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Decaffeinated coffee is known to have a lot of challenges for coffee lovers. That is because getting rid of the caffeine requires heating beans. Unfortunately, by the time coffee beans are roasted, they will have lost the flavor. Therefore, getting something that will taste like caffeinated coffee can be a serious challenge. That is also the case when searching for the right version of the best decaf k cup.

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You have nothing to fear, as we have detailed reviews of the best decaf coffee cups on the market. Also, we have included a buyer’s guide to help you make a sound decision and offer you insights into various decaffeinating processes. We wish you luck as you look for the best decaf k cups.

Things to Consider When Choosing Decaf Coffee K Cups


The truth is that decaf k cups provide a combination of everything when it comes to the flavor. Some of the common tastes include chocolate, fruits, and citrus. In any case, not all the decaf k cups coffee have the same taste.
Also, manufacturers can add their own unique flavor to ensure they meet the growing demand for coffee lovers. Therefore, if you are picky, you should try a flavor that you are bound to enjoy. If not, doing an experiment is likely to be a good decision.

Decaf Method

In this guide, we have covered different methods of decaffeination. By know, you can agree that decaf coffee can offer you peace of mind. The recommended method is the Swiss Technique. That is because it guarantees that the coffee you drink does not contain harmful chemicals.

Brewer Compatibility

Before you purchase decaf k cups, there is a need to determine whether it is compatible with your coffee brewer. Most of the cups we have reviewed in this guide are compatible with Keurig 2.0 models. Therefore, it is necessary to be sure about compatibility before buying.

Quantity of K Cups

This is another vital factor to consider. There is a need to ensure you get an adequate number of decaf k cups. This will also have a direct impact on your budget. It is advisable to get a pack of 24 instead of purchasing the pods individually.

Kosher Certification

Most decaf k cups on the market are Kosher-certified. The certification should be clearly labeled. If you are not sure, you should check the details on the manufacturer’s website.

Types of Decaf Cups

As far as describing various types of decaf k cups is concerned, there are various parameters you should consider.

Type of Coffee Beans

Most of the decaf k cups are meant to work with Arabica coffee. This type of coffee is known to have a unique taste and quality. However, it also depends on where the coffee beans were grown. If you are a coffee lover, then you know the best quality coffee comes from Kenya. Therefore, there is a need to check the type of coffee and its origin.

Level of Roast

When it comes to the roasting of coffee, most people are only concerned with the final outcome. That is because roasting can transform the nature of the coffee beans. In this case, you should check the method of roasting and the duration it takes. For instance, dark roast is classified as Italian, Viennese, and French lost. The medium roast can be a full city, city roast, city+, and full city+. On the other hand, light roast includes cinnamon, half city, American roast, and moderate-light.


Nowadays, there are many flavors of decaf k cups. Some of the common flavors include mountain blueberry, hazelnut, and vanilla. Therefore, it is natural to believe that they can have an influence on your taste.

10 Best Decaf K Cups Reviewed

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Decaf Cup

When looking for a k-cup coffee, you will discover that Green Mountain is one of the top brands. This cup carries that forward and sets a standard of measure for other Keurig cups. You may get something that does what you want right, but we do not believe your odds. The most important thing this cup gets right is the value and flavor. Although they are basic, they are what a coffee lover like you needs.

The truth is that preparing a decaf coffee is not an easy task. However, manufacturing a decaf k-cup that will deliver coffee with consistent great flavor, which is not acidic or has a bitter aftertaste, should not break your bank.

You should note that decaf coffee tends to clog the coffee makers than you would like. Therefore, you should monitor it and take care of the coffee maker. If you maintain it well, clogs will not be a problem.

Get the look: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Decaf Cup

San Francisco Bay Decaf K Cup

If it is a challenge to get decaf coffee, then you should instead get dark roast decaf, which does not have a bitter taste. Fortunately, this cup is designed for that; it makes k cups it’s own. Also, you will love the value of what the k cup delivers. It is one thing if you get your coffee right and get charged a few coins. You will realize that the price of decaf French roast is quite affordable than even what most cheap brands charge. What you should take into account is that pods can get detached from the coffee maker and create a lot of mess.

Get the look: San Francisco Bay Decaf K Cup

The Original Donut Shop

This cup should not be confused with the Dunkin Donuts cups. Ideally, it is a nice tasting decaf k cup. You will find it to be an ideal accompaniment to the post-dinner dessert. You may find this cup ranked as the top one in other reviews. In this case, it is our number three because of different reasons. First, when you compare it with the above two, you will realize that it is quite expensive. As you know, k cups are a bit expensive when compared to coffee you get from canisters. If it is the best cup of coffee, that would have been understandable. However, this particular cup has consistent bitterness. Although it may not be that much, its overall value gets diminished.

