. English Butter Toffee – This is a confection made with caramelized sugar, butter, and sometimes flour. The mixture is then heated up to a hard crack temperature.
  30. Espresso Cake – Espresso cake is a simple coffee made for coffee fanatics. It’s soft, fluffy, rich in flavor, and is usually eaten with hot beverages. Sometimes cocoa is added when preparing espresso cake to provide an intense flavor.
  31. Edible Cookie Dough – This is a blend of cookie ingredients, which has been mixed well into a malleable dough. It’s then divided into small portions and eaten raw. In most cases, eggs are eliminated when making edible cookie dough.
  32. Espresso Martini – Espresso martini is a cold coffee-flavored cocktail usually made with coffee liqueur, espresso coffee, sugar syrup, and vodka. The cocktail is then topped with coffee beans for those who like it.  
  33. Escalloped Apples – This is a baked apple dish usually served with a meal as a side dish or topped with ice cream for a tasty dessert. They are flavored with butter, cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, and cornstarch powder.
  34. English Trifle – English trifle is a delicious layered dessert with layers of yellow cake, whipped cream, sugar, and chocolate. It’s usually topped with strawberries and blueberries.
  35. Egg Tart – This is a type of custard tart usually eaten as a side dish. The dish contains an outer pastry crust filled with egg tarts, and it’s often served in dim sum restaurants.
  36. Ensaimada – Ensaimada is a pastry product from Balearic, Spain made as a spiral of two or more turns in a clockwise direction. It’s firmly baked to a crisp and brittle texture, and its inside has a multi-layered flaky appearance.
  37. Erbazzone – This is a savory vegetable pie made with a baked unleavened dough of flour, water, and oil. The pie is filled with greens which are sautéed with onions, pancetta, and Parmesan cheese.
  38. Elaneer Payasam – Elaneer Payasam is an Indian dish served as a rich healthy dessert on festivals and occasions like parties, and picnics. With ingredients like coconut milk and pulp, this dessert is rich in Indian culinary culture.
  39. Ellurundai Sweet – This is a healthy snack prepared with black sesame seeds, jaggery syrup, and groundnuts. It’s a delicious festival ball that is high in energy and rich in flavor. This dish is ideal for helping kids gain weight and boost their energy.

Fruits that start with E

  1. Elderberries – Elderberries are fruits produced by a Sambucus plant and are eaten when ripe to deliver an array of health benefits. Raw elderberries are poisonous as they can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, among other symptoms.
  2. Egg Fruit – Egg fruit is a tropical fruit that has a bulbous shape. This fruit has a sugary but neutral flavor with subtle notes of mango and other tropical fruits. It’s believed to aid in the treatment of epilepsy and other common brain disorders.
  3. Eggplant – This is a purple fruit used for cooking and is grown worldwide. While most people see it as a vegetable, eggplant is actually a fruit, only that it’s eaten when cooked. It tastes wonderful when baked, grilled, or braised.
  4. Emu Apple – Also known as native cranberries, Emu apples are delicious red-tinged green or purple berries. They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.
  5. Empire Apples – This is a type of apple with a crisp, crunchy taste and a shiny, white creamy flesh. Empire apples are mainly used for making salads, apple sauces, baking, and apple pies.
  6. Entawak – Entawak is a round brown, yellow fruit that has a pumpkin flavor. It’s usually eaten roasted and salted. The seeds of these fruits are also edible.
  7. Emblic (Indian Gooseberry) – Indian gooseberry is a super fruit grown in India and nearby countries. It’s packed with vitamin C and is quite sour in taste. This fruit is mainly used to enhance the food flavor.
  8. Emperor Grapes – This is a variety of grapes mainly grown in South Australia and some parts of the Us, like California. Emperor grapes have an elongated oval shape with pale red to purple color.

