Zester vs Grater

Zester vs Grater

Sometimes it’s the small stuff that can make the biggest differences. This is especially true with food. Let us take an apple pie, for example.

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An apple pie, all on its own, is sweet and delicious. But if you add just a sprinkle of cinnamon or cloves to the apples or the crust, you give the pie a wonderful, spicy, warmth to the dish that transforms it entirely. The pie tastes different, it’s cozier, sweeter, and has an unforgettable zest to it. It seems small, but things like that can add so much extra depth and flavor to your dishes.

But finding that perfect amount of spice or zest can be tricky, especially if you’re not using the right utensil.

Zesters and graters are fantastic for adding that extra flavor profile to your meals. But you’d be surprised to learn that even the savviest of kitchen pros don’t always use the right utensil for what they really need. It’s easy to see why though. These two items are both quite similar in their functions as well as their appearance. This leads to many people using them in the wrong ways. In fact, many people can’t even tell the difference between the two and often rely on the labels to tell them which is which.

It might seem like a small issue in the grand scheme of kitchen things, but as proven just a few short moments ago, the smallest things can have the biggest effects. If you want to get the best flavor, you want to use the right utensils. Food can be comforting, fun, and enjoyable. Even more so, when it’s prepared and cooked just right. So, what is the difference between a zester and a grater?

What is The Difference Between a Zester and a Grater?

The main difference between the two really just comes down to the size of the holes.

A grater has larger holes and cuts things into ribbons or strands. Graters are wonderful for shredding cheese or garnishing with citrus peels. You can shred all sorts of things with a grater really; vegetables, fruits, and even nuts, if you want to. A grater will cut a little deeper than a zester will and you’ll get some of the fruit’s oils and even juices, which can add more flavor than just simple zesting.

Zesting is more of a moderation type of grating. It’s not quite as rough as a grater is. For the most part, it will only get small shavings of the outer skin of the fruit, herbs, or whatever you’re using. A zester will have much smaller holes than a grater does. For the most part, it works and functions the same way as a grater does, but just on a smaller scale. A zester almost creates a sort of sprinkle effect, not quite the shreds like a grater does. A zester is wonderful if you’re trying to be very minimal.

Using a zester is much more practical than a grater if you only need a small pinch of a particular ingredient because a grater won’t be able to give you a small pinch. Anybody who cooks knows that certain spices, peppers, or herbs can be quite potent in flavor; delicious, but potent. If you decide to use a grater with certain things, it can add way more of the flavor than you intended and can overwhelm or even ruin a dish. So a zester can still give you that flavor profile you’re looking for, without making the dish overbearing. It can create just enough flavor without adding too much. What it really boils down to is amounts. It’s finding the perfect utensil to create that perfect balance of flavor.

Now that you’ve learned the difference between a grater and a zester, you’ve probably decided about whether you want one or the other for your own kitchen, or perhaps even both of them. However you choose, your next step is probably purchasing one or both of them. So now it’s time to shop around. We’d like to make it a little easier for you. Here are the top three rated graters and zesters that you can get for your kitchen. You don’t have to take our word for it though. The customer reviews speak for themselves. These wonderful cooking utensils are glowing and that’s exactly why we want to tell you about them.

Top 3 Best Graters Reviewed

Spring Chef Box Grater


The first grater on our list is the Spring Chef Box Grater. I absolutely love this grater because it’s a fantastic price for such great quality. You can’t beat an item that works like a charm and is also easy on the pocketbook.

This grater has 4 different sides to it. Each side has slightly different-sized holes, so you can customize your grating and play around with each and every dish you create. Another great thing about this grater is that the blades are also very sharp; sharper than most other graters typically are.

With this particular grater, you can grate hard vegetables and even nuts! It gives you the freedom to grate a wide variety of different things and accent all different kinds of dishes. This is the perfect grater for creative cooks that like to add a personal touch to their food. It also has a comfortable, thick, steel handle so you have a snug grip while you grate. The thickness makes it easier for your hand to grasp which minimizes any slipping.

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Utopia Kitchen Cheese Grater

The second awesome grater on our list is the Utopia Kitchen Cheese Grater. Much like the previously mentioned grater, this one has multiple sides to it. Six sides, in fact, which actually gives you plenty of room to customize your cooking.