Get the look: The Original Donut Shop

Peet’s Coffee Decaf

If you are a true coffee lover, then Peet’s Coffee Decaf might be what you want. It offers a great cup of coffee that is done so well that you will need to remind yourself that you are drinking decaf. The brew has a great flavor. Maybe the secret is the use of heated water as the solvent instead of a chemical.

After things get it to the fourth position, first, the pods are not fully sealed at all times. Therefore, you will have to pitch a few pods from the box each time. That is like purchasing a dozen of eggs only to find some that are broken.

It will also push up the price per cup. Unfortunately, it may be more expensive as compared to what its competitors are offering. Although you are getting high-quality coffee, it is not that superior to be the best.

Get the look: Peet’s Coffee Decaf

Dunkin’ Donuts Roast Decaf

For the company of this cup, coffee has been a product that is researched upon. It also cuts the middlemen and brokers in its shops. That explains why the company is the foremost and first donut chain that sells coffee. Ideally, its k cups reflect the reality. In fact, they do much better when used with flavored coffees such as pumpkin spice and French vanilla, which is a great way of saying they do not make excellent coffee. We can say that the flavor is pretty consistent, but not terrible. Moreover, it is expensive considering what you are getting, which drops it to its position.

Get the look: Dunkin’ Donuts Roast Decaf

Newmans Own Decaf K Cup

The truth is that Newman’s Own line of products is quite cool. That is because they are meant to soothe any social and health concerns that you have. These foods are made from the best organics and in a manner that reduces the environmental footprint.

This cup qualifies for this. You drink your coffee all day long without having to worry about the coffee farmer. Also, they have a decent flavor. In fact, you will not spit it on your laptop in disgust.

The only issue with these cups is that they do not deliver quality consistently. Moreover, they produce coffee that is a bit acidic and bitter as compared to other brews.

Get the look: Newmans Own Decaf K Cup

Diedrich Coffee Decaf K-Cups

If you are in love with creamy vanilla, then this is the right decaf k cup for you. It is perfect for the sweet tooth. Moreover, it belongs to medium roast – a type that is not bitter but is smooth and strong. Thus, if you have a stomach that is sensitive, you should use these cups. The vanilla’s sweetness bides well with hearty finish and scent. It does not have chemical aftertaste or bitterness, and it is quite tempting as far as decaf coffee is concerned. Also, if you are on a paleo diet, this is your best bet.

Get the look: Diedrich Coffee Decaf K-Cups

Folgers Decaf K Cup

What we can say regarding Folgers coffee is that it produces a consistent flavor, albeit mediocre. This translates to making the decaf k cups. Ideally, these pods are known to have a recognizable flavor. It is not only the flavor that makes a lot of persons to praise it how good it is.

It is a perfect option if you want to start an office coffee service, particularly when people refuse to invest in your business.

Get the look: Folgers Decaf K Cup

McCafe Premium Roast Keurig K Cup

When you need a burger in a hurry, you should go to McDonald’s, but getting decaf coffee requires precision and skill, which the restaurant chain lacks. We proudly give it credit for giving it a try and forgetting it at a price that is quite affordable. Of course, the result is the same as getting a burger from a brewpub burger.

Get the look: McCafe Premium Roast Keurig K Cup

Decaf Death K Cup

In this case, arabica beans are already decaffeinated and have a chocolate flavor. You can get both artificial and natural chocolate flavors. The good thing about the flavor is that there is no lactose, no gluten, and no added sugars.

When it comes to the flavor, you are getting dose of chocolate aroma and the actual flavor of coffee. Ideally, what you get is deep chocolate flavor that is enhanced by medium roasted beans. The fact that there is no sugar means that you can get richness of the chocolate without need of sweetness. You can also add a natural sweetener like honey and add cream or milk to get mochaesque cup. You should note that these coffee pods can be recycled.

Get the look: Decaf Death K Cup

Best Decaf K Cups Buying Guide

Top Benefits of Decaf Coffee

As you know, consuming caffeine has a number of benefits that range from reducing asthma symptoms to increase mental function. Unfortunately, taking caffeine, whether in large or small quantities, can cause harmful side effects that include headaches, restlessness, and anxiety. In fact, caffeine is one of the substances that are quite addictive. That explains why a lot of people drink decaffeinated coffee as it offers a positive impact on their health.

Type 2 Diabetes

Studies show that when you drink decaf coffee, you minimize your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is a condition that occurs when the pancreas does not produce sufficient amounts of insulin, or the body cells do not respond to the hormone insulin. The condition can make you vulnerable at contracting other health issues such as heart disease, kidney dysfunction, and chronic inflammation.

The University of Sidney carried out a study on persons consuming a lot of decaf coffee. They found out drinkers lowered their risks of suffering from type 2 diabetes as compared to non-drinkers.

Cardiovascular Disease Mortality

When you increase your intake of decaf coffee, you can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Researchers found that consuming decaf coffee is associated with a reduction in the mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases.