Traditional Foods that start with E

  1. Elote -This is a Mexican street food made with corn that is still on the cob. It’s slathered with mayonnaise, sprinkled with salty Cotija cheese, and then seasoned with lime juice chili powder.
  2. Embutido – Embutido is a Pilipino style meatloaf that is mainly enjoyed during holidays but can also be eaten on any day. It’s eaten when hot or cold. When hot, you can eat with rice.
  3. Enchilada – This is Originally Mexican food made by rolling corn tortilla around, filling and covering it with a savory sauce. The fillings can either be potatoes, beans, chicken, or even meat.
  4. Enfrijoladas – This traditional food has remained Mexico’s most delicious “dinner in a hurry.” Its main ingredients are corn tortillas, bean sauce and are sometimes stuffed with scrambled eggs or chicken.
  5. Ensalada de Fruta – First introduced in the US during the 1900s, this is a food consisting of various fruits. It can be served either as a liquid or syrup. Ensalada is consumed as a salad, dessert, or as an appetizer.
  6. Entomatadas – This is a traditional Mexican food made by slightly frying corn tortillas and any filling of your choice. However, if you can get shredded chicken and cover everything with homemade tomato sauce, you will have the most delicious traditional food.
  7. Edam – This is a semi-hard cheese that has its origins in Edam’s town in the North Holland province of the Netherlands. Edam’s main ingredient is milk either from cows or goats and is paired with cherries, peaches, or apricots.
  8. Edamame – Edamame is a Japanese name meaning beans on the stem. Like most soybeans, it is very sweet because it’s harvested while still young when the sucrose content and amino acids are still high.
  9. Edible Flowers – These are safe and edible flowers. They are mainly served as vegetables, herbs, or as part of the meal. They make part of many regional cuisines, for instance, the Asian, Eastern, and European cuisines. There is a long list of edible flowers, and they include banana flowers, Tamarind, and Moringa.
  10. Egg Tong Sui – This is a very delicious soup that is mainly served with Cantonese cuisine as a sweet version of egg drop soup. It is seen as more of a traditional food because you will rarely find it served in restaurants.
  11. Egg Noodles – These are flat, long, or round Chinese noodles. They are mainly prepared with wheat flour, salt, and water. Eggs are included for color, body, and taste.
  12. Emmentaler – Emmentaler is a semi-hard yellowish cheese that originated in Emmental, found in Bern Canton of Switzerland. It has high-fat content, rich in phosphorous as well as copper. You can distinguish it easily with its large holes formed during the fermentation process.
  13. Eel – You will most likely find eels in Japanese cuisine but can sometimes be found in Chinese cuisines. They are either freshwater or marine and are prepared in many different ways.
  14. Elver – Elver is an English name for Angulas, which refers to baby eel. They are 3″ long pale worm-shaped seafood usually found in Spain.
  15. Enset – Enset is also called the “false banana” because it really resembles the banana plant. It was first reported in Ethiopia and is said to be a staple food in the country’s larger population.
  16. Ecrevisse – These are freshwater crustaceans found mainly in large parts of the United States but today are eaten worldwide. Only a small part of the Ecrevisse’s body is edible. It is served in most dishes like soups, bisques, and etouffee.
  17. Eggplant Parmesan – It’s one of the classic preparations common in southern Italy but is also found in other parts of the world. It is prepared by slicing eggplant, frying it, successfully layering it in a baking casserole with tomato sauce, basil, or boiled egg slices.
  18. Epauled’agneau – This a French Delicacy that is known as the shoulder of the lamb in English. It is believed that the shoulder works hard in an animal, and therefore meat from this part is very delicious. It takes time to cook, but it’s worth it.
  19. Escabèche – Escabeche is a general name used to refer to a variety of Spanish dishes that use marinated fish, meat or chicken which are cooked in a heavy acidic sauce. and served cold. Before serving, escabeche is first dipped in either vinegar or citrus juice and colored with pimento and other spices.
  20. Elk – Elk is mainly found in the Western parts of the United States. It’s one of the animals that you will find on top of any hunter’s list. Elk meat is organic, lean, very sweet, and lacks a wild-game taste, making it a delicious dish for lunch or dinner.
  21. Elephant Garlic – This is not garlic but a kind of leek. It can be used like regular garlic and gives food a milder flavor. The whole bulb is roasted and used as a spread on bread. You can also eat Elephant garlic raw slice, sauteed, or even mince it.
  22. Eggplant Rollatini – This dish is prepared with thin slices of eggplant rolled up with ricotta fillings and topped with your choice sauce. It is confused with Eggplant Parmesan; however, Parmesan doesn’t have fillings and is not rolled up.
