Coffee Education Resource Guide

Are you a coffee enthusiast? Or maybe you just really enjoy your morning cup of joe and want to know more about what is inside that cup. Whether you are a coffee novice or a coffee connoisseur, you will find an incredible amount of coffee related resources here. Everything from how coffee is made to how to cook with coffee is inside this guide! Get ready to be amazed by coffee.

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General Coffee Resources

Get a great broad overview of coffee with these inclusive resources. From the history of coffee to the types of drinks that are made from coffee, you will find it all here! Read a few of these articles to help you get started on your coffee education and to get a nice foundation for all to come.

Coffee’s Journey – The history of coffee isn’t a straight line of sequential events but rather a complete journey with many twists and turns. Learn all about that journey here!

Historical Facts – The most important parts of coffee’s history are bullet-pointed here for concise learning.

All The Coffee – Here you will find a complete list of all the types of coffee that are currently being produced.

Coffee Variations – If you have ever wondered the difference between a latte, an espresso and a cappuccino, this resource will help you decipher which is which!

The Basics – quickly read about the basics of coffee from how to store it to what different roasts taste like.

Coffee Bean Resources

It all begins with the beans! To fully understand coffee, you need to start with the bean and these resources will help you learn all about that small brown seed. Discover different bean varietals, flavors and how and where coffee beans are grown.

Best Choices – There are a lot of different coffee beans available on the market but this guide will help you find which beans are right for you.

The Roast – Learn about how and why coffee beans are roasted and how you can pick the best roast available.

Quick Purchase – With only six quick tips, you will be buying the best coffee that you can when you follow this resources advice.

Gourmet Guide – When you want the best of the best, turn to this guide to help you buy gourmet coffee beans.

Flavor-full – Want to make sure you get the most flavor out of your coffee beans? Then this article is for you! You won’t have any bad beans if you follow these tips.

Coffee Brewing Resources

If you think there is just one way to brew coffee, think again! There are many ways to brew a perfect cup of coffee and there are also many ways to brew coffee incorrectly. Luckily, these resources can give you tips and tricks on how to brew coffee and what to avoid.

How and Why – This guide will show you a variety of different brewing methods and the reasons why each method makes a great cup of coffee.

Best Home Brew – Tips and tricks to make your home brewed coffee the best ever. You don’t need to go to a coffee shop to have a great coffee when you know how to brew!

Brewing Rules – Follow these nine rules of how to brew coffee and you can’t go wrong! Each tip is easy to follow and will lead you to your favorite coffee ever.

Mistakes in Brewing – In order to learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee, you also need to know how to avoid common brewing mistakes. This guide will help you do just that!

French Press It – Making coffee with a French press has long been considered the best way to brew coffee. This guide will show you exactly how to use a French press and enjoy this ideal brewing method.

Coffee Recipes

Following a recipe can ensure that you create a great cup of coffee every single time. However, maybe you want to incorporate coffee into other aspects of cooking as well. These coffee-based recipes will keep your taste buds happy and also keep you well-caffeinated!

Perfect Cup – Follow this recipe for a cup of French press coffee and you will always enjoy that hot morning cup.

Healthy Blends – Full of healthy coffee recipes, you will no longer need to worry about excess calories sneaking into your diet through your cup of joe.

Iced to Perfection – If you enjoy iced coffee, then this recipe is for you! Brew a great cold cup to cool you off on a hot day.

Café Worthy – Do you have a coffee that you love but you need to visit a café to get it? Not anymore! These coffee shop recipes will help you re-create all your favorites.

Cooking with Coffee – Incorporate coffee into your cooking with these tasty food recipes, all featuring your favorite flavor- coffee!

Coffee Blogs

Keep up with the best coffee bloggers on these sites. With educational websites and also ones that are just fun to read, the coffee culture is alive and well on all of these blogs!

Sprudge – Stay in tuned with all the happenings in the coffee world with this blog. From coffee shop openings to major coffee trends, this blog has it all!

Daily Coffee News – This blog is geared more toward those in the professional coffee field than the everyday coffee drinker but there is much you can learn here as well.

Coffee Geek – With a few decades of information, this blog has been around for quite a while meaning it is well established and has a wealth of information.

The Coffee Compass – Everything you need to know about craft coffee you can find right here.

Coffee Trade Organizations and Magazines

Coffee professionals need resources where they can find all the relevant coffee information they need. These sites are dedicated to just that. With official coffee trade magazines and sites, you will always be up to date with what is going on in the coffee world.

National Coffee Association – This is the main site to go to find any official coffee info. Have a pressing coffee question? This is where you need to look for the answer!

Specialty Coffee Association – A non-profit organization which thrives on shared coffee knowledge.

Fresh Cup – This fun but helpful magazine is geared toward coffee professionals looking to stay in tuned to the industry.

Roast Magazine – This technical trade magazine is beautiful and informative. Pick this up when you want to really feel like a coffee pro.

Coffee Podcasts

When you are out walking around, drinking a cup of coffee, you may also want to be listening to podcasts about coffee. These podcasts will keep you immersed in the coffee world

I Brew My Own Coffee – A perfect podcasts for beginner coffee lovers which covers everything from how to brew coffee to new coffee appliances.

Temper Tantrum – A radical podcast that talks all about controversial coffee topics. This podcasts will entertain you and make you think.

Cat and Cloud – With fun personalities and lots of insight into the coffee world, this podcasts is fun to listen to and will teach you a lot about coffee.

Stone Creek Coffee – Professional coffee roasters created this podcast to teach novice coffee lovers all about craft coffee.

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