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While beverages such as tea, coffee, and chocolate require hot water to extract flavor, it is essential to set the right temperature to obtain the hidden flavor. A variable electric kettle comes in handy as it enables users to set the appropriate temperature for the beverages.

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best variable temperature kettleWhite and green tea, for example, are best brewed at 70 degrees Celsius while oolong and black tea need water with a temperature of around 85 degrees Celsius. Black coffee, on the other hand, is best brewed at a temperature of 91-96 degrees Celsius. You also need to consider buying gooseneck kettles if looking for pour-overs. Their thin, angled spouts provide a slow, controlled pour.

As such, boiling the beverages does not always bring out the best flavor. Electric kettles are equipped with variable temperature control settings that enable users to set the right temperature for the drink. The next text highlights things to consider when looking for the best variable temperature kettle and some of the best options to consider:

Buying Guide

An excellent variable electric kettle should attain set temperatures fast and accurately. It should have special features that make it easy and safe to use. Here are essential features buyers should consider when looking for the best variable temperature kettle:

Energy Efficiency

Electric kettles with variable temperatures are equipped with high power output heating elements that heat water within seconds. This rapid-boil feature results in significant energy efficiencies sometimes by 50%. Also, their auto shut-off setting ensures the kettle shuts off within seconds, which saves on electricity.


Electric kettles with adjustable temperature settings are equipped with an anti-scale water filter which is removable and washable. It makes it relatively easy to keep the kettle scale-free prolonging its useful life.

Concealed Heating Elements

A heating element is that part of an electric kettle that heats water when the device is switched on. Conventional kettles have exposed heating elements that are prone to rust and limescale.

As such, you want to look for a kettle whose heating element is concealed. Most modern kettles have the heating element hidden beneath the base plate to prevent it from getting into contact with water.

Boil-dry Protection

Apart from the apparent shut-off feature, look for a kettle with a boil-dry protection feature. The setting ensures the kettle shuts off when you have not poured water into the kettle.


You want an electric kettle that boils fast to save on energy. Most electric kettles have a speed range of 1.7kW-3kW. Kettles with a speed of 3kW are also called rapid-boil kettles and can heat a liter of water within two and a half minutes.


The variable heat setting does not mean you need to compromise on capacity. As such, you need to look for a kettle that boils 6-7 cups or 1.5-1.7 liters especially if you have a large family.

Top 11 Best Variable Temperature Kettle Reviews

Bonavita Digital Variable Temperature Kettle

The Bonavita electric kettle adds to our list of the best variable electric kettle with goosenecks. Being a variable temperature kettle, you can choose your desired temperature between 140 F and 212 F. This kettle has a 1000W heating element that is a bit lower than some of other variable temperature kettles. It attains the highest temperature (212F) within seven minutes.

This Bonavita electric kettle is made of brushed stainless steel with BPA-free plastic on the base, the lid knob, and handle. The handle is designed to be comfortable to hold. It has a cordless 360° swivel base which makes it easy to grab.

The kettle has a capacity of 1 liter, it’s on the smaller side for variable temperature kettles, so best for smaller households or those looking to prepare a few tea or coffee servings. With a long gooseneck spout, it can pour just the amount of coffee and tea you need with precision. You will also love its Hold Button that maintains your desired temperature (between 140 ̊F and 208 ̊F) for up to 60 minutes.

Get the look: Bonavita Digital Variable Temperature Kettle

Miroco Variable Temperature Kettle with Double Wall Keep Warm

The Miroco Variable Temperature Kettle’s interior is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel so no plastic touches the drinking water. The kettle’s double wall system is made of quality BPA-free PP material that helps to provide clean water and keeps harmful metal chemicals away from your water.

The kettle has a variable temperature of 100-212 degrees Fahrenheit for steeping tea at just the right temperature. When the water is ready, there’re three beeps to get you to make your elixir of joy. Plus, there’s a warm function for an impressive one hours, meaning you can get prepared well in advance of any tea party.

With 1.7 litre capacity, there’s enough to fill six cups in one go. What’s more, the unit has an internal memory which allows you to lift the kettle off its base for up to 3 minutes without shutting off. When returned to the base, it will restore your last temperature setting.

Cuisinart CPK PerfecTemp Variable Temperature Kettle

It is another premium electric variable kettle with a capacity of 1.7 liters. As such, you can bring a liter or more of water to boil within minutes. The blue backlit water window should help observe the water level. The heating element is concealed and comes equipped with a washable and removable scale filter.

