Largest Pressure Cooker

The Best Largest Pressure Cooker: Top Commercial Pressure Cookers

Unlike steamers, crock pots, microwaves, and other cookware, pressure cookers come with a lot of versatility! What’s more, these units are large enough to feed more than about 5-6 people.

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These multi-use appliances will help you achieve consistent and delicious meals in a fraction of time. You can now prepare steamed veggies, short ribs, chili, stews, soups, beans, meats, and much more.

If you’re planning to buy a pressure cooker, you’ll find this article handy. It outlines the best largest pressure cooker available on the market.

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Top 10 Best Largest Pressure Cookers

All American 41 Quart 941 Canner Pressure Cooker

The All American 941 Canner Pressure Cooker is big enough for pressure canning batches of meat, fish, and poultry but also small enough for all your pressure-cooking family meals. It is designed with higher-end features for a safe home canning experience.

It comes with a generous capacity that can hold up to 14 standard mouth quart jars or 19 standard mouth pint jars, just what you’d expect from an extra-large pressure cooker! Use it to prepare large food quantities in a short time. It will not disappoint!

You’ll love the action clamping locks that align the cover to the base, forming a “metal-to-metal” sealing system. The system creates a steam-tight seal for an incredible slow-cooked flavor in your food.

Do not worry about durability; the pressure cooker is built to last! It is machined from durable, hand-cast aluminum metal. This material, together with the sturdy construction, promises longevity and long-lasting service.

The smooth, shiny looks of this pressure cooker make it a great addition to any kitchen counter! And as you’d agree, cleaning an aluminum pressure cooker is a breeze! The unit has a satin finish that can be machine- or hand-washed in a matter of minutes.

Any pro-chef wants a cooker with a sturdy handle for a comfortable grip and ultimate control. The All American 941 Canner Pressure Cooker has got you covered! Its bakelite top handle stays cool even at high temperatures, giving a smooth and comfortable cooking experience.

The pressure regulator weight has the  5, 10, and 15 psi settings. You can adjust the settings to suit your applications.

Lastly, this model has an easy-to-read geared steam gauge, durable enough to withstand high temperature and pressure. The gauge measures the pounds per square inch of the steam coming from your cooker.

Buffalo QCP435 37-Quart Stainless Steel

Buffalo QCP435 conducts heat uniformly to cook your food quickly. The pressure cook is designed to save you time, energy, and money. This is how:

The unique Buffalo stainless steel technology conducts heat faster, letting you cook within 8-10 minutes! You can now stew the pork knuckles, beef briskets, dumplings, desserts, or veggies within the shortest time possible!

It also comes at an affordable price tag to suit the budget of your pockets. But even at this price, the cooker is well-equipped with high-end components that outperform that of costlier units.

And unlike any other brands, Buffalo QCP435 consists of safety features to keep you safe when cooking. It is designed and manufactured in Taiwan, meeting all the ISO 9001 standards.

It is also easy to use: simply put your meat, add seasonings, add some water, and you’ll be done in a few. No professionalism needed, making it an ideal choice for newbies and professional chefs alike.

You can use the cooker on your gas stove, induction cooker, electric stove, or other ceramic cooking surfaces. Versatility and multi-functionality at heart! With different pop-up valves and remarkable stainless steel handles, you can easily grip or open the cooker when the pressure goes down. I bet you couldn’t desire more!

The stainless steel handles also give stable support for heavy-duty cooking. And you’ll also love to hear that the removable gaskets facilitate easy-to-clean maintenance.

Other bonus features include a German gear with mortise and tenon joint design, a simple switch, a pressure indication valve, and a pressure-relief safety device. It has all it takes to rank among the top 10 best commercial-grade pressure canners!

Hawkings Bigboy Aluminium

The Bigboy Aluminium Pressure Cooker is most useful in 5-star hotels and restaurants. This kitchen appliance is specially designed to cook large food quantities within the shortest time possible.

Let’s do the calculations: The bigboy cooker has a generous size of 19″ L by 17″ H by 16″ W. It can prepare 18-22 liters in 29-48 minutes for 50-100 persons. The capacity makes it suitable for all your parties and celebrations.

The pair of lifting handles are firmly attached to the cooker’s sides. They have fiberglass reinforcement and will give extra strength and added convenience in carrying the appliance’s heavy weight.

Similarly, all the components of this pressure cooker are made for heavy-duty tasks. Another great example is the chain attached to the vent weight – it is sturdy and will prevent loss in any busy kitchen.

Bigboy Pressure Cooker is recommended for use on kerosene or gas stoves. You can also use it on firewood or coal-burning stoves and achieve equal results.

