Guide to Cooking

A Comprehensive Guide to Cooking

There is so much to learn about cooking and this is true whether you are a professional chef or just picking up a saute pan for the first time. With such a wide range of things to know in order to execute a perfect meal, it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you learn about how to use a chef’s knife properly first or should you read up on making a nutritionally balanced meal? Maybe you want to discover a few new kitchen hacks or learn how to cook with your kids by your side. Whatever your kitchen experience level, whatever your kitchen needs, this is the guide for you!

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General Cooking Resources

From cooking styles to how to avoid common kitchen mistakes, these sites will help you become a well-rounded chef.

Basic Cooking Methods –  If you are looking for a very concise description of basic cooking methods, this article is excellent. You will learn all the basics terms and culinary approaches in no time!

All You Need Is Three – If you like things to be very simple and straightforward, this is the place to start. A top culinary school walks you through the main three methods of cooking and which foods are best cooked with each method.

List It All – A very extensive list of every cooking method out there. While the descriptions are minimal, you will find links to each cooking method if you want to dive deeper.

Seven Common Mistakes – These cooking mistakes are ones that every chef or home cook out there has made. Read up so that you can avoid them or know how to fix the mistake if you happen to make one!

The Master List –  In order to avoid common kitchen mistakes, take a look at this extensive list. From help with appliances to baking errors and tips, these kitchen mishaps can easily be avoided to make your food turn out even better.

Food Ruiners – Some cooking errors can totally ruin your food. This list will show you what you may be doing in the kitchen that is spoiling your meals.

Nutrition Calculator – Did you make something fantastic in the kitchen and want to calculate the nutritional content? This is the perfect place to do just that!

Full Meal Analyzer – Keep track of everything you eat and all the meals you create with this useful site. Store meals and set goals, adding new recipes anytime you’d like.

Pantry 101 – All the foods you need to have on hand when you start cooking at home. With this list, your pantry will be well stocked!

Healthy Kitchen –  If you are looking to make your kitchen a healthy hub, this shopping list will help you revamp your food to be more nutritious.

Cooking Resources for Beginners

Just starting off on your cooking journey? Start here! With everything you need to begin cooking, you will be ready to make full, delicious, healthy meals in no time!

The Basics – If you only get a few kitchen tools to help you cook, these are the ones you need.

Starter Kit – When starting your kitchen from scratch, this list will help ensure you have everything you need and more. With helpful explanations, you will know why you need each tool as well.

Ten Essential Recipes – Every beginner chef needs to master these recipes in order to move up in the culinary world. With a wide range of flavors and cooking techniques, these recipes are simple yet will definitely enhance your culinary skills.

Photo Help – With step by step photos to help you cook these recipes designed for beginners, you will have a perfect meal in no time.

Healthy Eats – Anyone can make these nutritious dinners which are perfect for health-conscious beginner chefs.

All The Tips – For a full list of all the tips beginner chef’s need to know, start here. These are all the cooking tips you may ever need!

Read First– Before picking up a spatula, you should go over these tips that every kitchen novice should know.

Resources for Amateur Chefs

If you already have a good culinary base, you may be looking to improve your kitchen skills. These resources will help you take that step from novice cook to amateur chef, making better and more complex meals.

Get a Little Better – A few quick tips on how to be a better chef. This article will give you thinks to think about and work on in the kitchen.

Pro Tricks – A top cooking school gives you four simple ways to become a better chef and they are surprisingly easy!

Tools for Pros – Top chefs share their favorite tools which you need in your kitchen in order to become a better chef. From simple bowl scrapers to high-end knives, you will be surprised what these chefs recommend.

Tips For Serious Cooks – You are already becoming more seasoned in the kitchen, now read these tips in order to get even better!

Advanced Techniques – Once you have mastered boiling, baking, and pan frying, it is time to move on to these advanced culinary techniques.

Easy but Fancy –  These cooking techniques are simple yet impressive, making even the most novice chefs seem like a professional.

Cooking With Kids

Cooking with kids is one of the most fun activities that you and your child can do together. Not only is the end result rewarding (any project that you can eat is a great idea!) but your kids will also learn important life lessons. When kids grow up cooking in the kitchen, they are more likely to have healthier eating habits throughout life. So not only will you be making perfect memories in the kitchen but you will be instilling good values into your kids as well! Sounds like something you should definitely try.

Why To Cook Together –  If you have ever thought of cooking with your kids but wondered if there are any real benefits, this article is for you. Learn the top reasons why cooking with your kids is a great idea.