You will also love its handy lid that is easy to remove and comes with a release button. If you are the kind that loves the convenience of cordless devices, Cuisinart Perfec Kettle is an excellent buy. It has a cordless construction, and its base uses a 360-degree swivel that rotates. The kettle is also pretty lightweight.

Now, if you are not a tea enthusiast who knows exactly the ideal water temperatures for making specific types of tea, this kettle has you covered. On its handle, there six preset temperature settings has its own button which is labeled with both temperature and beverage it’s best for (Green tea, oolong, French press,..) so you can select according to the kind of tea you are preparing.

The “boil” button is for black tea or herbal tea but it also comes handy if you want to make oatmeal, noodles, cocoa and other beverages. Its ‘stay warm’ button is designed to keep the boiled water at the set temperature for 30 minutes. With the memory feature, the last setting will remain if you turn it back on. Also, if you are not using the kettle for more than five minutes, it automatically switches to ‘sleep mode’ to keep you safe.

Get the look: Cuisinart CPK PerfecTemp Variable Temperature Kettle

VAVA Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

If you are looking for the best variable temperature kettle without breaking the bank, VAVA tea kettle is an excellent buy. Despite being a budget electric kettle, the manufacturer does not skimp on its capacity. The kettle holds up to 1.7 liters; enough to boil water for a whole family.

Achieve precise temperature settings for your beverage with Vava Stainless steel electric kettle. With this VAVA kettle, you can select from six temperatures between 160F and 200F. There is a warm button that keeps the water at the desired temperature for 30 minutes, a pretty handy feature for avid coffee or tea drinkers who need to prepare kids for school.

You will also love its thermally-insulated handle that protects your hands from burns when using the kettle. Its built-in dry boil protection feature prevents the pot from overheating when it’s empty.

Epica Six-temperature Electric Kettle

The kettle is equipped with six temperature controls so that you can get your water exactly where you want it. This kettle is an excellent buy for people who love to make certain kinds of tea. It has a powerful heating element that delivers up to 1500 watts so you don’t have to wait more than a couple of minutes to get your water.

The heating element is concealed to enhance safety. Exposed heating elements are susceptible to rust and corrosion, causing the scale to get into the water. This kettle’s handle remains cool when heating the water, so you don’t have to worry about scalding your fingers.

If you’re after an electric kettle with extra safety, Epica electric kettle can be the right one as it is equipped with additional safety features. It has an auto-shut sensor that turns the unit off once it reaches the desired temperature. Additionally, it has a boil-dry protection setting that ensures the kettle shuts off when the unit is turned on accidentally without water inside.

Get the look: Epica Six-temperature Electric Kettle

Miroco Electric Kettle Temperature Control Stainless Steel 1.7 L Tea Kettle

The Miroco Electric Kettle has six temperature settings for making the most popular teas. At 1.7 liters, it’s sufficient enough for larger families, yet you can boil as little as one glass, making the kettle energy efficient. With a power of 1500 watts, the kettle brings up to 1.7 liters to a boil in just a few minutes.

With six preset temperature settings and an auto-shutoff function, this Miroco Electric Kettle is both safe and versatile. Even better, it is made with food-grade material, it’s BPA-free.

Its stainless steel construction blends in easily with the rest of your kitchen decor. If you don’t like corded electric kettles, this Miroco Electric Kettle is an excellent buy. It is cordless and has a compact design that does not take up a lot of counter space. You will also love its ergonomic handle and signals that alert you when it has started and finished boiling water.

HadinEEon Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

At 2 liters, HadinEEon kettle can carry 10 cups of water. It is perfect for people who have a large family size or social circle. It is made from food-grade and BPA-free material which makes it easy to clean and safe to use. Especially, the water remains hot for up to 12 hours thanks to its keep-warm function, which is ideal for winter and cold weather. No other variable temperature kettles in this price range have this 12-hour keep-warm function.

The kettle boasts six temperature settings (160 F, 175 F, 185 F, 212 F, 200 F, 190 F), letting you brew different beverages to their desired temperatures. It is equipped with a 1200-watt heating element that guarantees fast heating action. The manufacturer states the kettle can heat 1.5L of water within five minutes.