  23. Elephant Yam – Also known as Jimikand, elephant yam is a tuber cultivated in India as a cash crop but used as a vegetable. When cooked, it has an earthy flavor that is also nutty with minimal sweetness.
  24. Epazote – This is an aromatic herb whose leaves and stems are used in cooking. Epazote is commonly found in Mexican cuisine and is sometimes referred to as mustard herb, Jerusalem parsley, or even Mexican tea.
  25. Elk Jerky – This is meat that has been sliced into strips before its salted and dried to prevent spoilage and bacteria growth. It can also be smoked to make a healthy daily treat.
  26. Emu – Emu is a suitable alternative to those who love beef but don’t want the cholesterol, fats, and calories. It tastes exactly like beef, but it’s lean, low in cholesterol, calorie, and fats.
  27. Eru – Eru is a wild plant that is widely found in the Cameroon forest. The leaves are harvested ground or pounded and used to prepare soups. It is loved in Nigeria and some parts of Cameroon.
  28. EdikangIkong – this a very delicious vegetable soup that has its origins from the Akwa Ibom State in southern Nigeria. It is considered a delicacy among the wider Nigerian population and is served on important occasions.
  29. Echicha – This is a native dish among the Igbo parts of Nigeria. It is prepared by mixing the cocoyam, mgbumgbu, and palm oil thoroughly, until they become soft. It is mainly eaten during the dry season when green vegetables are hard to get.
  30. Ekwang – This is a traditional Nigerian dish native to Efiks and Ibibios but is also found in some parts of Cameroon. It is made of freshly grated cocoyam, wrapped in greens, and simmered in meat. Red oil or spices are added to preference.
  31. Emu Eggs – Emu eggs taste just like hen eggs, but the York are very creamy and One emu egg is equivalent to ten regular chickens’ eggs. It has more nutrients and less cholesterol.
  32. Embutido – This is a Philippines meatloaf consisting of ground pork stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, sliced ham, and any sausage of your choice.
  33. Estragon – It was first cultivated in Siberia several years ago. Today, it’s found in most parts of the northern hemisphere. Add estragon to any type of chicken and sauce, and you will have a fairy tale to tell.
  34. Escovitch Fish– Escovitch is among the best Jamaican dishes. It is prepared by frying fish until crispy before covering it with lightly pickled vegetables. The vegetables can either be chayote, carrot, or sweet peppers, which are cooked slightly in vinegar and season with garlic.
  35. Espagnole – this is basically brown juice that is today known as French mother sauces. It originated in Spain in the 19th century before Chef Auguste Escoffier popularized it.
  36. El Koura – As its name suggest, this food originated from the Koura district of Lebanon. This virgin olive cooking oil is used for raw or cold cooking. It is most preferred because it doesn’t have cholesterol. It is hard-pressed and salt-free.
  37. Ellupodi – Ellupodi is called Sesame seed in English and is mainly found in Southern India. The sesame seeds are mixed with lentils and can make a perfect side dish for dosa, uttapam, or idlis.
  38. Ehden – This a traditional dish that first originated in the mountainous town in the northern mountains of Lebanon. it is usually made with minced and dried meat, sauteed onions and animal fat.
  39. Erusery – This is an Indian dish that is made with meat, vegetables and is served over steaming rice. Strong Indian spices like turmeric and spiced chilies accompany it. Erusery comes in several varieties and can be eaten with other meals besides rice.
  40. Egg curry – This is very spicy food, especially of Indian origin, prepared in different ways but primarily consists of meat or fish prepare in a hot spicy sauce. It’s served with plain rice, flavored rice, and other types of rice.
  41. Egg cutlet – Found in Indian Cuisine, egg cutlets are delicious and very easy to prepare. They are cooked with mashed potatoes with grated boiled eggs shaped into balls by boiling in a bow. You can then fry them with oil before adding ginger-garlic and green chilies.
  42. Egg Pakora – This is a traditional northern Indian dish made with meat masala, eggs, gram flour, chili flakes, eggs, and mango powder. It’s usually prepared for parties, picnics, and pot lucks.
  43. Egg Bhurji – This is a delicious Indian dish made with scrambled eggs, chilies, spices, and sauteed chopped onions. It’s usually prepared for breakfast but can be eaten with any meal of the day.
  44. Egg Chop – This is a healthy and crispy snack served as an evening treat. It’s made with deep-fried, boiled eggs and mashed potatoes. It has a very soft texture inside and a crunchy one on the outside.
  45. Egg Kosha – Egg kosha is the ultimate Bengali egg curry made with duck eggs-boiled that are lightly coated with turmeric and then deep-fried. It’s usually served with a plate of steaming rice.


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