Be sure to pressure-lock the easy-to-close-and-open lid. This inside-fitting lid is designed to seal in goodness as you cook. The patented pressure regulator will prevent clogging of the steam vent. And the fingertip steam release will release any excess steam for more excellent cooking results.

The mirror-polished interior and base matt finish give the appliance an aesthetic appeal. But besides the expensive looks, this design helps in easy cleaning and maintenance of the cooker.

The gasket keeps the appliance airtight ensuring that the steam stored between the lid and the pan builds pressure. It is built to last longer and will not adversely affect the performance of your pressure cooker cover.

T-Fal Pressure Cooker

The T-Fal Pressure Cooker boasts a heavy-gauge aluminum construction that heats quickly and distributes the heat uniformly. But the best part is, the aluminum will offer rustproof performance for long-lasting use.

When canning, this quart vessel can hold 26 half pint-size jars when double-stacked, 16 pint-size jars, or 7 quart-size jars at a time. The included recipe book will direct you on how to prepare and cook various kinds of food.

Unlike most pressure cookers, T-fal’s cooker is Inc certified for safety cooking. That is why the manufacturer has included extra safety components for a peaceful cooking experience.

The selective pressure control maintains a steady internal pressure. Go for the 5 PSI if you’re working on veggies and other delicate foods. The 10 PSI is best for meats, while the 15 PSI will meet all your canning needs.

Another safety component is the vent tube that allows proper steam release. Besides, the cooker comes with a spring safety device that prevents excessive pressurization before closing the cooker securely. And the sure-locking lid system will ensure the lid does not open when the cooker is being pressurized.

Two included cooking racks will help maximize your canning space and prevent food from sticking to the bottom. Cleaning will be a breeze!

Use the Deluxe pressure gauge dial to monitor how the pressure builds up. In case of excess build-up, the gasket-release window provides an outlet for pressure release, preventing the pressure cooker from bursting.

With a limited 10-year canner warranty, you can rest assured that this appliance will serve you for the longest time possible.

Presto 01784 Pressure Canner

The heavyweight Presto 01784 boasts a 23-quart capacity that allows you to cook and can as much as you can within a short period.

Apart from the regular canning of vegetables, poultry, and meats, you can also use Presto canner as a boiling water canner for preserving salsa, jam, pickle, or any jelly. These you can preserve in the included Mason jar in volumes of 20 pints, 26 half-pints, or 7 quarts.

The clad base is made of heavy-duty polished aluminum and stainless steel to give a faster and even heating thereby greatly reducing the time you take to process your foods.

Presto 01784 comes with an automatic gauge that registers all the processing pressures and enables you to precisely can your foodstuff. It is quite easy to read, so you will be able to monitor the pressures closely.

Compatible with numerous heating sources, this pressure canner does not limit you to processing food with a gas stove only. You can use it on electric, smooth top furnaces as well as induction ranges.

The air vent together with the cover lock system prevents any pressure build-up within the cooker until the cover is securely locked in place. Similarly, it prevents lid opening until the pressure significantly reduces. Therefore, this canner is safe to use at any time in the kitchen.

As a bonus, this item comes with a recipe book to help you can your favorite meals. A rack for cooking and canning is also included.

IMUSA USA 22Qt Jumbo Stovetop

The IMUSA USA 22Qt Jumbo Stovetop Pressure Cooker lets you prepare steamed veggies, short ribs, chili, stews, and soups in just a short cooking time. It is the ideal unit for beans, veggies, and meats.

The appliance is made of polished aluminum that makes it more robust and sturdier. It also boasts an extra-large 22Qt capacity – a great one for a larger family.

The tight-fitting seal on the lid locks in the flavor, nutrients, and minerals of your food. All your meals will taste like they’ve been simmering and cooking all day long!

A unique feature about IMUSA’s stovetop pressure cooker is that it speeds up your cooking time by 70%. If you’re a busy mum, don’t overlook this cooker. It will suit your busy lifestyle by saving you time and energy!

The cookware distributes heat effectively, cooking more evenly. You will serve your visitors delicious and evenly-cooked food!

The cool-touch side handles ensure that holding the cooker is safe and manageable. The handles are designed for everyday use and provide the user with comfort, quality, and safety.

Lastly, the  IMUSA USA 22Qt Jumbo Stovetop Pressure Cooker is easy to use and clean. You can machine- or hand-clean it depending on how you define convenience.

Magefesa Chef Aluminum, 16-Quarts

The Magefesa Chef Pressure Cooker retains all the essential water-soluble minerals while cooking, so your food can turn out delicious and healthy.

Like IMUSA Stovetop Pressure Cooker, this cookware also reduces your cooking time up to 70%. This, in turn, saves you money and energy.