HadinEEon kettle also has safety auto-off & boil-dry protection features. The auto-off safety feature ensures the kettle shuts off once the water reaches the set temperature. Its boil-dry protection setting, on the other hand, protects the kettle from overheating when the water is almost drying out.

Overall, this is an impressive variable temperature kettle at this price point. Sophisticated design Solid construction. Large capacity. Amazing keep-warm function. Good value for the price. Highly recommended.

OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle

If looking for a pour-over variable electric kettle, the Oxo Brew electric kettle is an excellent buy. It comes fitted with a gooseneck that makes it easy to pour over tea, coffee, and other beverages. The kettle has variable temperature controls that range from 140-212 degrees Fahrenheit with one-degree increments. The kettle is also equipped with time for regulating each stage of your beverage.

The kettle sits on an electronic base fitted with a cord wrap area for its 28-inch cord. The base has one control (a rotary dial press button) that regulates all the temperature settings on the kettle. Its lid is an upgrade from OXO’s stovetop kettles, which makes it easy to open and close. You will also love its comfortable handle, which mimics Oxo’s signature grip.

Get the look: OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

This variable electric kettle takes out the guesswork of determining if the water is hot enough for your green tea or oolongs. With its variable temperature setting ranging from 135-212 F, dial the ideal temperature for preparing the tea.

It has a black matte finish that blends into any kitchen decor and a mirror stainless steel interior elevated by the soft glow of digital display. Its sleek digital display consists of an LCD screen that shows the ‘Real Time Temp’ and the ‘Set Temp.’ Once the water is hot, you can use the built-in Brew stopwatch to monitor the extraction.

The kettle has a pretty straightforward operation as it is fitted with two small switches and one knob that handle all its functions. You can activate the holding mode, change temperature settings from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and set the ideal temperature.

The kettle is also fitted with a 1200 watt heating element that heats water fast and maintains the desired temperature for an hour.

Get the look: Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Miroco Double Wall 100% Stainless Steel

The Miroco Double Wall 100% Stainless Steel Tea Kettle is an efficient yet reasonably priced device built to boil up to 8 cups of water faster.

Save time by using this Miroco electric kettle for your water heating tasks. With a 1500W faster boiling heater, this kettle can boil water within 6 minutes.

It comes in handy for those who want to prepare breakfast really quickly and proceed to busy daily schedules.

With this kettle, you’ll feel confident serving healthy, chemical-free tea or coffee to your family. Its interior is made with stainless steel, and all the plastic is BPA-free and doesn’t even come into contact with water.

There are no funny or metallic tastes in water boiled with the Miroco Double Wall 100% Stainless Steel Tea Kettle. The stainless steel in the exterior also resists scratching, and so your kettle will look new every time.

You won’t have to worry about scalding your hands as the kettle features a cool-touch handle and a spout for pouring water safely.

Its British Strix thermostat auto shut-off ensures safety, durability, and energy-saving.

If you need to know whether the kettle is on or off, you just need to check the light indicator that lights orange, which goes off when the water starts boiling.

Breville BKE820 Variable Temperature Kettle

The Breville BKE820 Variable Temperature Kettle has beautiful stainless steel brushed design and a wide soft open lid. With a 1.8 liter capacity, it can make up to 7 cups that is capable of catering to the whole family.

The electric kettle delivers an output of 1500 watts. As such, you are confident to obtain the desired temperature fast and save time. Breville electric kettle has five temperature settings (175F, 185F, 195F, 200F, and 212F) letting you brew a range of beverages.

The temperature settings are:

  • 175F – ideal for Green Tea
  • 185F – ideal for White Tea
  • 195F – ideal for Oolong Tea
  • 200F – ideal for French Press
  • 212F – ideal for boiling and black tea

Its stainless steel construction and metallic finish give it an elegant and durable look which creates a luxurious addition to your kitchen. The kettle is also equipped with a water-level indicator that allows you to pour the desired amount of water for your coffee, green, or black tea.

Regular electric kettles have an automatic shut off thermostat that only shuts off when the water boils. Breville electric kettle, however, has a boil-dry protection feature that keeps the water at a preset temperature without allowing the kettle to boil dry.

The kettle has a keep-warm time of 20 minutes, a 360-degree stainless-steel directional base as well. It is also equipped with a removable scale filter that protects the kettle from long-term damage caused by scale buildup.

Get the look: Breville BKE820 Variable Temperature Kettle


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