Top 7 Best Creme Brulee Torches Reviewed

Desserts of all kinds have been around for centuries, with the earliest known dessert dating back to the 1600s, deriving from the French word “desservir” which means to ‘clear the table’. This is more than likely how we got to the point of telling our children to clean their plates before eating anything sweet.

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Best Creme Brulee Torches
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However, sweets have been around since prehistoric times when ancient Egyptians used honey on their fruits and nuts. The Chinese, Romans, and the Greeks used sesame seeds to cure their sweet-tooth. It’s not a secret that desserts play a large role in our family holidays, our dinners with friends, and just our everyday sit-down meal with our family.

We fall in love all over again with wedding cupcakes, we celebrate over birthday cakes, and we congratulate new lives over baby-shaped suckers – desserts are always there to say something encouraging at the right time.

If you love making French desserts with your hands, you will know how tricky they can be to master. Not only do you need to be precise with your measurements but you also need to have the right tools. In this article, we will talk about the powerful tool to help you make classic French desserts – Creme Brulee Torches. I am sure that after reading this guide, you would have a pick on the Creme Brulee Torch you need.

The History of Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee is a popular, delicious rich custard generally with hardened caramel placed on top. With the holidays in full effect, this treat is sure to be a favorite at your next family dinner. Even when the holidays are over you can enjoy this super delicate dessert any time of the year you would like.

“The Burnt Cream”

While one of the first mentions of Creme Brulee came from France in 1691, Spain and England both claim to have created the burnt dessert first, before anyone else. So it’s not actually certain where the idea came from, but we do know how the dessert was meant to be served.

Typically served cold, the creme brulee would have caramelized sugar on top of the custard, thus giving it the name “the burnt cream”. There were even some versions of the dessert where instead of caramelized sugar on top, they would have a caramel disk that would sit on top of the custard, but the true way is to caramelize the sugar.

The Creme Brulee Torch

While you don’t have to use torches, this will be the best tool you could use for caramelizing the sugar, if you want to keep the creme brulee true to its name. The torch is a culinary trick used by the best chefs and will finish off the Brulee with a tiara of sorts. So when making Creme Brulee, how do you know what torch is best to buy? What Creme Brulee Torches would be the best and create a beautiful finish on your dessert?

In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best Creme Brulee Torches, and even created a buying guide to help you decide just which Burlee torch will be best for you!

Top 7 Creme Brulee Torches in 2021

Rösle Crème Brulee Butane/Propane Adjustable Kitchen Torch


The team at Rösle had professional chefs as well as cooking amatuer cooks in mind when making this tool. With 2372 degrees F maximum temperature, this torch is quite powerful. It comes with an adjustable gas dial that allows you to regulate the flame size quickly and conveniently. If you require heavy-duty operation, you can burn this creme brulee torch for up to an hour without refilling the canister.

This creme Brulee torch is easy to use as it has large adjustment settings and buttons that are rendered in dark gray plastic. It also has a child resistant safety switch for added safety. With a stainless steel construction, the torch looks durable and solid. It is great for caramelizing creme brulee, browning meringues, toasting bread, roasting peppers, crisping meats, and melting cheese.

Get the look: Rösle Crème Brulee Butane/Propane Adjustable Kitchen Torch

Jo Chef Kitchen Torch/Blow Torch


This is the torch you will want to have if you’re into professional, chef-approved tools in the kitchen but you want to spend Wal-Mart prices. The Jo Chef Kitchen Blow Torch is stylish, durable, safe, and used in upscale restaurants across the nation. What’s not to love? You can use it on more than just your creme brulee too, of course, but it seems as if it’s especially delicious late at night when you get the munchies for something sweet!

The Jo Chef also has a safety feature, protecting the user from any misoperation on their part or even a malfunction in the torch. There’s a knob to control the flame so you’re always able to control the strength of the fire, and the best part is you don’t have to be experienced to use it – just teach yourself slowly.


  • Upscale restaurant level, super powerful


  • Users report dangerous high flames at times

Get the look: Jo Chef Kitchen Torch/Blow Torch

Tintec Chef Cooking Torch Lighter


Tintec is a culinary torch for an amazing price, and also one of the only torches that you’re able to move around by unscrewing the metal base. This beauty also has a safety feature so that if you accidentally tip it, it knows not to have the flame wide open and it will keep itself from tipping over and burning. It’s easy to use and helps create that perfect caramel topping for your custard.