The pot has an encapsulated aluminum base for uniform heat distribution. The body is also made from premium-quality aluminum metal to ensure the user gets durable and satisfactory service.

This appliance holds up to 16 Qts when cunning. Though it may not be the largest on this list, the cooker can still prepare a whole family meal within the shortest time possible.

The 18/10 stainless steel lids will lock in place to keep all the heat and pressure trapped. This air-tight sealing creates steam that surrounds the food for uniform cooking. The result is always yummy!

Like other cookers, Magefesa Chef Pressure Cooker also has easy-grip handles for comfortable support and control. You can transfer the cooker from the stove to your kitchen counter without the worry of burning your hands. The handles remain cool even in the highest pressure setting.

This cooker comes equipped with 3 security systems; two safety clamps and a security pressure valve, and a rotating pressure valve that works independently, one from the other.

The progressive lock system prevents opening the cooker before pressure is released. This feature adds to your cooking safety!

It is suitable for all types of surfaces, whether smooth or regular-top ranges. You can use the cooker on your gas stove, induction cooker, electric stove, or other ceramic cooking surfaces.

If you want to take your cooking a notch higher, you can buy the cooker’s matching trivet and steamer separately. The trivet is usually placed between the serving dish and dining table to protect the table from heat damage.

Mirro 92122 92122A Polished Aluminum 5/10 / 15-PSI Pressure Cooker

The Mirro Pressure Cooker lets you cook delicious meals up to 70% faster than other stovetop cooking methods. Prepare your steamed veggies, short ribs, soups, chili, and stews within the shortest time possible.

The stylish shape makes it a great addition to your kitchen counter. Measuring only 15 pounds, boasting a generous dimension of 17 x 14 x 17 inches, and holding a capacity of 23.24 Liters, Mirro 92122 92122A would be your perfect day-to-day kitchen appliance.

The heavy gauge aluminum construction allows for optimal convenience; 16-pint-size jars or 26 half-pint size jars when double-stacked or 7-quart size jars. It is rustproof and remains durable even after many years of use.

Use the 3 cooking pressure options 15, 10, and 5 to maintain a steady pressure for your meal. These pressure safety systems will also prevent over-pressurizing.

The stay-cool ergonomic handles provide ultimate control comfortable handling when canning and cooking your food.

Use the cooking rack to drain excess fats from your food (especially meat). This rack will also prevent the bottom of the food from scorching or burning, ensuring even cooking on all sides.

The included user guide with recipes consists of a set of instructions for preparing and producing different types of food and dishes. It is a bonus feature that will give you a  precise record of the ingredients used, the amounts needed, and how to combine your mixes.

This canner comes with a Limited 10 years warranty, and you’ll also get a limited 1-year warranty for the replacement parts.

The reusable overpressure plug will release pressure if the vent tube becomes clogged and the cooker develops too much pressure. It is designed to be durable and can be reused multiple times.

The sure-locking lid system keeps the heat in, allowing you to turn the cooker’s pressure level down while maintaining the same temperature. The lid also locks in moisture, which is essential for cooking food like rice.

An additional safety feature is the side gasket release system that provides an outlet for releasing excess pressure, preventing the pressure cooker from bursting.

GoWISE USA GW22637 4th-Generation Electric Pressure Cooker

GoWISE USA GW22637 is one of the giant pressure cookers in the market. Its 14 quarts of cooking capacity quickly prepares a meal for more than 5 minutes.

This appliance is faster than stovetop cooking or any other traditional cooking. You can now prepare all your delicious meals with just one touch of a button.

It is designed with a large control panel making it easy for you to set.  The pressure reading will display the pressure level your cooker is operating at.

The unit also comes with 3 cooking function options, and 10 pressure cooking presets, making it the most versatile kitchen appliance on your shelf.

Get ready for a one-size-fits-all solution! This cooker features 12 cooking programs, including rice, soup, multigrain, porridge, chili/bean, poultry, yogurt, steam, saute, egg maker, and slow cook. Set your optimal temperature and time and eliminate the guesswork out of your cooking.

The cooker is equipped with an auto keep-warm feature. It can also slow cook for up to 20 hours. That means you can set the built-in 24-hour delay timer and have your food ready just at the right time. No under- or over-cooking!

GoWISE USA GW22637 comes with additional accessories like a rice spoon and measuring cup. You can also take advantage of the 50 Starter pressure cooker recipes and start preparing tasty meals right away! Here you’ll learn more tips and tricks in making your food more flavorful.

The cooker also includes a 1-year purchase and free lifetime support from GoWISE USA. Getting all these products in one extra-large package is not a joke. You shouldn’t overlook this cooker!