Gout can be defined as inflammatory arthritis that is caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. The condition occurs in both men and women, although it is common in men. Therefore, men are encouraged to drink five or more cups of decaf coffee to lower their risk of suffering from gout-related problems.

Protects the Liver

Recent studies have revealed that coffee has a lot of benefits, even without caffeine. For instance, it has a lot of diterpenes and oils such as cafestol that have protective effects against a particular toxin known as aflatoxin, which negatively damages the liver. Also, consuming coffee helps improve the release of an antioxidant called glutathione that enhances liver function and also boosts detoxification pathways.

Boosts Brain Function

Another vital benefit of decaf coffee is that it can improve psychomotor behavior and brain cognition. When you consume this type of coffee, you improve memory and psychomotor testing. Ideally, the benefits of caffeine do not account for better performance.

You should note that decaf coffee can still contain small amounts of caffeine, which may cause behavioral effects in the body. It is advisable to remember that if you want to reduce your intake of caffeine because of medical conditions such as high blood pressure.

Top Nutrients in Decaf Coffee

  • Vitamin B3 – helps to get rid of toxic substances and compounds from the body. Most of the toxic substances are produced by stress.
  • Potassium – plays an important role in preventing heart issues and maintains the required blood pressure.
  • Vitamin B2 – prevents cancer, cataracts, headaches, and it improves the skin, hair, treats acne, and boosts the immune system.
  • Magnesium – when taken in low doses, it helps maintain the overall physiological balance of the body.
  • Iron – Helps in renewing blood cells and aids function of the circulatory system.
  • Phosphorous – helps to improve the memory by maintaining different functions of the brains
  • Calcium – helps treat high blood pressure and improves the formation of teeth and bones

Basic Processes of Getting Rid of Caffeine from Unroasted Coffee Beans

Using Carbon Dioxide

In commercial applications, the basic coffee is decaffeinated through a process that gets rid of caffeine by using CO2 as the solvent. In this case, the beans get soaked in hot water and taken to a stainless steel tank that is filled with liquefied carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide will attach itself to caffeine, eliminating flavor agents. Then carbon dioxide is flushed out of the chamber, and it gets separated from caffeine.

Using Hot Water

Another technique is to soak coffee beans in hot water for a long time. In this case, whatever that gives coffee, the flavor gets eliminated. Beans are moved to another tank and then soaked in chemical solvents that remove caffeine. After this, the beans get back to the tank, where they absorb oils and flavors. The process is known as the indirect solvent technique.

Direct Solvent Technique

The method involves steaming beans for a few hours until they open their pores. After this, they get soaked in chemical solvents for a half a day. Again, they get steamed to get rid of the residual solvent.

Swiss Method

This is the most popular technique for getting decaffeinated coffee. A batch of beans gets soaked in hot water that expels not only the caffeine but the flavors too. Then the flavorless beans get discarded. After this, water is passed over a charcoal filter to remove caffeine. The flavored water is used to leach the caffeine from a new batch of beans. Since water molecules are fully bonded, the flavor from agents means they can bond well with caffeine. The good thing about this process is that it decaffeinates coffee with less flavor loss. Also, it is environmentally sustainable.

What to Know About Decaffeinating Coffee?

The above process only takes place before you roast the beans. That is because these techniques rely on heating beans and turning them to drinkable coffee. Another challenge is to find consistent good coffee when you heat them. Remember that most of the things that offer coffee the flavors it requires to get destroyed.

Lighter Produces more flavor

As you know, when coffee beans get roasted, they become darker, deeper, and have excellent flavor. However, if you roast them for a long time, it is like taking food that is pre-cooked and then cooking it as if you are cooking raw food. You should note that light roasts tend to have natural flavors since they are not roasted for a long time.

You should remember the same when it is shopping for the decaf k cups. It is quite difficult to get consistently top decaffeinated coffee, and it becomes hard to get excellent dark roast coffee. The right thing to do in this case is to get down and go from caffeinated coffee to decaf coffee. On the other hand, if you love dark roast caffeinated, you give medium decaf a try. Remember that the flavor will not transfer, and it may not taste like the normal dark, but you may have a lot of flavors.

Understanding how to purchase decaf coffee starts and ends by knowing various methods of getting rid of caffeine and the overall impact on flavor. When you have such information, it is easy to determine what to look for.

Other than that, you will want to take into account both the brand and price. The truth is that the brand is a vital thing to consider. You can start with a decaf version of coffee you love and then continue from there.

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When searching for the best decaf k cups, you have a lot of options to consider. Ideally, the best option for you will depend on a lot of factors such as caffeine content, flavor, and cost. Also, you should consider the quantity of coffee you need. In this way, you are bound to get what works for you.

For many years, decaf coffee had a negative reputation because of its taste. Nowadays, a lot of things have changed, and you can now have decaf coffee in the taste you want. There are different brands that gave flavor and aroma profile that is a sure deal. Get one and enjoy your coffee.

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