Top Tips – Before you and your kids pick up a mixing bowl and spoon, read these tips about cooking with kids. You will have a great head start when you consider all of these factors.

Kitchen Lessons –  This list will go over what kitchen skills kids should know by a certain age. From toddlers to teenagers, your kids will be well prepared if they have all of these essential kitchen ideals down.

Kid Kitchen Jobs –  Even if your kids aren’t cooking, there is plenty they can do to help out in the kitchen. This guide breaks down kitchen jobs by age so that everyone has an assignment!

Best Recipes – These basic recipes are perfect for kids. While they will all require a little help from an adult, there is plenty that your kids will be able to help with.

Toddler Chefs – Even the littlest hands can help in the kitchen and these recipes are perfect for those tiny budding chefs. Adult supervision will be needed!

Independent Kids – When your kids are old enough to cook on their own, these recipes are the perfect place to start. Kids will be able to make these recipes independently, and clean up afterward!

Kitchen and Cooking Hacks

Even the most seasoned chefs enjoy a good kitchen hack- don’t we all! Anytime there is a quirky, fun way to do something better or make something easier, it is worth sharing. There are plenty of kitchen hacks and cooking tricks that you should know in order to make your time over the stove more enjoyable.

Save Time – If you are looking for ways to save time in the kitchen, these ten straightforward tips will help you do just that!

The Pros Know – These time-saving tips come from professional chefs who know when it is okay to cut corners and when you really do need to spend a little extra time.

Time and Money –  Everyone wants to save time and money in the kitchen and this article will show you how. With an extensive list of hacks and tips, you will be cutting hours off your cooking times while keeping those dollars in your wallet.

Make it Easy –  These hacks will make cooking a whole lot easier and will have you wishing that you thought of these simple tricks earlier.

Baking Made Easy – Baking is a science that can be quite tricky but with these cool ingredient hacks, you will be whipping up baked goods in no time!

Packaged Hacks – Buy these ingredients in any grocery store and turn them into something fantastic! These grocery store hacks will have you amazed.

Essential Tricks – If you learn no other kitchen tricks, these are the basics you absolutely need. From peeling ginger with a spoon to the best way to slice an avocado, you will learn a lot here.

Revamp Baking – With a few baking hacks, you will transform how you bake and come out on top! From making your own gluten-free flour to a wine bottle rolling pin, there is plenty to discover to help improve your baking.

Better Meat – Improve how you cook meats with these tricks. It doesn’t take much to make a fantastic piece of meat especially when you follow these hacks.

Cooking Blogs and Websites

When entering the world of cooking, you will likely read a lot. However, you want to make sure that what you are reading are from fantastic, reliable sources. These websites and blogs are the best out there and definitely where you should turn when you need cooking advice, help or just some great recipes.

All You Need – This little website has it all. From beautiful food photos to a wide range of recipes, the teacher turned blogger explains all the recipes well and answers any questions you may have!

Well Known – This well-known food blogger is knowns for his fancy recipes that will challenge any home chef. While the results may be high-end, the directions are still easy to follow.

Veggie Lovers – If you are looking for a blogger who focuses on vegetarian foods, then this is the blog for you! The idea here is “whole foods” and the results are amazing.

Blogs and Books – The blogs are great, the recipes are delicious and now you can even several cookbooks from this website.

Digital Magazine –  This website has so much content that it has also become a magazine. With constantly changing recipes and articles, you will always find something new and exciting here.

20 Day School –  A 20-day crash course on how to cook is what you will find here. The perfect place for any beginner to start their culinary career from the comfort of home.

Cooking Podcasts

Even if you can’t be in the kitchen, you can still learn about cooking when you have podcasts by your side! Download a few of these fantastic cooking podcasts so that you can think about cooking, plan meals and learn new tips and tricks when you are out of the house. Sounds like the perfect way to spend your commute or dog walk!

Southern Trends – This podcast focuses on southern food and the history behind it. Learn all about the thousands of recipes that have southern roots.

Fast and Fun –  If you like funny and interesting food podcasts then this is the one to choose. With quirky content with a food focus, your commute will fly by as you listen to this.

Funny Food –  While this podcast is more of a comedy show than an in-depth examination of food, you will still learn a lot while also being very amused.

In Depth Industry – For those who are fascinated with the food industry and passionate about where our food comes from, you will be entranced by this podcast.

Science and History –  Take a look at food through the lens of science and history with this podcast. You will be intrigued by all the nuances of the food industry and how they affect the world itself.

Food Nerds – Anyone who considers themselves to be a food nerd should listen to this podcast which will teach you the science behind foods while giving great tips and tricks for your home cooking.

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