This grater is made from specially formulated stainless steel that gives it ideal longevity and who doesn’t appreciate that? This grater will last a long time, and if you cook a lot and want kitchen stuff that lasts, this is a really awesome feature to have. This grater also has a comfortable rubber handle on it. You can get a good, strong, grip, and it won’t slip out of your hands. It also happens to be dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean. Or you can run it under hot water and some soap to clean it off as well. It’s easy to clean, however, you prefer to clean it.

Get the look: Spring Chef Box Grater

Prep Solutions by Progressive 2-Way Grate & Measure

The last grater, although certainly not least, is the Prep Solutions by Progressive 2-Way Grate & Measure. Now this grate doesn’t have the different sized grate siding that the others did. But it has another really neat feature that makes clean up a breeze. This grate comes with a built-in container, that you can put in and take out at your leisure. When it’s inside, everything you grate will fall into the built-in container, leaving no messes behind on your counters. It all stays contained inside and doesn’t spill.

The container even comes with easy-to-read measurements on the side, for easy preparation. You won’t have to take it out and try to measure the right amount ot anything. You’ll be able to see exactly how much you already put in. This grater takes a lot of the work out for you and makes food prep a breeze. Who doesn’t love that? It even has a sleek and stylish design that will surely accent your kitchen and that’s always fun to have. This product is also easy on the pocketbook, not too expensive, so it’s a double win for you! Easy breezy, lemon squeezy.

Now, let us move onto the zesters now. Just as there are really awesome graters to choose from, you’ll find that there are plenty of great zesters to choose from as well.

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Top 3 Best Zesters Reviewed

Integrity Chef PRO Citrus Zester

The first zester on our list is the Integrity Chef PRO Citrus Zester. This one is my personal favorite. Tried and true, by yours truly. It has rust-resistant stainless steel. This means it’s durable and will also last you a long time. You can never go wrong with longevity. In fact, this company ensures that all of its utensils pass a professional grade inspection and if they don’t, then they do not sell it. They strive to beat their competition and their dedication certainly shows in the products. If you buy one of these incredible zesters, you’re guaranteed the best quality!

It has a comfortable rubber grip, so your hands won’t slip when you’re zesting. The product even comes with an antimicrobial pouch that you can store your zester in, when it’s not being used. Since food utensils can get dirty and germy, it’s pretty nice to have an anti-microbial pouch for storage. It is sure to keep your zester clean. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products. If you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked. That is a product that obviously stands by its performance.

Get the look: Integrity Chef PRO Citrus Zester

Mueller Ultra Bi-Directional Citrus Zester

The second awesome zester that you’ve got to check out is the Mueller Ultra Bi-Directional Citrus Zester. This zester has ultra-sharp blades so zesting is really easy. It has rust resistant stainless steel, and it’s durable, tough, and will last you a good, long while. This zester has really unparalleled curved sides which make it rigid in a unique way that other zesters do not have.

This actually allows you to apply more force when it’s needed without having to strain your wrists or arms in the process. Their product is also BPA free and has superior break-resistance. Its quality is quite unmatched, compared to many other brands and types of zesters out there.

Another awesome thing about this nifty zester is that it is small and compact. So if you’re a little tight on kitchen space, this is a great pick! It’s also easy to clean too. It is safe in the dishwasher as well as just a simple hot water and soap rinse.

Get the look: Mueller Ultra Bi-Directional Citrus Zester

Raniaco Zester

The last zester on our list is the Raniaco Zester. This zester, much like the others, has rust-resistant stainless steel which also happen to be resistant to blunting, overtime. You can’t beat a product that has that feature.

The blades are sharp and stay that way for a long time, which is always nice. It is small and compact so you can store it with ease. It even comes with a protective plastic cover you can store it in, when it’s not in use. It’s easy to clean and the super-sharp blades make it wonderful for zesting a wide variety of different things. Your only limit is your own imagination.

We hope you found this ‘Zester vs Grater’ article helpful and informative. Now you can find the best product for you and your home and elevate your meals in all sorts of fun and exciting ways.

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