Presto 01755 16-Quart Aluminum canner

Presto 01755 is designed for easy and confident pressure canning. It has a regular mason jar capacity of 10 pints, 12 half-pints, or 7 quarts. Note; the pints and half-pints are only for boiling water processing.

Presto 01755 gives you the best platform for canning veggies, seafood, meats, and poultry. It doubles as a boiling water canner for pickles, fruits, jams, salsa, and jellies. What’s more, this handy cookware offers an enormous capacity to prepare all your desserts.

But its versatility does not end there…

Presto 01755  works on nearly all cooking stoves, including electric, gas, and Smooth-top ranges. The Deluxe pressure dial gauge will display your processing pressures, which is very important in high altitude areas.

The air vent lock allows pressure to build up when the cover is closed correctly. It also prevents the lid from opening until the pressure is safely reduced.

The durable heavy-gauge aluminum gives longevity and durability. It helps in fast, even heating. Use the easy-to-read dial gauge to check the complete range of processing pressures.

Learn more cooking tips from the easy-to-follow 80-page recipe book and take your pressure cooking and canning a level higher.

More included components are an air vent, cover lock, and cooking/canning rack.

Presto 01755 also comes with a 12-year limited warranty that will cover any damage or malfunctions if deemed necessary by the dealer.

Barton 22-Quart Pressure Canner Pressure Cooker

The Barton Pressure canner is designed to give you a seamless pressure canning experience in the comfort of your home. You can use this 22-quart pressure canner to can a variety of foods ranging from vegetables, poultry, seafood as well as meats.

Besides, it doubles up as a boiling water canner that you can utilize to preserve stuff like pickles, fruits, salsa, jellies, and jams. These you can keep in containers of 1 quart, pint, or half-pint.

For precise canning, the item is built with a heavy-duty pressure dial gauge that monitors processing pressure to ensure every bit of the process is excellently done. The pressure range is from 0-20 PSI with a pressure release of 13 PSI.

Made from rust-resistant high-grade aluminum and fitted with a modern gauge, this pressure cooker, and canner helps you save time and reduce cost by minimizing waste.

While working with the Barton pressure cooker, your safety and those of your loved ones are guaranteed. The item has been fitted with a safety spring device to prevent the cooker from pressurizing before it is firmly closed. The lid is also designed with a sure locking system that ensures it does not open when the cooker is pressurized.

To give you more canning space and avoid instances of food sticking to the bottom of the canner, racks have been included in the package.

Additionally, you can use this dual-purpose item with a variety of heating sources including gas, electric stoves, induction coils, sealed electric coils, and ceramic furnaces.

The package includes a manual that guides you through every procedure of setup and operation. Even if it is your first time using such, you will quite comfortable, thanks to the detailed guide.

Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

If you’re still looking for an extra large pressure cooker offering versatility, it’s time you met Presto 01781! This unit cooks your meals but also doubles as a boiling water canner. It understands best to preserve jams, fruits, jellies, pickles, and salsa.

Presto 01781 is constructed of warp-resistant, heavy-gauge aluminum. This robust construction promotes fast, even heating while promising durability and longevity. It is no wonder this cooker is more than adequate for any home canning needs.

The unit works on smooth and regular-top ranges. And that means it will serve you optimally when used on exposed coil burners or smooth-top stoves. Either way, it still cooks healthfully by retaining the flavor and nutrients in your food.

The stay-cool handles offer a firm grip and comfortable control during your cooking process. On the other hand, the strong-lock steel lid locks down during c cooking, creating an inner sealing ring to keep the steam in.

Its pressure dial gauge will eliminate the guesswork of cooking. It is easy to read and will give accurate readings so that the cooking pressure is kept constant. Besides, the cooker features an overpressure plug that lets off the excess steam for excellent cooking results.

A rack fits down into the pressure cooker to keep jars up off the bottom. This allows the liquid to circulate underneath.

Upon purchase, you’ll also receive an accompanying booklet containing more than 50 recipes. Learn how to use the cooker in preparing a wide range of meals, from basic soup stocks to stews roasts!

All considered Presto 01781 would be a premium pick for all your weeknight dinners and family get-togethers! Prepare all your meals with no limitations!

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Extra-large pressure cookers are popular must-have appliances available on the market today. They’re an excellent choice for anyone who wants to prepare tastier meals for their family (from cake to bone to broth) without spending the entire day over the kitchen stove.

Our listed top 10 best extra large pressure cookers will be a wise investment, giving you value for money. They have all been tested for quality, performance, and durability. All you need to do is pick your choice and enjoy a fun and exciting pressure cooking experience.

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