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Top 3 Metal Toothpicks

While eating food is a necessity and without you not last too long. Unfortunately, one of the bad parts of eating is the inevitable food getting stuck between your teeth. Fortunately, a man named Charles Forster invented a small, wooden instrument designed to remove the food easily. The wooden instrument was called a toothpick and it has been used by most Americans every day since it was invented. Now, thanks to modern technology, you no longer buy box after box of wooden toothpicks only to have to throw them away. Today, you can buy reusable toothpicks made out of an assortment of metals. Which makes them environmentally friendly and does not require the cutting down of trees.

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In this post, we put together a list of three metal toothpicks with reviews.

Top 3 Metal Toothpicks

Patelai 5 Pieces Portable Titanium Toothpicks Keychain

The Patelai 5 Pieces Portable Titanium Toothpicks Keychain is a practical device that is designed to replace old-fashioned wooden toothpicks. No longer do you have to buy boxes of toothpicks throughout the year for you and your family. The all-metal picks are made from high-quality materials for strength and durability.

Patelai chose to make the pick portion of this instrument from high-quality Titanium. The handle portion of the pick is made from lightweight, and durable aluminum alloy with a brass color finish. The point of the pick is sharp enough to reach inside the gaps in your teeth, but not too sharp as to cause potential damage to your teeth or gums. For convenience, Patelai also included a ring on the end to make it easy to attach to a keychain. The package includes 5 individual picks so that you will be able to give one to each family member.

Kiniza 3 Pieces Portable Titanium Toothpicks, Metal Pocket Toothpick Reusable Toothpicks With Stainless Steel Toothpick Holder

The Kiniza 3 Pieces Portable Titanium Toothpicks are a high-quality replacement for traditional wooden toothpicks. The combination of durable and sturdy metals and a small, convenient pocket-sized package. They created an eco-friendly way for you to reach places between your teeth. No more reaching for the container of toothpicks after a meal.

Each of the three metal toothpicks features a smooth machined Titanium pick and a stainless steel hollow tube holder. When not in use the pick end is totally concealed inside the holder. When ready to use simply unscrew the top and pull out the pick and attach it to the end of the hollow tube. The pick end is adjustable in and out depending on how long you need it to be. For added convenience, there is a ring on the bottom to connect to your keychain.

Fukusama 4 Pieces Portable Titanium Toothpick, Premium Grade Metal Toothpicks with Protective Holder

The Fukusama 4 Pieces Portable Titanium Toothpick set is made to provide a small family with an individual pick. These reusable toothpicks are each made from the highest quality, medical-grade materials. These ultra-durable replacement toothpicks are much more convenient than the wooden toothpicks of old.

Each of the four picks features a tip that is made from TC4 Titanium that is considered medical grade. The pick portion is machined smooth so that it is easier to handle. The holder is also made from the same TC4 Titanium. The pick portion is treaded so that it can be closed into the hollow portion of the handle. When ready to use the bottom end of the pick screws securely into the top part of the hollow holder. The gives you better control of the pick as you are cleaning your teeth. There is a ring attached to the bottom of the handle so that you can easily attach it to your key ring.

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