This is another refillable torch that you can use for many years to come, and you can use it on many other projects and other art, not just your Brulee. Many customers have enjoyed the ease of use and the reliability of this little torch, especially for the price.


  • Removable base, versatile with food & art


  • Have to push the button while using the flame, not great for long use or large meals

Get the look: Tintec Chef Cooking Torch Lighter

EurKitchen Butane Culinary Kitchen Torch


This professional kitchen torch is one of the newer tools on our list today, but certainly not any less reliable. The EurKitchen torch is an upgraded model so you’re sure to get all of the new features she has to offer, but that’s not all – this torch is filled with lots of versatility as well the next, with adjustable flames and safety features to keep you from burning down the house.

One of the best features of the EurKitchen torch is the handguard, it keeps your hand from getting hot while using the flame. She’s also got one of the sturdiest bases out of all the torches here on this list, leaving it standing there on the counter and walking away for a few seconds doesn’t have to be such a catastrophe any longer.


  • Large hand guard, large sturdy base


  • Some users have had troubles putting out the flame, issues with the gas gauge

Get the look: EurKitchen Butane Culinary Kitchen Torch

Sondiko Culinary Torch


Sondiko makes a super sturdy, and versatile torch also, definitely worth the price and more. Easy to operate and safe, the Sondiko stands at the top of its list and beats out even those that are much more expensive. This creme brulee torch is ideally made for caramelizing the sugar on your Creme Brulee, so it was made with the love for the dessert in mind, making it number one for your Brulee’s.


  • Easy to use, safe, perfect for Creme Brulee


  • ‘locking’ the flame can be confusing, not recommended for larger food

Get the look: Sondiko Culinary Torch

BonJour Chef’s Tools Butane Culinary / Crème Brûlée Torch


To create the delicious classic French desserts, not only do you need to be precise with your temperature, but you also need to be in full control. Luckly, this Creme Brulee Torch from BonJour promises to be one of the best Creme Brulee Torch.

The BonJour Chef’s Crème Brûlée Torch has an ergonomic design which lets the torch fit comfortably in your hand while you work.

This kitchen torch is a bit pricey. However, it has a high heat flame which provides you with plenty of power. The nice flame is consistent which keeps going until you release the button. Even better, you can adjust the flame’s length to whatever you desire using a lever on the side. The extra-long nozzle makes it easy to direct the flame exactly where you need it most. The adjustable temperature control allows you to adapt the intensity of the flame. The fuel container also includes a window to let you see exactly when you are running low on fuel.

The tool is made of die-cast aluminum so this is durable and will withstand constant use. Removable stand and safety lock allow for easy storage and a 1-year warranty coverage is also sure to provide you with pure peace of mind.


  • Easy to use and refill, Consistent flame, safety lock, fuel level indicator


  • Uses quite a lot of fuel

Get the look: BonJour Crème Brûlée Torch

Things To Consider Before Buying a Creme Brulee Torch

  1. You need a Creme Brulee torch, this has been addressed already and we’re ready to shop for one. But the first step in purchasing the right one for you is to know exactly what you need it for and what you are expecting to get out of it. Are you looking for a torch that lasts for years and can be used for large family dinners? If so, you might want to check out something like the Jo Chef or the EurKitchen. If you are solely looking for just your desserts, then something like the Sondiko would be perfect.
  2. The next major point in your purchase would be the price range. Now, our list consisted of torches under $30, but you might have a budget of $50 – if so, check out some torches that are a little more expensive than the ones we’ve listed. If you’re on a budget, however, the Authenzo might be the best lighter for your price range.
  3. Don’t think twice about it once you know the one you want and the one you can afford. We can come up with good things and bad things all day long for any of the said products, all we need is the one that does the best job for us. Once you know which one to purchase – you’ll just need to know where to purchase it.
  4. Where you buy your product may be just as important as what brand you buy. You can choose to shop online and not see the item in person if that is something you are O.K. with. If you’re one of those people that really should look at something face to face before making a decision, it might be best to go out to your local cooking store or cooking section of the store and find your Best Creme Brulee Torches there.
  5. Once you’ve found it at the store you need it from, all that is left is to proudly purchase that beauty. You’ll be super happy once you have because you know you’re about to caramelize the fire out of that next Creme Brulee!

Happy buying!

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